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the tides swell
and hearts quell

my body shakes in anticipation
of profund ecstasy of liberation
and not the emptiness of libations

the bright moon light keeps the revelers out
thirsting for soemthing they cannot name
in a drunken fanatic frenzy they shout
claiming a new change in life when they remain the same

the ocean waves crash
and so do my thoughts
an uncontrollable maelstrom that spreads like a rash
only to find peace in the still silence I've always sought

Finally I am home and I bask in the light of the full moon

I too was a reveled once howling at the moon
but now instead I drink in the spirit of life
I might have spoke too soon
because my heart still feels stife
breeze  May 2019
Inward Stife
breeze May 2019
Beneath the space and stars, I lie,
    Under the dark and lonely night,
Enveloped in the thoughts of mine
     I dream of dreams to feel delight.

Among desires 've lost my sight,
     Within eternal fields of mind,
Losing the shadow fight inside,
     I think of thoughts that left behind.

Through whole my life I have survived,
     Along with lonely nights and pry,
Living my life like just arrived,
     I feel the feelings staying high.

In depth of sea and sky, I dive,
     Amidst the dream and lucid life,
Dimmed by the instinct to survive,
     I die of dying in own strife.
Hurble B Burble  Apr 2016
Hurble B Burble Apr 2016
Oh, Kitsune! You hit me like a tsumani.
Beautiful just like origami. So Intricate and unique
So this is how it feels to have a heart beat?
Every morning feels like a new day.
I'm so glad something can make me feel this way.
All that pain taken out by the tide,
I think without you I just might have died.
Internally as the stife rides high.
Cerebelum is reverberating all the environs.
Radiating as if emotions where ions.
Then the universe brought me a small little fox.
All packed up neat in a digital box.
And soon I get to open the gift.
And maybe feel a feeling I really missed.
So thank you kitsune, you make it alright.
Just a sneaky fox stealing my heart in the night.
Love poems lol.
Daniel Regan Feb 2012
Im held to the ground by my imperfections. Dodging bullets thrown by those in need of correction. Understanding that life is filled with much uncertainty, acting only on the knowledge that I am most certainly free. Held to my actions and words by the thought of perfection, being only that which determins selections. Into a realm by which the humble are seeking, gained only by those whose words are worth speaking. Determined by a world whose ear seem cut off and closed, and unwilling to listen to that which they are opposed. But truth can be heard by the hearts of the few, whose minds are filled with possibilities anew. Whos lives are practice in the faith of whats real, but whos minds are not blinded to what true beauty can reveal. Because truth doesnt come through trial and error, truth comes from understanding that we are all rare. Held together by a contract of emotions and deeds, that defines us as a society with real human needs. To be loved and accepted, held and adored. To act on these wishes and hope to find reward. Because when the reaper comes to collect on our debt, we are all going to wish to wake in a cold sweat. To find more presious time, in our running hour glass. To hold on to each grain and not let it pass. Without cherishing the moment and giving it our heart. Without telling those we love, they are a work of art. Painted by the Picaso of the ground that we walk. Whos motives no one will ever unlock. But disagree on forever, untill the end of time we will. And break our human contract with the blood that we spill. Of our bothers and sisters who feel just the same, as the men and women who share our last name. So read me your books and give me your shame. For logic is my shepard for this world i look to tame. For i hold in my heart a truth unknown. One not found in a book or scripture alone. Or known by those who try to speak fear, through a book whose hypocricy is well too clear. One only found when you see a mans true soul, and realize 'that is all i need to know.' To stare at the only perfection this world will ever know, and hold him in the same regards as winters first snow. Or summers true spirit, or falls pure brilliance. Or when the sea meets a rocks true resiliance. Imperfection may hold me firm to the ground, but my spirits true beauty holds no bounds. And when the world can see one another through each others eyes, then humanities posibilities will break all its ties. Will be stripped of its shackles and free of its chains. Will be free of its stife and know no pain. And we as a beautify creation of perfection itself, will finally find peace in oneself.
ani  Mar 2012
Carved stone
ani Mar 2012
On the brink of starvation
I find no motivation
From the anguish of a lovers lost touch
To the thoughts of....oh so much

