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Robin Carretti Aug 2018
This is far from a
car S-p-a--C-y
Oh! My? Crossover traveler
The Phyton
Top of the rank
New job space
planning tech magic cursor

Magical Podcast*

Do we have space
Sci-Fi-Hi Meeting
Googling creating playing
Cheating Overexaggerating
And faking our

Not meeting our deadlines
What is the right time?
Spacewalking on the yellow brick
the road you are my sunshine*
"Million light years away from being rich"?

     Lucy in the Sky
       LSD-Little space devil
No/space for Jack the shinning
of diamonds, this isn't Oz
Emerald City or spin-off

Climb the ladder space objects clutter
Posh-Rich Witch is which
The last epidemic standup comic

Crawling having a ball Spalding

That Spiderwomen kvetch
Wolftie face switched
Fox lies moms moon pies
The collision of the moon
Space monkey baboon
The equation or burning
Sun people in devastation

Magic God

What time holds the
Mass control Einstein the professor
The brain exploding stars
Study hall those equations

In Princeton New Jersey
Those tiny particles lost in space
This corporation division
Space Between_

*Hard paper scissors and
Mr. Rock

It's time to money pound
The Big Ben clock
"Do we act like the only
one on this planet"                  
The Singularity
The multiplicity
The burning sun
War of the Military
Hot fun "Twin City"
Medieval twin planets

She's brace-space and he's
Well known physic
energy flowing one
step beyond collision of '
     Two Gods"

Magic space-lotus love of "Venus_

The Mall of America Star Spangle Banner
Next International flight became a winner

Plants and animals
The primal magic
Catching the
planets there both
The submerging eye
Space-out engaging

The civilization nightmare
On the cusp right here
Martian stripe and stars
Wipeout species of mars
Gravitatious collide of lovers
Confused about earthlings
More siblings another planet colliding

Like a space odyssey ground control to
      "Major Tom"
Fe fi fun on space run
Our Earth Mondadori
Spicy pleasure taste for
Chicken Tandoori
Magical dish
Make a wish

Magic hands believing

Metagalactic space and time
Holy God realistic
Osprey someone is the prey
In the movie magical classic
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Holiday mind dressed up window
"Out of our comfort zone
eating to the end twilight zone widow"

The extra enchanted evening
For the Moms only
Our heads over space
heels hit the ceiling

Eggs Benedict, the salt wasn't kosher
Artsy Audrey Hepburn don't push her

Celestial Ocean Space Steven Universe
The Christmas madness sale
Poison Ivy Pointsetta what
a vendetta
Interstellar meeting her
new race feeling out of place
Adulation like a prosecution
Space collide anytime
can explode

Two worlds become tragic
Space station not a game
A haunting catastrophic
Collision Titanic ship

Magically got more modified
Needing a space program the
spy to identify  

Dragonfly to Madame Butterfly
Space of magic crime-space
All spots, not Dalmatian
Space wings set up for Superman
Magic fan rising adrenaline
Monster cookies for Madeline

Fire and Ice Global warming
wildfires now the collision
On another planet warning
Miracle blessing of magic
Someone before or after
just to touch them

We cannot stop this craziness
The outburst goes pop the weasel

Magic place portal
Something in the way
to crumble like a baby
firstborn rocking her cradle

The curiosity space philosophy
Like breed of cats,
Licking tongue envelope
The cats eye Egyptian
Terrified space milk the tabby
Meeting my space hubby

Microscopic became two dots .-.
Space became a new buried plot
Is this all I got Twitter
Home run ball and
New York Dodgers
Brooklyn bat *******

So compelled to the computer
Designed the Rover robot lover
Magical Elton John
space planner
Across the Universe
John Lennon
Bennie and the Jets
Like a science
Teacher's pets

Eyes spaced out the magic place within**
So sacred magic hat Rabbit
Mountain bear Airspace Hobbit
Roll over Beethoven
The dog bone playing space I tunes

The spaceship magic
fingers piano
Plays one enchanted evening
Let me see the beautiful
new awakening
When Robin sings
Her magical wand
Lights up the world
of hands magical awaits

Remember "A Poem" can be magic
Collison in Space or Good earth how do we collide into one another planet some fire exposed in our words can we change the way we feel we collide again but what happens when our planets collide
Oh! Heaven no back path
         To Hell*
Those down days bills
No Jack and Jill 
Up for love of Venus  
Going down memory lane
Here's to our future

The love walk special
Guilt with love
resentment staying
Washed up Queen

  OH! hey  RIP_to VIP

Who named my plot
Calling all girls last shot

Is anyone  *Up For Love*
lovesick from your Ex
Or the *Fed Ex* trucks
A big kick in the pants
"Backing Up" words
We cannot hold
them forever
They swing like Tarzan
Good posture "Mighty Jane
Yes we have" Bananas  
Where to elope

Getting licked through the envelope

Watch your back
Engraved love
Love is healing
Do you want to know
a secret confession
Backing up Love Gods  

 *Strawberries eye patch  
   Stay loyal that's a match"
 Not getting your money back
 I'll be back but he's not
    coming back
     I'll back your
     Wedding steps

  "I Cloud" backup
just ******* 
* Recovery file back up
Slingback Stress-free
Wearing  low back
The camel-back coffee cup
Android never avoid callback

I wish I was back
Pat on the back praise
Top notch raise
Tree grows* in* Brooklyn*
How can I back the world up
On a tablet Duracell
Goes on and on message

Can be a bad habit?

