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Madison Sep 2018
I'm feeling quite neurotic, to put it plain.

My conscience is muddied, mind soaked through with rain.

Nothing feels right, no comfort will do.

Might dig myself a hole and stay there a day or two

Won't walk on the land, just admire the view.

There seems to be nothing that can make me feel sane

And yet, you dig deep, try to keep me sane.
Another assigned piece, this time to take a famous rhyming piece of writing and rewrite everything but the final, rhyming word. I used the first verse of Blind Melon's "No Rain."
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
You got to find a way to survive
'Cause they win when your soul dies
RIP to one of the greatest rappers that ever lived, Tupac.
I stopped listening to rap music years ago, but Tupac....Tupac's the exception.
He truly was a poet with his message and music; his voice ITSELF was music.
He empowered without denouncing, he spoke about many topics.
And for that, he will always have my respect.
He's what I call a musician.
Granted, he swore, he made his mistakes but he was ahead of his time.
He was wise, he was fierce, he was so confident.
He was a solider.
'Baby, Don't Cry' will forever be in my heart, and these two lines ALONE spoke volumes to me. It still does...
I'm sorry for not being as active. My headache's gotten worse...
But indeed, in life, you need to survive. If you give up, your enemies wins and your soul dies in the process.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***

Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Stan Gichuki Aug 2018
It just hit me that I’ll be playing timeless hits from the 2000's and it will **** my kids off just like how I hated my folk’s oldies. can't wait.
Alyssa De Marzo Apr 2018
I want to love you like the 90´s,
back when making a playlist
meant dubbing you a mixtape
I want love you like cassette,
the kind of love that even when it gets tangled
we just have to stick a pencil into the spool
and reel it back to normal
I want to love you like portable Sony CD players,
the kind of love that even when it gets scratched
we just have to blow wipe it on our sleeves
because, love,
love just needs a little touch to make it move
love me like the 90´s
Henry Koskoff Dec 2017
taupe is the hue
that comes to mind

when two chords
are played in pairs
four times
which makes eight movements

then the words come
but they don't arrive
or completely appear
they merely peek
from behind the stone wall
of the bass
muffled and shrouded
by some dull amber liquid

it is Kurt
and he speaks of his home
of Oregon
in all of its earthy moisture

and then when the chorus arrives
the spectacle of violins
and the tangibility of his words
is lucid enough to paralyze
and lay to rest
sarah s Jun 2017
im a lot like kurt cobain
when i am done writing something that seemed beautiful as i formed it
i begin to really depsise it
i am a lot like kurt cobain
overly humble, a bit too sensual
i am a lot like kurt cobain
i speak loudly but i talk slowly
i am a lot like kurt cobain
i am mild, and peaceful
i am a lot like kurt cobain
i dont have a gun
i was inspired to write this when listening to "come as you are"
Arjun Raj Apr 2017
Well, I sat down to write a happy one,
But all I can think of is the need to make more money,
As the song “Blue Christmas” played along to the thoughts inside my head,
As if the symphony and melodrama hung around to make me take the leap,
Of faith, grit and courage,
The one that will help me fly like an eagle they say
Or maybe take the free fall like the dead duck
straight from that 90’s video game, duck hunt, I say
Either which way, I will get to fly for a while,
But why fly high for just a while,
when you can cruise at the same height
with the stash kept clean and ready to be lit,
I sat down to write again,
A happy one this time for sure, I said to myself
As I lit, and flew all over again
STLR Nov 2016
N64 Flow

Controllers Rattling
Mario Battling Bowser
Solar Traveling
Star Foxin for hours

Toy Boxes, Trinkets, and World watches

Sipping Soda fizzing
Eating crunchy Frito Snippets
Watching ***** Wonka
wishing I had a golden ticket

Scraped knees, Bicycle Tracking
Wilds woods equal childhood
Blueberry & cheery picking

Kisses from a girl who was
older are still vivid
No witnesses were present, but presents were still given

In the form of innocence
It's was nothing but child play
Assorted memories
Become a part of my current day

Who's to say that I've changed?

As I reminisce, my past was forged of oddities, deceptions of tall tales and everyday Odyssey's

Pictures of wild women, explicit *******,
Disney diluted story's and fictional prophecies

Depictions that lacked religion
Late night Toonami dreams

Insights from other youth
that didn't make sense logically

Visits to the water fountain periodically

Teacher said there's no such thing as dumb questions

but they never answered honestly

Everything I've learned from life
I've already learned from Monopoly

I'm always landing on GO,
therefore I'm moving with the green

House rules obviously

You can interpret that as currency
in our current state physically

But I just see it as a
constant stream of positivity

To create is a state that is channeled by electricity

Childhood memories is my youths ticket for authenticity

Those days were full of fun and madness

This excitement couldn't have been replicated by a smartphone nor tablet

Sunshine & green grass actual outdoor access

Inhale curiosity, exhale the astonishing

Running at full speed, gunning at high velocity

The excitement was never ending
a continuous lottery

Summer books I would never read

Instead, I drew in the summer breeze

Illustrations of disfigured stick figure's and murderous scenes

I realize that I have no idea, who I'm destined to be
I don't know where my next travels will lead

I am but nomad upon a land with no wagon or steed

**** these contraptions for my actions speak louder then screens

An N64 and one controller is all I need
I saw him the other day
He walks by
He's as beautiful as ever
His hair screams freedom
***** as hell
His walk says, "I'm tired"
"I'm a hard worker..."
He has a new cool bag
And a cool new 90's wardrobe
He's looking good
Too ******' good.
I'm lovin' it all

Right where we left off
Now we can be friends...
I'm in trouble though
Big trouble
When he looks like that...
I want him bad
I'm holding back
No flirty texts
I'm ******'
I'm keeping it
I can't wait to be
Face to face
Just writing this
Gets my
Blood boiling
So ******'

They avoid us
I don't mind
Our sparks

Fly too ******' high
For them baby


You snooze

You lose

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