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A Simillacrum Oct 2018
Grind you up into portions.
Serve you up to the horde.
What was
will feed
the meat
the future seed.
Sure enough
the scene
before the
excited mind,
the silent mouth,
seemingly go
til the matter mounts.
Wren Djinn Rain Jul 2015
"I fear once the time for friends ends, my desire
would leave me exposed to the ill kept as well
from enemies, leave me forgotten, misfit for both."

                                        -- Beryl to Sky-Rend
Wren Djinn Rain Jul 2015
She comes with a body. Lithe, plain.
Two things Warchief said no, don't chew.
Don't disgrace the Orc way.
If you transgress it better be just to
rip off her arms. You're in my palm.
(I'm in whose palm?)
He comes with a presence. Foreign.
Alien of the Karwa Wastes.
Don't you pass this chance on.
You recognize, don't you, when
better comes along? You're in my palm.
(I'm in whose palm?)
Douse the candles in the war hall
for me my lines arrested caught
in the splinters of dry throat
won't reach the thunderous cry
you repress, to release me.
karwa wastes
Have you ever heard the pin drop brightly,
Leather boots on one hundred bodies?
Mermaids, mutants, captivating aliens,
What a world, what a world.

Trees keep calling me elsewhere lately,
Again, more than ever
Wind that I believe is your breath
Scent of the highly
Rose to the nose pricking blood

I wanted this
I got this
Ripped up home
Hell bound
I want this
Kiss on my lips
Lashes on the wrist
Just a form of risk
Don't ask me why I do what I do. Is it pain? Is it gain? Who cares if I try?
Sydney Marie Apr 2014
This thing, all things devours; Birds, beasts, flowers
                                                       Gnaws iron, bites steel
                                                       Grinds hard stones to meal
                                                       Slays kings, ruins towns
                                                       And beats high mountains down.
-The Hobbit
(Only my life in two trilogies)

— The End —