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Lightsabers and blasters
Jedi and Sith
Snow Speeders and AT-AT's
Let's blow up the Death Star!
Dagoba awaits!
Use the force Luke
There... is... another...
Ewwwwww she kissed him!
No. I. Am your father!
Never tell me the odds!
Yup. I'm a nerd.
RedAngel143 Aug 2015
So many times I’ve tried my dear
To simplify the way I feel,
I wonder what word would mean,
The whole of what I’m to reveal.

I’ve tried physics & calculus,
To calculate these heavy thoughts
I’ve tried trigonometry as well as geometry
But the unknown increase by three.

So what I used is algebra,
To solve for all formula,
And by the aid of geometry,
I got the answer;
one(1) four(4) three(3)
i didn't mean to be a geek
Kate Lion Sep 2014
there are a hundred and fifty pokemon
but only one of you
you are the legendary love that i could never catch

i remember kissing your Meowth and it was beautiful and fierce

do you remember, darling, the way you Jinxed our stars

You Charmandered me, left my cheeks pink and rosy
Gave me an Electabuzz
The heat rose to my face every time we locked eyes

(i always was a bit Oddish)

I want to Pikachu when you don't think I'm looking, as you stroll through the crowds of your own thoughts

But you Rapidashed out of my life.

Is it Farfetch'd to wonder if you ever think of the Eeveening under the stars
When you said there was no Chansey that we could ever be together

I remember
And I say
to that.
Alex Quinnan Feb 2015
First off, everything you know about Robin is wrong.
Batman and Robin aren't gay
Or at least, they aren't gay together.
          They may be individually.
Robin doesn't make Batman less dark
(you clearly don't know about that time
that Robin was killed by the Joker
and Batman nearly lost himself
in grief.)
And which Robin are you talking about?
Didn't you know there are five
          (or six, depending on how you count)?

Maybe it’s too much to ask
for me to talk about Robin
without getting emotional
my hands waving in the air
Pulse rising like I’m running a sprint;
when you’re a lonely kid and suddenly
You see yourself on the page
Riding a grappling hook like it’s a trapeze
acrobat, street punk, misfit, genius
You see yourself saving a city
You are the smartest, most capable,
most beautiful, most hardworking kid
in all of (Gotham) city
And most of all, with Robin
Batman is never alone.
Storm Raven Sep 2015
Don't think for a second I am going to wear a dress and watch Titanic or The Notebook with you- We are going to have a Firefly marathon whit too much food and I'll wear a hoodie, or Watch Mad Max Fury road, but darling, don't expect me to be like the other girls- on somedays I even ain't one, and even when I am- Star Wars and Harry Potter are still favorite- Star Trek and Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who, so you better keep up with my geekyness or you won'the know when I love you.
I love you- I know
Because sweetie I am a geek and a fangirl ;)
A pretty random poem, but I am such a geek/nerd so yeah
Pauline Russell Feb 2016
Be you a freak
Or a geek
Transgender, gay, or bi
Let your flag fly
We are all damned anyway
So for the rest of our days
No matter how bizarre
Let's be damned for who we truly are
Molly  Nov 2013
Molly Nov 2013
I imagine your DNA replicating hundreds of times
per second. Imagine mitosis exponentially repeating
itself and a billion trillion of you dividing
and multiplying inside of your own body
logarithmically jumping by extremes and simultaneously
dying as fast as you're made. There is not one cell
in your body that was there seven years ago
there is not one cell in your body that is not
resisting DNA mutations caused by your smoking,
you could have had cancer by now, but I watched a documentary
the other day and they are curing cancer with HIV.
There are doctors out there saving lives and I
spend my time trying to figure out if I am capable
of love. I don't know the truth and can't lie.
We are the forgotten, the lost, and the rejects.
The ones who give love, but love always neglects,
And we are cast aside, but not without no effects.
Our souls are dying with no one to pay respects.

