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Kaiden A Ward Jun 11
There is a disconnect between my body and my mind.
At least, that's what I tell people.
Because I find it easier to admit
that I am broken
than to open myself to their ridicule
as I try to explain asexuality
one more time.

It's hard, to describe an absence
of something you've never felt
to those for whom it defines their existence.
I don't understand their resistence,
logic dictates that just because one thing is true,
that doesn't eliminate the validity
of it's reflection.
It has become this society's obession
to portray us only as a lie, a
sickness you are lucky not to be infected with.

Though I am still struggling to find my voice
and understand my own mind,
I am sure of one thing:
I am not BrOkEn.
And if you are like me, please,
don't let your pride be stolen,
because neither are you...
There is nothing wrong with being Asexual. You are beautiful and worthy of love and place in this world.
Is it a sin to self gratify,
Until the lower third eye spits glue
All thru the night
Madly rapaciously lascivious you

Almost desperate to find
Even when we were warned
Likely to go blind
Symptoms of a hairy Palm

When one can't come close
To transcend or feel
The ethereal bliss that glows
In the love made real

And there's no one worth it
To waste such sighs
Is it sinful as unwanted births
or better to self gratify?
Revised repost
You didn't intend
To weaponize that word
But my ego's blue and black
With baseball bat bruises

You're still a ******?
"Well it depends" I shrug
"What does virginity mean?"
My usual response

Since dating again
The "****** talk" happens
Every week now it seems
For better or my worse

You were different,
The others opened up
Through prompted doorways I left
Into secret gardens

Your words felt like darts
Thrown haphazardly in
To a minefield of my own
Personal traumas

You asked me a few
Direct questions about
Where my ******* had been
Who had visited them

My diagnosis:
"A ******" defined in
Holy black and white by her
Clear cut as crystal ****

It's just semantics
Not something to cry on
Or feel left out because of
One person's opinion

But when we parted
My rational brain lost
To the tears of a young child
Left out of the cool club
Child abuse
But I still do stuff
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