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Antino Art May 2019
we'd wake up and play with magic
like any other game of pretend
bath towel tied into a cape
we'd approach an empty plastic top hat
wand in hand
we were tapping into an ancient power
that we barely even knew
we've played a superhero, Sub-zero
and now, a miracle worker
there was nothing we couldn't do
we'd climb trees to the summit branches
as high as we'd dare to go
we'd lower the hoop and dunk with ease
alley-oops, 360s
sometimes in slow-mo
there was nothing but room
to grow and explore
frontiers of the imagination
seized on roller blades with plastic swords
we'd tie skateboards to the back of bicycles
and Jamaican bobsled down the street
we were free ninjas in the 90s
off to adventures no one sees
we'd front roll down hills like hedgehogs
we'd scrape knees
we'd footrace to the stop sign and back
to pretend we're going faster
we'd kick clouds of dust in our tracks
we'd steal bricks from the neighbor's garden
and throw them into lakes to see the splash
we'd throw pebbles to see how high they'd go
or paper planes from the top of the staircases
one time, we jumped off:
it was a dare
we did it though
we unscrewed the air cap from the tires
of our enemies' parked cars
we clapped back with super soakers
the block was truly ours
we'd play until the streetlights came on
with more discoveries left unseen
and in the shadows while sleeping
we'd play catch with our dreams
Pixievic Apr 2016
In quiet moments such as these
You creep back into my mind
Like a ninja
Scaling my wall with death defying skill
I invite you in
To take this quiet and make it thunderous
Just for a moment
Then I take my sword and cut you down
You will not beat me
I will not give in
I have already survived
And you .......

Are just a lump!!

(C) Pixievic
I won't be beaten ....! Positive thinking ....!!
Lee S Kingley Nov 2014
The start of the day look so bright, who would have belived it would end in a fight.

The clatter off glasses and the shout of "Who's Round?! All drinks were picked up and swiftly downed.

Moving on to the next watering hole, get there quick to watch the match winning goal.

The lads want more dancing, *****, Stippers but not before we stop of for Chicken Dippers

Intoxication is power or so we belived but a fight with what we thought were ninjas brought us down to our knees.

We picked up our injured and clean up our wounds, then move on to the next place so we could re-group.

Our ego's in tatters our wallets all spent, I think its time we bring this epic night to an end

— The End —