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Sam Felix Jun 2016
Lesbian, Bi.
Love is Love.
Girl, Girl. Boy, Boy.
Not liking the opposite ***.
Like or loving the same ***.
Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex, Asexual Community.
You are not unnatural or weird.
Coming out of the closet.
Being who you are.
Pride within yourself.
Loving Yourself.

Girl, Boy.
Love is Love.
Male, Female. Male, Female.
Not liking the same ***.
Liking or loving the opposite ***.
Being seen as normal in today’s society.
You’re not any different than gays.
Not coming out to anyone.
Being who you are.
Pride within yourself.
Loving yourself.
Sam Felix May 2016
The beautiful waves crashed upon the shore,
The smell of the wave intoxicating me.
I love the beach, I just need so much more.
I feel so calm here, I know I can just be.

Here, I feel like I can just be free.
I surf the waves, a smile on my face.
The beautiful blue water makes up the sea.
The beach is full of beauty and grace.

I love the water and the thrill of the chase.
Today is the day I let go of the pain.
I truly believe this is my place.
The beach is so beautiful in the rain.

The sun sets slowly upon the blue water.
I dream of showing this to my daughter.

— The End —