My well has run dry
And I can no longer cry
I don't know what to do
How can I find me
And what has happened to you

Drawn apart are the seams of life
With no chance of repair
And nothing to stife
No not even a breath of air

I've gone blank with rushed emotion
With confusion bound in a place deeper than the ocean
Support for life is unknown
But as they say destiny is carved in stone.
The title is more a reflection of the subject than the poem.
Sack Williams Jan 2010
Charles Bukowski
Died with a wife
at the end of his life
left a world that was rife
with the blade of a knife
And a soul filled with stife
And another word that sounds alike is fife.
The darkness knocked at my door
I opened it, just a crack
I stared and my heart did soar
I can not take it back
That glance i gave to those eyes
The way it stared at me
It made me despise
Everything i had come to see
Without wanting too
I opened wide the door
And it showed me something new
I thought it would give me more
It wisperd inside my ear
That i was all alone
It was all i could hear
It told me i couldn't go home
It handed me the knife
And showed me how to bleed
It made me want to take my life
And commit this awful deed
It took from me so much
And gave me nothing back
My shoulders were always hunched
My heart was always black
I began to lose all hope
I couldn't even see
There was no way to cope
With the darkness eating me
But this wont be the end
Because i wont give up the fight
It just another bend
In the war of wrong vs. right
And i may be in pain
And I may fall down
But i wont go insane
I wont alow myself to drown
Beneath all these emotions
Running through my mind
And all these crazy notions
I will try and bind
Because this is my life
And i will fight back
Even though theres stife
I wont be controlled by my heart even when its all black.
Fighting against depression.
Lost Soul Nov 2018
im so sick of crying
im not my usual self
and im sick of trying
im not okay
i havent been for a long time
but no one seems to notice
im sorry im a broken thing
im sorry i disappointed you
depression is my soul mate
here ill show u the ring
i hate my life
there i said it
i guess im ungrateful
but i live in constent stife
i know im ruining myself
but with the irreversible mess im in
i really dont care
im as functional as a crooked shelf
my body is rejecting me
well get in line
cause it seems everyone else is
this isnt how i wanted it to be
its not fair
i had everything....
then suddenly nothing
i didnt realize i was that hard to bare
depression is my lover
hes my only constent
he helps me put on the mask
i use as a cover
i am not in a good place
im can no longer apologize
you hurt me and now u
cant even look at my face
i'm sorry i hurt you all
i didnt mean to
i assure u ,it hurt me more
its months later and i still bawl
i lost everyone
i lost myself
i lost the battle
congrats you and depression won
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
i walked the shores
of Agenon
for thirty years and more

it was not there

lived a long life
of hardship
on the slave ships of Stife

it was for naught

fell in love a
hundred times
never forgot one

i weep at the loss

sat on a mountain
wind blowing
through me

it was pleasant

perfection is a quest of fools
Daylight 4U2C Aug 2020
You don't know me.
Don't know who I am,
or where I come from.
You don't know me,
beyond my blues and grays and greens.
You might know my favorite color, or show,
but not what to me, it means.
You don't know my story.
You can't see my heart.
You aren't in my brain.
So dear god don't you start-!
Please clip this off here,
and just leave me be..
If you don't give a ****-
then stop barking at my tree!
I'll give you my ears,
like Vincent Van Gogh.
I'll give you whatever.
but I won't let you know,
whats inside,
or what happened,
I know you don't care.
I know you won't stay.
I know you won't like me,
or understand.
You'll just criticize me.
You can't hold my hand.
I might be alone,
for the rest of my life.
I might be like a child.
My future full of stife.
I might be a maniac,
or a monster to you,
no matter how hard I try,
and no matter what I do.
So give me a break.
Stop asking for more.
Stop yelling at me,
or knocking at my door.
You don't seem to get it,
and you never will.
No matter how hard I scream,
no matter how shrill-!
I beg of you please,
after all we did,
don't open pandora-

Just close the lid.

Be okay with the fact,
you can't handle the truth.
Be alright with knowing,
it won't be something you get.
No one ever might,
so please...

Just forget-.

Just forget-!

— The End —