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I could have known you
But I wasn't myself
A book far from view
To be left on its shelf
Forgotten memories
Of what could have been had
Out of place reveries
No more dreaming to add

I don't know who you are
But I tried to learn
Afraid to go too far
In the distance I burn
Out of nowhere and back again
Another friend lost
Let's meet nobody then
Make sure no one is crossed

We are the same
Just as everyone else
We keep things tame
Lest we fall as ice melts
And drown in the expanse
Of the void between souls
Timidly yearn to dance
With our own kinds of fools
It's not that hard to say hello
Life is like a less persuasive kind of dream
Things feel they are yet sometimes only seem
Making wonder if there is some real what to know
Or could it truly be there isn't any how
Why are others and might they be made up ?
Under the spell or all drinking from the same cup ?
Still mostly spent looking after new holes in context
Colliding words in hopes some turn out to be what was next
Everything can be imagined but not ever be grasped
Whatever else could in no way be more than swiflty gasped
Not my language, not my problem
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I stay in the forest
Because there is
Nowhere else to go
I look out of the trees
And nowhere seems
To be the way

I think it's for the best
Not knowing where's
Where death will grow
Let time calm and freeze
Natural dreams
Cast you away

I know my way out
My path inside
Is out of mind
Through misplaced words
Cluttering thoughts
And seas of white

I wander about
Somewhere to hide
Nothing to find
What never comes up in records
And what oughts
To be out of sight
Want to learn how to talk to trees ? Stay alone with them for a while
How long does it last
When it's forever
Rolled into the past
Running a fever
True colors, broad cast
One day as ever

All together, done
When another eon lies
Folding into none
Lows and highs
Whispers of old stone
Buried in the skies

Past time paralized
In incessant news
Eternal life sized
Waves of letting loose
Surfaces incised
From current abuse

Whatever goes back
Whatever waters away
Slips into the cracks
Only a matter of day
Some days cut deep
Most are lost to sleep
"I had no idea ! "
I want to see through walls again
I want
Could never begin to explain
I wont
It was there I swear
Clear as day
I slept and woke
Dreamt it away

Impossible ?
Just shut your eyes
Open everything else
Let the chatter
Drown in the noise
And follow the science

Make sense
So nothing else can
Overwhelm me
With memories
Of your attention span
Beneath each other
Above each self

Is key to any door
You built yourself
Stays with you
Wherever you go
Could be coming from
Any thought now
Listen !
We can see through the walls !
Finally something worth hiding from !
Aren't love letters
A social construct

For the better
Fear hit self destruct
Saved the day

Fooled the world twice
Trapped tools in a vice
I know you know

Belong away
We all still believe
In always

Fine as sunlight
Sad as another morning
With a filled ashtray

Pick your own fights,
Won't die on those hills
Again, but

I'm on your side
And live for the thrills
Whatever I say
"Standards dropping, invest now!"
An eye for an eye
Has just left
The world on fire
Relive in one try
How it felt
Back when things went dire

Some hollow windows
And streets that smell like peace
Burnt out mundanity
Much more of what follows
What makes sure
Noises cease

Back then on the path of
It was believed
Things followed suit
Right now it's quite hard to
There will be more
In a minute

Some sparks in the air
Lit many whispers
Many days
More news
From newswhere
More nothing betters
Only ways

The big picture
Might perhaps look
Somewhat this way
One thing is for sure
Some things are written
By the book
Scattered souls, bitten
Only afraid to miss
The hook
You can never truly look away from 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨, can you ?
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