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Chelsea Nov 2018
I missed our kisses
I missed breathing normally
Our oxygen mixed
That is what I missed

You kissed me again
But this time I was suffocating
I had to push you away
to catch my breath

Yet you pulled me back in
You knew I was suffocating
yet you pulled me back in
You're no longer my oxygen

I have no air with you
Mbali Dlamini Nov 2016
World how dare you persecute me.
World how dare you judge me.
World how dare you trumpet me.
How dare you push me to the ground;
Having me fall so hard, I dare to doubt I'd ever stand.

How dare you fill my head with your lies,
Lies of corruption, hate and uncleanliness.
For have you not been told? I am;
Gods untouchable.

For it is my God who makes all the injustice not last long.
For it is my God who cures, cleans and constructs.
Persueing, protecting and perplexly loving me.
World , the hold you have will never last.
For my God is a God of everything, anything , entirely out of love for his children.
So world, don't you dare ever think you have an upper hand.
For I do believe in a God that lives
Believing in something bigger, when all fails and you just have to keep your head up high...
rachit Mar 2015
Yesterday seems to have quietly slipped away
An ephemeral memory, always beyond grasp
Gliding towards the past, drifting further away
to a place where magic was real
Where toys were always broken
and homeworks always half-finished
Where judgements were mere words
and words had no meaning
All that's lingering are soupy snaps
Of those moments of perfection,
etched and frozen forever in my head
Idea from *To Be a Child Once More* by a deleted account

— The End —