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Sillage Nov 2015
You sat next to me in quietude
But your heartbeats called me deafeningly
Reluctant to hear your voice rupture
While I waited for my name to echo stoically  

You sat next to me in quietude  
But you fought the guilt inside you solely
Tackled it with a valiant front  
As I watched you succumb inside me spiritually  

You sat next to me in quietude
Acknowledging we love semovedly
You succumbed harder in your world
And I succumbed in return silently
Sillage Oct 2015
Your sense of presence
Swarms around me
Hold it there for a moment  
Let me indulge in the phantasm of
you merging into me, spiritually
Sillage Oct 2015
In reverie to the particles that transmit your fragment
Nearly surrendered
Torpefy the passage of time
I'm counting on it to lead me to you
Sillage Oct 2015
In the gravityless field
Like a dusty bursting cloud
We begin

In the southern Milky Way
You decide to collapse with my day
In a binary pair system
You and I go astray

In a distance within a cluster
We gravitate in a mutual orbit
With wrongdoing and rightdoing we linger
But the fire decides to stay

As our heat moves outward
Our hidden affair expands
We use up all our love fuel
Like a high star mass we explode
A supernovae self destroyed
Leaving a neutron star to our end
Jun 1, 2015
A love story in a life cycle of a star
Sillage Sep 2015
I've been thinking about you
Don't leave me, unknown
I've always strived to see your shadow against a white wall
Don't leave me, unknown
When the sun rise up above us
When the moon shies off underneath our blankets
We own it, love
Don't leave me alone
I've been thinking about you
Sillage Aug 2015
When I look at the sun, I see you
When I gaze at the moon I see you again
I went to the beach to wash you off
But the waves blown your scent in contrary
To whom do I return to, since you frame all nature
To whom do I run to, when all the ways lead to you
Sillage Aug 2015
I'll bring light to your cave through my shadows
Guid your blinded steps
Read to you with my dyslexic tongue
I, my dear self
Will do that secretly until you see light
Until you see me
I'm not sure to call it a poem
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