We are the invisible, the laughable, the misfits.
Not without our scars caused by all our critics.
It will kill some who become just a statistic.
That won’t stop the ones wanting to crush spirits.

We are the jokes, the gossip, and the rumors.
The ones who give you fuel for all your pointless humor.
The ones that get treated like cancerous tumors.
Wishing you’d have gotten rid of us sooner.

We are the options that you place on a back burner,
There when you need us, but you’re not a quick learner,
And we don’t have it in us to be any sterner,
So we will continue to allow you to be a spurner.

We are the geeks, the freaks and the nerds.
The ones who get hurt by all your shitty words.
You question our lives and even our worth,
But the geeks are the ones who shall inherit the earth.
Rohit Rohan  May 2014
Rohit Rohan May 2014
Once there was a lady called Bright
Who could travel faster than Light
One day, she set out on a friend's way
And returned the previous night
My Bipolar Disorder is a stout-bodied mammal with horns and cloven hooves.

There are two types of My Bipolar Disorder:
Domestic, and Mountain.

My Bipolar disorder typically spends its days grazing on grasses

My Bipolar Disorder will dig depressions in the ground to sleep, rest, and bathe in.

My Bipolar disorder is super social during the winter, and tends to go solo during the summer.

My Bipolar Disorders tail usually points up! (Unless it is frightened or sick)

My Bipolar Disorder is extremely Curious and Intelligent.

Once My bipolar disorder has discovered a weakness in its fence, it will exploit it repeatedly.

There are over 300 distinct breeds of My Bipolar Disorder.

Within' minutes of being born, my Bipolar Disorder is up and walking around.

My bipolar disorder used to live in the white house with Abraham Lincoln.

One day an ethiopian Herder walked in on My Bipolar Disorder liteally bouncing off of cliff walls because it just Discovered Coffee.

My Bipolar Disorder has four stomachs

The horns of My Bipolar Disorder are typically removed to reduce injury to humans.

My Bipolar disorder will explore anything new or unfamiliar in its surroundings, mainly with its mouth and tongue.

My bipolar disorder readily reverts to the wild if given the opportunity.

My Bipolar Disorder is more susceptible to Parasites and other infectious diseases when it is mismanaged.

My bipolar disorder has had a lingering connection with Satanism and pagan religions

My Bipolar Disorder is considered a "clean" animal by jewish dietary laws.

According to Zeus
As long as you leave it's bones whole,
My Bipolar disorder will keep coming back to life.
Working front register at Starbucks
you ask a little boy in green
if he likes Minecraft
What the coolest thing
he ever built was
then watch
As his family
and the whole line behind them
gasp, fall silent
stare at you
with standing ovation eyes
as he lights right up
to tell you all about it
Ashish Nand  Aug 2014
The Geek
Ashish Nand Aug 2014
As he woke up that day
He pleaded to his courage not to go away
He went to school with a doubt
‘Will I win?’ was it all about

With each passing minute the show came nearer
His passion to win became more dearer
And as he climbed the stairs of the stage
His heart pounded heavily and with a rage

His friends shouted, what was his name
‘The Oratory Competition’ was today's game
As he walked to the bowl he took a deep breath
To see what a subject his fate had set

He prayed in his mind as he opened the chit
And then smiled as if bullseye he had hit
The crowd roared as he began to speak
Many now knew he was not a geek

He spoke of cars, technology and light
Fear in his voice? Not even slight
He spoke of things I had never seen
But the end was the best scene

Tears rolled down as his name was called
He had won, a trophy of gold
No more was he a loser of the school
I call him now “The King of Cool”
Simply Lost Nov 2013
Im falling for him.
but the thing is...he likes someone else.
And i understand…
She is pretty,skinny and not me.
She isn't weird…
She is perfectly perfect,
She is fake.
But he doesn't see that,
He can't see past her looks.
just like he can't see past my books.
They always choose the Barbie over the Geek…
I guess that's just reality.
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