Somewhere over the
    "Rainbow Hobbit"
Being a servant a butler
Your personal trainer
True lover four leaf clover
Or writers block
*Is love always by the clock
We all need a back up plan life can be sweet counting all the hearts love can be the biggest performance  love is fierce like a truce throw of dice backing up love we all need the right advice
as a child it took me
a while to know
I was not living
in a tale where you tend a
toothless dragon
and fly;
where you accompany
a hobbit with a ring
through a war;
you just come to that age
where your powers
are stripped
you then start your life
sometimes the weight
of the world is just gravity
you can't "Hasta La Vista" away
sometimes the antagonist is
your anxiety
the prison break
is in your room
the holy war is your
struggle to get up
from bed
and sometimes the
glimmering meadows
on the way home
from the journey
are not followed
by credits rolling
but like a stone you do
never falling into place
like a lost jigsaw
if the puzzle was planned
it would be against you
all brutal and ******
but all up to entropy
there's no boy who lived
nor a chosen one
we are stardust put together
in such a way
whether or not it means anything
is up to you because
there is not plot
but your dreams
the force may not always
be with you
you have to be the force
Descovia Feb 27
It will be alot easier....

To let it all go...

The many definitions of me...
could be felt in my throat...

The screaming never stops...

"Pull The Trigger....NOW"

For he holds a great deal of immense power, that should not be tainted by impurity!

If our son was the composer of melancholic poetry.

A caster, of heart broken spells.

The storyteller, of incomplete novels

He does not deserve that place as the artist of destruction!!

Many times where I have pointlessly...
Slid the sharpen blade of truth
To answer, to the cries of pain
In those lonely nights, confused nights, with regretful fights elevated to extreme heights!

Where all the wrong doings felt so right...
Selfishness, was indeed more than my vital adrenaline rush! I needed the pain like an addict needed a "fix" before descending into the deafening depths!

It hurts amazingly, and being able to withstand it brings that feeling of joy
flowing throughout my entire body!!

What truly understands the actual self?
Other than the sources???
Harmful or not that gives us
That repair, when we are broken??

My body alone is more than
What's perceived as a holy temple...
Every scar, mark, wound,  fresh or old
Has a story behind it!

For I am proudly left
with nothing to conceal!
All my time spent
in the dark to become the light,
all must be revealed!!

Until we arrive to this very
day where we face the death
Of our former selves to be born again!

Never thought it would arrive
To this point where the tables turned
In this I realize, that my power is
drained and even in the heat of rage

The bright flames that danced in the night.

Filled the ambitious eyes
of that man we both once knew....

For everytime, I do look back at trail of memories.

Following the trail of blood...

Wondering where all the time left us!
If this, is all there is left to show...

What was invested, for the prevention of this untimely demise, to pay the price WITH A SACRIFICE..?!?!

Its still in the air...
The way your hair smells
After a shower....

I would spend some days in my hole
You had a smile that lifts up the world.

That smile gave me so much strength
This to me is what immortality felt like!

It was like you had abilities of white wizard, and I assure you, any adventure with our little hobbit is worth those infinite voyage. I would be by your side through the dark ages as your warrior! Through hell in all...

I will forever fight for you!

That reassurring voice that restores hope..
In the lost dark hours, of the burning night. Powerful enough, to silence the monsters inside!

Pain. Problems. Worries. It matters not when you wield the most valuable weapon of all....

The embrace from you....replayed itself in my mind. Where... I melted and reformed again in your arms. I felt the fire, and ice acting as one in unison...yet conflicting inside of me!!

This is only a dream isn't it?? In such a way, I've never felt, my strongest emotions at their fullest peak!!

Loving arms that pull me inside and we both release our tension as we collide!

Even in winter nights it wasn't by miracle. You kept me warm often. Strong when I was fragile.

Mended me when I was broken. 
Staring into the twilight sky
The stars light up, like the day for me...
When we first met!! Like the day you fought for life...

To be brought into this world!!
If only I had fought harder!!!
I could have been a better FATHER!!

Staring back at the trail of blood
This is where the time has gone....
The hourglass of life...
with my name on it
Is shattered.....

Now I understand

That the stars were your eyes....
eat good food ,drink good ale live quiet ,unassuming lives
Grow the habits of hobbits

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
Hobbit is a member of an imaginary race similar to humans, of small size and with hairy feet, in stories by J. R. R. Tolkien.
Although fictional they can in real life be examples of how a human can lead ones life that of being...Content ...Quiet and happy ..
Fictional poem .. Imagination...Simile...Modern haiku.. simple 3 line poem... Unrhymed..

— The End —