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Keiya Tasire Mar 17
Jack:      "Are you afraid?"
Jill:       "No!! I am not afraid! I can't wait to get back to Heaven!!!"
Jack,      "Heaven? Who said anything about Heaven?"
Jill,      "You know, they are trying to make us think we are going to die."
Jack,     "Who are they!"
Jill,      "Precisely! They are nobody.Why is death bad anyway?"
Jack,     "That's a good question. Near death-er's say it is beautiful."
Jill,      "They know."
Jack,     "Yes, so why are you so afraid?"
Jill,     "Why do you ask? Are you afraid?
Jack,  "No!"
Then Jack and Jill ran up the hill ...
This is a bit of black humor regarding COVID-19.
Appropriate or not, it is written from the 1% point of view regarding how the "sheeple respond to the COVID - 19.
No matter how they think about it, they are going to go up the hill and fall down. Yes, a bit morbid. Yet COVID-19 can be or not, depending on our personal reactions. Fear will make what is happening worse. Yet, we know from the rhyme, Jill returns to go back up the hill and Jack mends at home with vinegar and brown paper. There is lots of hope here.
MSunspoken Nov 2019
Falling through the cracks
Life-gone still
No breaking til i’m back
I don’t just live for the thrill

I can feel myself tripping
I could go on forever listing-
All the things holding me back

Life breaking before my eyes
Grabbing for strings-
Falling in the process
As they pass me by

An all time low-
You’d know if you've been there
Feel like time moves slow
And you’re just watching

A glimpse of hope?
Shrouded by darkness
A feather in the wind?
Smashed with my loved ones
A picture of me?
I’ve changed too much-who am I really

Time to let go-
You can’t hold on forever
No bits of hope-
Cause I’m tripping in the darkness
This is my first poem for the challenge! Did it sound okay?
I don't really like writing about these topics.
Guilty Nov 2019
You know all the stuff I feel,
How I wanna feel your skin on mine.
I wanna taste you a little bit more,
With every poem that I find.


You know how bad I want you now,
So why do you leave me longing?
Every time you see an unfinished poem..
Think of it as my desire,.. for you.
so many pleasures, yet this,
the chiefest!

it is the cellular sensation, a momentary
swiping the real stroking of gentle grazing,
the finger-tracing painting of another’s
softest places

this is what I will ever miss
this is what I will   eye  mist

when the eyes, arms and all the rest
age beyond, functioning justa at the “barely” test,
as long my forefinger, tho crooked and bent,
can draw lines upon the cheeks of my beloveds,
the lover sleeping beside, so relaxed, eyes closed,
the children, whose skins elasticity is living electricity,
even the warped, veined, roughened dying skin
of those yet glowing-gasping for the tactile worship,

I will desire to live
my first poem.
Okay so I was listening to Beetlejuice, and he sings
'Jesus pass the Dremamime'
And I knew it was a drug, but I didn't know the effects. Turns out it causes halluciations. Well, that's the main thing, there are a lot of side effects. And to be honest, hallucinating explains a lot about Beetlejuice, and the whole musical.
You'll get a whole lotta these
Words' Worth Jun 2019
A simple thought
Can explain a complex emotion
But, silence explains everything
Except, the sunflowers
How many flies buzzed round you innocent of your grime, while you cursed the heavens of the rail-
road and your flower soul?
Bryce Jun 2019
Look at the tree
Such soft bark, those hard leaves

It has no place for me to see
Just fuzzied lines in a dappled breeze.
martha May 2019
a lukewarm promise uttered
beneath blankets
under covers

"I will" becomes "I won't"
a fading memory of don't
forget to try

creep back inside
deny it's absence
"never mind"

how slowly does a hope unfold
sheets as thin as angel hair
whose seams get used to growing old
and break the back of taking care

this time
cup with both your hollow palms
let them trace pathways
crave trails too tough to wander down

make maps of nooks and corners
crevices and borders
holding back floods
of handheld dams


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