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kevin wright Mar 16
Hot spot agendas hovering behind glazed eyes
Contrite smiles breaking the silence
Introductions, a relief
Staged congenial conversations

Glasses charged; nibbles breathed over
Links discovered and discussions arise
Decisions and engagement sounded out
Glasses fondled in anticipation

Flagging flags flutter in the hot air
Cameras, action and speeches prepared
Negotiations delayed for another day
Find a greater poker stake to out sway a bomb

Collusion in the convenience room
Privy discussions over a hand drier soundtrack
A bargain to be had
A deal discovered, pawn D2 to D3
Third poem in this series. Stopping a war is never easy, remember that at your next office meeting
SassyJ Feb 2016
Is passion a virtue?
A passion that ingests my inside
The bareness exposed emotions
The slow graphic censorship
A depiction of Zion on earth
A deception ranting with wars

Is dedication a virtue?
A definition of a hard felt path
Preserved with heartfelt zeal
An ember that ceases and glows
Triggered touch of perseverance
Till death does you part in parts

Self restraint for one another
Dedicated to fulfil a purpose
Quests of alternative borders
Armoured in armed negations
Negotiations negative dominion
Should we control sensuality?

— The End —