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That is what it is like
when somebody loves you
more than you love yourself.
You find you're loving them,
and in loving you trust,
both them and their judgment.

If he loves me for me,
and I love and trust him,
then I should love myself
just the way that I am.


I want to be the one
he is deserving of,
and I want to become
the best version of me.


It's not just for his sake
that I want to improve.
I'll grow and change for him,
but also for myself.

That is what it is like.
Life is passing me by
And as I hold my breath
I realize I can't stop
The endless, rushing days
Hours of wasted time
Unless I breathe. And live.
August 9, 2016
Can I stay here with You?
Will You be my one Hope?
I have wandered, it's true:
You more than any know.
Can You more make me new?
And help me never t' go?
Quentin Briscoe Feb 2015
Did you know I am black...
Have you listened to His story....
My mother's hands planted me strong..
I have roots of strange fruits
Swinging, But Winds can't move me..
Sweetly I darken as I ripen...

I believe in The Masters plan..
I speak master of no Man..
I pray that He Rewrites His-tory
Things Only the #Master would demand..
Don't be moved by howling hounds..
I Stand firm upon shakend ground..

Hands up, around my royal stem.
Feet dangle until a breathless end..
One pulls back as ropes tighten..
I think of what could've been..
Come get a taste of sin..
I feed the hunger of men..

Look at me strangely Like deformity
My skin bares no such impurity
I am the son of Light
Burnt in the bossom of RA
My power supersedes this hanging state..
I transcended every time I'm consumed..

You only have days to repent..
Hell has cold places for hatred
Now that heavens a breath away..
Don't hunt what you don't eat..
There is blood on the leaves
As you planted gardens of death..

One hangs on as Strange fruit..
Memories linger in the frozen air..
I believe we share some roots..
Tears water the branches we break..
Stories that can't end as His-tory
Dangling Fruits From the popular trees..
Stirring inside of me,
I feel curséd reason:
It begins to seep through
And invade my brain cells;
Even though I have hope,
It turns into despair.
Deep inside, you're not the one
You always wished that you were
You're worse than the average,
Better than what you expect;
What they gonna do with you?
You're the one they need the most.
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2014
There's a war for my soul.....
For which side do I aid..
Death will surely choose a Victor...
Half Angel, Half Devil, All Human....
A rope that shall be Pulled
Am I soul or an objective...
Quentin Briscoe May 2014
Thank You to the English Language...
So many different combinations of Six!!
I could Six On for Years...
Clever Phrases, Witty Punchlines, mindless cliches
I can six away your fears...
Universal Latin I six silky Satin
Support my movement Write A 6x6.
6lines 6words each line
Each line can stand on its own.
So the poem can be read in any order

— The End —