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Dawn Jan 17
My orbs has seen the sky
and you said it was blindness.
That my youth will distort my fate,
I was speechless.

I tried whispering my cries to your ears,
I reached and it was honest.
That once my soul speaked to me,
That she knew who i was.

You were squinting,
more firm, more definite.
You said my mind was like a plain,
and 'twas cloudy.

You told me to wait until its a clear day.
I had to wait until its a clear day.
E Hartwig Jan 2018
Decisiveness is a surefire way to know that I'm upset
If you ask me a question
And I don't linger
Prepare for a later moment where I yell, cry, or am completely silent
I am decisive out of necessity
I am decisive because taking my time is a luxury and I sink into like a bath
I wrap my hands around the bubbles, make myself a hat and ask you: "How do I look?"
If I'm decisive, it's because you've hurt me
And even though I want to take off the seriousness of my desicions like jeans at the end of the day
I risk losing my momentum
I risk losing your respect
Because you don't take me seriously when I'm indecisive
Because that's when I'm most like my myself
Chano Williams Apr 2014
I lost a good woman
You lost a good man
Not being with you
wasn’t­ part of the plan,
but you chose to scram
without saying a word
C­hoosing not to clarify
all the things you heard
So quick to assum­e
your friends told the truth,
but they still act as if
they’re a­ll in their youths
High school is over
There’s so much more to li­fe
There is no need to learn
every thing in hindsight
Honestly, I­ believed
we were past the pettiness
I was ready to move on
and g­rant your every wish
I guess I was wrong,
but it wouldn’t be the ­first
I just never expected
things to become worse
Do you still p­ossess
my picture in your purse?
Our’s is in my wallet
You’d cry ­if you saw it
Memories of something
that was once so sweet
Now I ­drive around with
a vacant passenger seat
I doubt it would be
fil­led for a quite a while,
‘til I find that good girl
that can make­ me smile

— The End —