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Celaena  Nov 2018
The Pounding
Celaena Nov 2018
The pounding, the pounding
It's pounding in my head.
The pounding, the pounding
Oh when will I be dead.

The pounding, the pounding
It's rotting up my soul.
The pounding, the pounding
It will not let me go.

The pounding, the pounding
The beating of my heart.
The pounding, the pounding
It's tearing me apart.
My head hurts
Stop you'll only make it worse

Medicine and time will help
I don't want something from the shelf

I don't want to be an experiment
I don't want to be different

So I hide it from the world
But I just want to be heard

These thoughts in my head
Won't let me go to bed

I feel numb
Happiness never comes

My thoughts are jumbled
My life starts to crumble
Traced eyes with circles,
and a headache, he forgot
all he used to be

replacing nights with
sobbing, he took all he had
and soon went missing

A backpack full of
his blighted heart, taking the
corruption away

Scattering it on
the beach, the tides replaced them
with nothing but shells-
It's like a story. he leaves with a broken heart, scatters the pieces on the beach, and they're replaced with nature.
Evan Leonhard Oct 2018
my circadian rhythm beats
at such high frequency
my mind is shattered
shards of broken thought
litter my consciousness
my insights lie scattered
have you ever noticed anything that sent you spinning
off into the empty infinity of blossoming cognizance?

pupils dilate,
sweat beads,
words collapse back into what they imply; we only know
because we watched the footage.

yes, we watched it together
and yes, it is the only father figure that pays for her own dinner these days.

i wish i was worth forgetting in the future.

i wish people didnt feel they had to be anything but here.

i wish people would teach their children about how i could market loose teeth to coastlines.

im laughing at your puzzled aura
from the next epochal shift.

(man enters and exits stage right, nervously)

it's deep is a depth but really nonsense.
say hello to poetry. she made me write this.
Lauren  Mar 1
My Headache
Lauren Mar 1
By. Lauren

A throbbing pain,
A moment in which I hear nothing.
A bullet to the head.
A scream to leave me alone.
Doctors say “if a headache lasts more than 24 hours than there is something wrong."
“What about 24/7?” I scream in my brain.
My headache is not a scream for your help;
It is a scream for the God I left years ago to hurry up and **** me.
For as long as I can remember my headache has been there for me.
My headache comes over at the worst of times banging on my door refusing to leave.
My headache is worse than the Jehovah’s Witness banging on my door every Sunday.
My headache is an intruder refusing to leave even after I call the cops.
My headache makes me scream,
So keep away from me.
My headache has taken a hold of me.
My headache makes the lights in my room look like the holy light waiting to blind me.
I know not of the life I had before headache because headache has always been holding my hand.
My headache is a lover who I can not seem to leave no matter how many times I say,
‘I am through”
My headache is the person on the other side of the aisle
“I do”
Before I could run away.
So when the doctor gave me the bottle of pills that rattled in the passenger seat of my car all the way home I was shocked to see I was afraid to divorce my lover headache.
My headache loved me.
RedD  Oct 2018
RedD Oct 2018
This, this, just ******* this
whatever the **** this is
In my head
Its running round in circles
Leading me a merry dance
stamping all over me
Cutting slices to my core
and i can't defend myself from the attacks
because there's nothing physical to push away
its noxious and suffocating
and maybe its just better if I let it take me down
but it surrounds and smothers me just the same
why can't I fight it
I'm so tired and ashamed that its stronger than me
whatever this headfuck is
a grown woman
I should be strong
not right now I'm not
but maybe tomorrow
but I know I'll get headfucked again at some point
and I'll be as defenseless as I always am
******* headfuck
just another anxiety attack to get through
King Panda Sep 2016
let this be proof that on day
I am alive
and kicking
with nothing but a
caffeine headache
and a good
twenty days of
in my back pocket
but now
the cross breeze
comes and
I lament the past four
how they left me
and seeing women jump
off buildings
Sovereign soldier!
let me live more than
20 days
I am a good person
I only **** when asked
I eat spaghetti with a fork
and spoon
I once tried to jump off
a cliff
but that was then
and this is now
and the breeze is as cold
as winter
don’t think that I ever enjoyed this
time with you
don’t think that I won’t ever
try that again
I promise I won’t float
in the air
not this time
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