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  Jan 2020 GEMINI
fingers around
my ankles
pulling me down,
pulling me down.
i've never felt so close
to drowning on two feet.

can't see those fingers,
can't see the hands
or the arms, or the
face of my demise.

keep asking what
I've done to deserve
this, this dry drowning,
this garden of decay,
this grave of empty
love - but I know.

put me back in the
cage I've always been
in, the one guarded
by loneliness and

the secrets are on
the tip of my tongue,
the tip of yours, and
yet we continue this
demon's dance.

you wait for me.
I wait for you.
he waits
for us.
  Jan 2020 GEMINI
wash me out of
your sheets;
I never
belonged in
in the first place.
  Jan 2020 GEMINI
Grace Haak
nostrils flared
can't believe I ever cared
fists clenched
drenched in rage
now on a completely new page
I erupt
but those around
remind me that I am
just a sparkler
not a fire
and so my anger must retire
good riddance
I'll be dancing
dressed in silver
matching the stars
  Jan 2020 GEMINI
stephanie burrows
Take me some where we can't be seen.
Where we can lock out the world.
Where I can be in your arms,
Tasting your lemon drop kiss.
****** my mind touch me with words.
Let me get lost in your eyes.
Let me live in this last moment with
You, before morning comes.
I hate the moment where we have
To say goodbye.
  Nov 2019 GEMINI
The heat of our moment
lite a flame
that can never be distinguished
  Oct 2019 GEMINI
Mitch Prax
Every time you
think about if he
is thinking about you-
you are letting
him win.
  Oct 2019 GEMINI
I miss the way
your eyes watched me
like a predator stalking its prey
tracing my every move with subtle eye movements
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