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cypress Jan 3
pick me up properly
changing infancy energy

clarified butter
1 cup mint
3 parts nasturtium

once grass
seemed deeper
prized, contained

bite bitter
pungent fever
shifty roots

it is todays found forms
Julia Oct 2018
love, how is work
i made some **** pancakes
to my spotify workout playlist
now im tired and hungry
sick of this routine

Love, switch it up!
Do some yoga in the garden
sipping lime balm tea.
You can make tinctures out of ****** to soothe away your misery.

i will wait for this to pass
because i don’t want to wake
so why can’t i dream?

Dream of reading poetry in secret gardens
Make that garden
Keep that secret
in a shell from the ocean
Place that shell
by your bedside
Wake up by your dream...

— The End —