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Terry Collett Apr 2018
Getting off the train
they walked down
to the cheap hotel.

She gave her name
as was his
a Mr & Mrs Coles.

The woman behind the desk
gave a look of suspicion
but handed them the key.

They climbed the stairs
to the room. A pokey hole
with an adjoining bathroom.

They unpacked their bags
then sat on the double bed.

She bounced up and down.
Should be o.k. she said.
He nodded and smiled.

She got up and drew
the curtains closed
shutting out
afternoon light.

Don't want those people
in the office opposite
gazing in she said.

He began to undress
and so did she.

It seemed odd doing it
in the afternoon.

He could hear the traffic
passing by.

Someone called
from the street.
A dog barked.

They climbed into bed
and snuggled down.

She was a decade or so
older than he and more
of the ****** game.

He wondered why
the dame downstairs
gazed at him
and the scribbled name.
Terry Collett Feb 2018
He drew the drab curtains
in that cheap hotel room,
shutting out the street

lamps and nosey people
across the street. Come
to bed, you said, I'm all

ready for you, and he looked
at you laying on the bed
older than he was, yet still
quite young, at least you

were still up for it. You need
to undress, you said, you
aren't shy are you? No, just

getting ready, he said, and
began to take off his jumper
(ex-army), then the blue jeans,

and you lay there expectantly,
hands linked behind your head.
The lady said the bath taps

work opposite, you said, the hot
is cold and the cold is hot.
He was down to his underwear
and stood there gazing at you.

What would your husband say
if he could see us now? he said.
He would say: never thought

you'd find a fool to take you
to bed instead of me, you said.
He slipped off the undewear

and climbed into the bed. You
switched off the light and you
hugged close. Don't worry your

sweet head about him, you said.
But it seemed kind of odd, as if
he was being spied on by God.
Terry Collett Sep 2017
Mrs Ford lay on the bed asleep;
Benny had got out of bed in early
dawn light for a **** and smoke.

The street below isn't busy yet;
a few odd early birds off to work
or to catch a train to get there.

Young woman walking at a pace
wonder what her night was like,
whom she slept with
and what they did.

He looked back at the woman
sleeping in the bed,  white pillow
embracing her head. Wonder what
her husband would have thought
if he could have seen her last night.
Plenty of life in her old limbs just now.

He never saw her anyhow. Perhaps
he knows he cuckholded and doesn't
care or past caring or doesn't know at all.

She sleeps now all passion spent,
her body tired, unlike me whose body's
full and ready to go like a hot rod wired.
Weekend away 1975
Zoë Jun 2017
Pounding in my chest
Pounding all around
A thumping, beating noise
Reaches from my shoes
To my heart
To my mouth
Which is connected to hers
As we hear my favorite song
Played by our favorite band
And the cheers for equal love
Are heard above all.
These are the moments that I realize how gay I really am...
Terry Collett Jun 2017
Natanya met me
at the train station.

Evening sky
street lamps
sickly yellow.

I was beginning
to wonder
if she'd show
or if her old man
became awkward
and she couldn't come.

But she came
with an overnight bag
and her hair covered
in a scarf
to keep out
the damp air.

She smiled
when she saw me
didn't think you'd come
she said.

Thought your
old man
might have
caused trouble
I said.

He only asked
where I was going
and I said
to see Peters & Lee
in concert.

Did he ask
who with?
I said.

I told him
I was meeting a friend
she said.

People passed us by
up the stairs
we bought tickets
to London
and got the train.

We sat next
to each other
what if people
see us
who know you
and tell
your old man?
I said.

She smiled
you worry
too much Benny
she said
and kissed me
on the lips.

The train went off
the evening sky
the lights on the train
showing our
joint reflections
in the windows
of the train.

I was sitting next
to a woman older
than I was
maybe her final fling
or that kind of thing.
Terry Collett Mar 2017
Perhaps it will
be better next time
Mrs Ford said.

Benny had just got
in the saddle
and shot his load

It happens
she said.

Benny withdrew
going red
and lay beside her
in the big double bed.

Got over excited
Benny said
usually I'm calm
and it takes a while.

Never mind
she said
just relax awhile.

It would take awhile
to reload after all
his pecker wasn't
some automatic
it was more like
an old musket
which took time.

she said.

he replied.

