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PJ Poesy Nov 2015
So, speak of infinite love and
roll your umber eyes. It goes so
well with the way you roll your r's,
as you teach me your Castilian
intonations. Just don't fall
in that category of immersed lost
Latin loves, of mine, sunk in
wet memory.

Ah, the murk of them, an amalgam.

Each giving to a melting ***,
and me, a liquid molten fraction
of strange tensile strength
and half gold-like luster. An alloy
of allies, do I see them as? Why,
yes, of course.

Now you come. Please stand out
from the mix. Show me your

Be solid gold.

I know you like my pronunciation.
I need to know now, yours.
Mi Amor
Swarthy seems to be a weakness, for me.
Pearson Bolt  Apr 2015
Pearson Bolt Apr 2015
twenty-three trips around the sun
just another insignificant planet
crowding a broiling ball of
hydrogen gas in one
of some hundred
billion galaxies

it's hard
not to wilt
by comparison
not even a quarter of a
century and for all i know i could
very well be dead tomorrow buried
three days hence never to walk the earth again

i am an amalgam of every person i meet
each event in this tumultuous tragedy
modifies me just as i alter the
universe with ripple effects
expanding ever onward
out into the cosmic
embrace of the

out like paste
stretched like string
theory across parchment
paper—thin and fragile as i
hope in vain for some semblance
of significance to be lent to me on loan
if i want it i'll have to make it all on my own

but i'm growing older with every passing
moment and i'm not so certain this is
the route i've chosen anymore
i'll still carve my name into
this Earth but not for me
i'll lay down my life not
for my legacy but
for my neighbor
for all those i'll
never get to

not out
of some youthful
idealism or ardent
child-like naiveté but
for an idea that's bigger
and brighter and better than
myself: universal brotherhood
peace and love goodwill towards
all lifeforms with whom we share this
tiny blue dot that we call planet Earth

and while i know i will hardly make a
difference in the grand scheme
of things at least i can say i
died a lion never living
on my knees

i tried to live
my life so *******
brilliantly that even
Death feared to take
me into the nothingness

twenty-three trips around the sun
almost a quarter of a century
i won't let them steal my
hope from me i refuse
to bow to apathy i
stand strong on
my own feet
and say i'm
Having a birthday on Earth Day gets one thinking about the planet and its insignificance in the cosmos. If such a gigantic floating rock has no meaning, then our lives pale in comparison. Yet, however inevitable intelligent life may be in a universe with some 100 billion galaxies, each with hundreds of millions of stars, I like to think that there is still merit in choosing to treasure this moment. The entire universe has distilled infinite uniqueness in every organism on Earth. We are all star stuff.
Nada Enriquez  Aug 2014
Nada Enriquez Aug 2014
I’m a construct; piece-wise and bilateral
Anointed by half pieces parted from wise souls
Who sojourned to two-states America in uncertainty
Bore fruit, and I’m part of the four.

As fourth, I am the neoteny of the family
I’m this fleshy symmetry
Can barely keep track
Must remind, crafted in his Immortal Geometry.

So I must grin and bear it
It goes so fast, I remember bits and pieces
Far from wise, before neo-belief
I match left and right but inwardly, I’m not so wisely pieced.

It didn’t take long, my journey, though certainly short, by peaceable ambulation
From where I’ve been, people I’ve met with this inner asymmetry
I want to fix them; with my black hammer and white nail
With my grey, pulpy, heart.
Yet I don’t have the means.
Now I just don’t have it, I need to amble over with mine
My beloved two wise figures of geometry, please understand this
There’s more than the framer of hand or eye, our hearts form imperfect amalgam.
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
You're my quark who stride back and forth
to expect some gains from the proton of progress
neutron of ignorance.
Then when you progress towards a great deal of ignorance,
you slowly gather yourself up,
to create a minute a hadron of deep insight,
powered by a glory of gluon!
Aditi May 2016
How can I be so needy,
Yet evasive
How can I be so stubborn
Yet submissive

How do I find the things untouchable,
So alluring
How do the things I have
Have dust settled upon themselves

How can I love so passionately
And overwhelm them with one quick gaze
How can I be so cold, and devoid of feelings
Like oblivion was carved out of my chest

How do I walk miles,
For people who won't take a step for me,
How do I make a shell out of people who want to help,
And leave when I see summer coming

How could we be so bruised
And yet pay no attention to others' bruising
How can we hurt others so bad in the process of hurting
Notes (optional)
xvborealis Oct 2014
She used to tell me
of math and poetry
by the length of her arm
and rhythm of her heart
conversing verse and fraction
with form following the function

of communist theories
and greek philosophies.
she beat out aesthetics
with a perfect symmetry.

because no one understands
the relationship between
seafoam and shoreline
the way she does
[swimming in saltwater sorrows]

reimagining time in an hourglass,
she shot up infinities with a glance
and left me moondrunk in the night.

she emits sparks throughout my system
breaking and entering--
my kingdom under siege.

her name was an amalgam of numbers
italic1.6180399. . . .italic
and I loved her by design.
this is an old favorite. it's clunky and rushed but like junk food it's good. for those who have found patterns in love and love of patterns.
Rumi Arie Sep 2015
She stood still before the choas; unshaken.
The wind blew its mighty breath against Her core but to no avail; unmoved.
Her coffee'd skin warm like the sun that kisses the Earth's horizon.
Something within Her had risen without warning nor permission:
She was a Goddess, in Her own right.

Brown. The soft tone of the Earth.
Golden hue painted widely across the canvas of Her *****.
Her skin like caramelized silk, with the sunglow of Egypt itself.

She pressed Her face to the Earth's floor and moved mountains with Her prayers.
Queen of the meek, ambassador of the poor.
She was the perfect amalgam of beauty and brokenness.
~The Goddess of Humility.
L M C  Sep 2014
quantal fixation
L M C Sep 2014
moment to moment
we are the sum total of
our chemicals

we think of ourselves
we think of others
as an average of our
time and spacial synergy
an anatomical amalgam
a biological brine

frankensteins with
personalities, commonalities and
unique agendas
sprinkled with neuroses that
range from microscopic to
catastrophic, whether
chemical reaction or
hyperbolic extraction

you can choose to
canonize or demonize
as long as you can
the flesh and the blood
versus the fantasized
kenny  Oct 2013
Singing Hills
kenny Oct 2013
Somewhere constant
I count my blessings  
and submit to nature

Sacrificing my physical self
to the soul of summering Fall

Mother Nature on menopause
whisking out hot flashes
with a cold shoulder
turned on innocence

The trails here
wind me

A place for believing in a higher self
without the stigma of belief

Some mystical "nonsense"
you'd have to see
to believe

Stranger than the fiction we lived
before Autumn turned to ashes
to embers
and reignited
with an amalgam of inspiration

Grace is the only constant

The unheard rhythm
We lose our minds
trying to find
in the chaos

The thrill in the chase
to drop the
somewhere on the journey

Hope perpetuates in rhythm

Everything here
is coming together
for my highest good
That's how my mantra
overrides my manic


A path to within
From only out here

I walk back to the graves of trees
where I parked my car over
Hollowed out and haunting
my attachment to the Earth

Grounded by ghosts
The echos in the silence of Singing Hills

*This is my worship.
This is my tribute.
I normally don't like to write lengthy pieces as much anymore. This all came to me when I walked through a local forest preserve in an attempt to cleanse my mind. It ended up being a slight spiritual awakening.
Rhet Toombs Sep 2015
Impossibly transporting desperation
We skip to a deafening consumption
Complex sirens
Photo sterilization
Grief without repentance
More of your witnessed erosion

— The End —