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Madison Sep 2018
I'm feeling quite neurotic, to put it plain.

My conscience is muddied, mind soaked through with rain.

Nothing feels right, no comfort will do.

Might dig myself a hole and stay there a day or two

Won't walk on the land, just admire the view.

There seems to be nothing that can make me feel sane

And yet, you dig deep, try to keep me sane.
Another assigned piece, this time to take a famous rhyming piece of writing and rewrite everything but the final, rhyming word. I used the first verse of Blind Melon's "No Rain."
I have a date with a house and a Dead Girl.

Tip, now the question is, will she beat me or welcome me or just allow me to be?

The dreams I have are mostly rather electrolysis, crosses fingers peers up in a puppy dog look and begs, please don't whoop
my *** this time.

now unass this pitiful state of apprehension and get my hillbilly **** together so to make it for this date with a haunted house full of memories that are not all bad, urging, and a dead girl with a serious mean streak, to be  that mean one has to have a heart of gold.

looking into the mirror I reassure myself, that yes we have a heart of gold in common.  yes, a heart of gold, now just keep telling yourself, I understand , I should have been in her shoes yesterday......... oh how I know this truth all too well, of yesterdays and shoes, st. andrews hall by blind melon.
well, seems it will havering be a date for tomorrow. will have to pray a miracle will happen between now and then so as to grace me my memory on where to go, because I foolishly deleted the way point like a *****.  and though my dreams kept telling me I would find someone there when I go, I must not allow such childish hopes to become an expectation, simply by way of recent history and the constant wild goose chase that I have been oh so willing to travel down. so yeah, still have a date with a haunted house and a marsh where a dead girl haunts. no, I am not kidding. sadly, no. but the bright side is, maybe answers or at the very least more questions will come of it. tomorrow. yes I will be bringing flowers, even dead girls must like flowers. I would. smiles.

— The End —