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"Create a reason to create, if nothing it's a start" - Beans On Toast

I'm a Writer, Overnight Caregiver
and sometimes an UBER driver.
I'm an introverted Taurus,

who is always busy or excited
You sometimes can catch me
staring... I know it's creepy

I promise that I'll "try" to not get caught.
Pokémon GO gave us world peace,
Bitcoin paid off my student loans;

blessed are the geeks,
for the geeks shall inherit the earth.
This is my Real life bio.

If you are ever on a dating site
(Some people go download them for this sole purpose, I shit you not)
When you find a boy holding a fish,
Screen shot that boy.
And send that boy to:


He is a tradable playing card.

And If you give a name
(Most people use an Alias or "Username" but Many use their real names as well,

You can keep a tally of your number of fishbois on a public leaderboard.

(The leaderboards does not ever post the fishboi pictures, and fishbois are not gender exclusive. You can have photos of any gender holding a fish. )

More details by asking questions to fishbois@nicholascoulombe.info

Alienpoet Jul 22
Always been weird
always been feared
Difference is a reference
For hating what you don’t understand
I don’t wish to be understood 
I am lone tree standing against the wind 
I don’t wish to be uprooted

or muted by the silence .
Unlike ink I cannot be diluted

in water tears shed

I am better off being alive not dead

but I have died many times in my own head

Always been a freak, a geek, unsaid untamed 

but I won’t be shamed

into being a sheep

Better to be a creep for my muse

this is life a choose
Wisdom given a voice

a choice to be that different

a reference for being special

a creature feature

a king of his alien nation
but I won’t be bored

I am a man of a sword

and I will strike you with many words
which hang in your stale air

despair all who hear

my words.
Shin Jul 22
This PC is fixed.
I really wish I was too.
Dear God, let me die.

I am Switz
protesting sucks;
down w/ this &
that; neo-Nazis
marching waving
weird geek flags
worshiping white
people from space;
Pride Marches
celebrating golden
underwear &
too much lipstick;
macho dykes
topless yelling it
out; Slutwalking
through downtown
challenging rape &
mysogyny dressed
as ugly Barbies;
gender color trans
light a joint & sit
on the grass smoking
lovely, got my kpop,
got my g/bf; Toni,
Tony, Antoinette,
Anthony; neo-Nazis
rushing headlong
back into the dustbin
of history; prostitutes
pretend to be fembots;
acting like brainless
machines unless smart
as Jeopardy contestants;
sexual cosplay fetish,
no cash, no crime; no
crime, no cops; no war

— The End —