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ReemaS Dec 2012
Angry, annoyed
Ready to destroy
Violent tendencies
Pleases and enjoys
Scary for a timid one
To some it might be fun
Wrongful at times
Consequences earned
Lessons often learned
ReemaS Dec 2012
Sleep my child, sleep
No need to count sheep
Just close your eyes
No need to cry
Sleep my child, sleep
Only a room away
Wake to a new day
feel no fear
Im still right here
Sleep my child, sleep
Protected by his blood
Like Noah and the flood
Youll be unharmed
Just like a charm
Sleep my child, sleep
Precious as can be
Eyes not meant to see
Creepy crawlies and voodoo dollies
Sleep my child, sleep

*this is meant to be sang
ReemaS Dec 2012
Have I lost my inspiration to write?
To even rhym
I feel as though I have
Im a writer at heart
A nerd
ReemaS Dec 2012
And so I said to him, "Dumbledore beats Gandalf any day."

Chuckling as we ate our Hobbit breakfast.
ReemaS Dec 2012
Sweaty hands shaking
Moments seen through magnify
A presence unwelcomed
ReemaS Dec 2012
A mother of two
When you arrived I already knew
I would not meet you face to face on this earths crust
Only after my body has been turned to dust
I do not know if you were a boy or a girl
If your hair would be straight or if it would curl
I knew that you were real and very much alive
With every morning sickness that made me want to die
You lived for an estimated 7 weeks
But I only knew you for one
I cried like I never have
More than when I lost my own dad
I begged for forgiveness to my heavenly Father
For killing my son or my daughter
For ripping your seed out of its soil
A seed I knew Id spoil
I cried in my bed with my head in my pillow
I had cried more than a weeping willow
I was asleep when you had exited my womb
Waking up in the recovery room
I was barely awake, still sedated
No longer on this earth, myself I hated
Not wanting be in that clinic, forcing myself up I stumbled out
Driving home all I did was shout
Screaming, crying, the feeling of dying
Vomiting on my front door
Feeling my empty womb to its core
You were gone, no more
I can never bring you back or say sorry enough
Doing what it did wasnt easy but tough
I didnt do it because I wouldnt love you
Only because I already had two
What I did was wrong and I know I am a sinner
You were sent to the womb of a killer

*For those of you who read my poem "I am a Killer", this is what I was talking about. I wasnt ready to share it completely.
ReemaS Dec 2012
A reminder of safe ***
Waiting anxiously for her visit
Every month and the next
Bringing me pain I enjoy
Smiling when she makes me bleed
The smell of iron I need
Not a promised friend though
When she pleases she'll go
I wait for her to make me bleed
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