She offered him
a cigarette
from her pack
and lit it
and lay back.

When I first went
with my husband
he would shoot
his load before
he was onboard
the *****
he never was
much good
she said.

Benny lay there
inhaling the smoke
taking in
the drab curtains
in the cheap
hotel room.

He listened
to her talk
about her life
what it was like
being an idiot's wife.

All the while waiting
for his pecker
to reload and recover.

He pushed away
the thoughts of her
he had of her
being some small
kid's mother.
Terry Collett Feb 2017
Netanya gazed
out the window,
saw grey morning,
heard pigeons coo.

Benny lay in the bed,
gazed at her backside,
naked, well figured body.

It's all roofs and spires,
she said.

London is,
he said.

Come back to bed,
he wished.

She stared,
arms folded,
******* rested.

The show was good,
she said.

It had been,
he mused,
watching her hair,
dark hair,

You were all go last night,
she said.

It was masterful,
he mused,
moving eyes down
her body from head to toes.

I did my best,
he replied.

It had been.

Best ever.

She closed the curtains,
shut out London sight,
pigeons still cooed.

Got into bed,
kissed his head,
hugged him close.

My hubby couldn't
manage that,
not now.

Too busy with
the younger girls.

Has them,
know him of old.

Safe with me,
Benny said.

His pecker was up for it,
seemed hungry.

She talked of
her younger days.

The first child,
the father died.

Benny listened on,
his pecker retired,
like gun shot out
after being fired.
Terry Collett Jan 2017
Natanya and Jack
were going at it
hammer and tongs.

You sat there
in the armchair
trying to be diplomatic
but failing.

Jack ex cop
old boy now
stared at her:
if you weren't a woman
I'd knock you flat
he said.

Ain't scared of you
you old ****
she said
standing over him
in her five foot frame.

You lit up
a cigarette
and said:
we are getting
too fraught
we need to sit
and be silent awhile
and get ourselves
in a meditative mood.

Jack gazed at you:
if you two
want to go
you can
I don't need you.

Right we'll
******* go then
she said.

No wait
you said
sit down Natanya
have a smoke.

She sat down
and lit up
and stared at you
then Jack.

He sat back down
in his chair.

After a few minutes
he said:
did I ever tell you
about the time
in the Smoke
when I was
on traffic duty
when this woman
comes up to me
and says:
I've done a ******
murdered who?
I said
my old man
she says
so I had to take her
to the cop shop
and got her to repeat it.

What happened to her?
Natanya said
releasing a stream of smoke.

Hanged I expect
poor mare
Jack said.  

Natanya looked at you
and said:
I came close
to topping
my old man
until you came along
now he can rot.

You smiled.

She did not.
Terry Collett Nov 2016
I placed the Camus book
face down on the canteen table

other nurses sat over the way talking
looking at some magazine

smoke rose from a cigarette
put on the side of an ashtray

I sipped my coffee
and looked down
at the bumf on the back cover
of the book
The Outsider
by Albert Camus
and other black print

I felt an outsider
outside the circle
of behind the back talk
the chitchat of this and that

I thought the mentally ill patients
more desirable company
with their smiles
and odd stares
and drooling mouths

I thought about Natanya
the night before
us at it in the bed

she holding me
about the waist
me looking down at her
at her black hair
her eyes gazing

the bed rocking away
she maybe thinking what
her kids might think
might say

a nurse got up
from the table
and laughed about something
then she went on her way
out the door

the other three sat
and talked about her
probably or more likely
Terry Collett Oct 2016
waves goodbye,
Benny's gone
to his home
after their
stay in that
cheap London
hotel room.

She walks now
to her home.

Her husband
sitting there
in his own
green armchair
by the fire
thumbing through
a seed book.

He looks up
when she comes
in the room:
how was it?
He asks her
the concert?

She takes off
her black coat,
looks at him:
it was good,
she replies,
she sits down
lights up a
looks at him.

How was your
female friend?
He inquires
good hotel?

It was good,
she replies,
and Tessa
was ok,
coolly lies.

What was it
you saw there?

A ballet:
she tells him,
thinking of
Benny there
in the bed
next to her
having ******
her 5 times
in the night.

Had dinner?
Hubby says.

Yes we did,
she replies,
her mouth crammed
with her lies.
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