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I just wanted to intervene
And say that fate has been acting
Way too passive aggressively
Lately and it would be good
For everyone involved
If fate could try and welcome
Someone else's perspective
For a change
As well as work at being more open
To constructive criticism
Thank you
Let's not act like animals
Give in and start missing out
Dreaming on an endless rout
Merely colors barely seen
Give up asking what about

Eerie whims of knowing gone
Dark delusions left alone
Never too far from the trough
Friendly face on any stone

Freedom to pull your gaze away
And stumble upon the way back
No care given to what they say
Fears shamed before what is at play

Empty room where nothing left
No wonder for the mind's heft
Every word sounds about right
Any soul is up and F'd

Wasting no time waiting by
Closing the windows on before
Confusing space to occupy
Taking control of every floor

Always a new wall to tear down
Knowing the end is further up
Fed off some constant tossing up
Give in and start missing, out.
To get out you have to first become completely lost
You sold your soul
To cheat your way into peace
Chose a well lit old path
To keep clear of your own
Discovered many tastes
Of second hand unknowns
Tried what was already true
And then you faded away

Virtue tickles good spirits
With the stroke of many feathers
Touches every peaceful mind
Beyond their wildest dreams
Imagination waking up
On the grass of a fresh abyss
With everywhere to begin with
And whatever else to miss

Eyes looking for an horizon
Still have faith in the end
In a foggy smooth apathy
Hunger ate itself out
"Another piece" you think
Trying to unsee a fool
Hiding in a dream of mirrors
Out of the blue then back again

Yet you're keeping it cool
Gliding the day away
Not a foot on the ground
Clear as sky as always
Everything's lost to the wind
Nothing was meant to stay
Remember, new tomorrows
Further forget today
Buying stocks in solar right now is a way better bet
Has fallen off the wall
There are
Echoes in the hall
Reaching from the window
And all the words
Are hollow

Lights in
A corner of evening
Come in
It's nothing like it seems
In a lunatic night
Barely out of sight
Happened again

But that's beside the plot
Some thoughts
And noise within earshot
No way
We mean when we
Give in our dreams
The picture stays the same

Can see your faces
Not your soul
Leftover traces
Empty whole
Couldn't see coming
Every day
Confusedly moving
To stay
Meaninglessness makes perfect sense
I don't tell you what to think
I'm showing you what I found
In my travels on the brink
In all this watching around
Open your eyes and just sink
You will never hit the ground
Dig into oceans of ink
Travel a land out of bound

We had us feeling monstrous
I'm telling you what I've seen
Truth first comes from the unconscious
Before we don't know where it's been
We're peddling hallucinations
Finding the way to new fears
On our onboard televisions
But it is music to our ears

Tell good from bad and run across
There is still time to get it wrong
Just keep on running at a loss
Because the road is very long
Find a way through each other's eyes
To tell a stranger the same
What's right with any little lies
As long as no one ruins the game

There's been so many strange things
It's getting hard to keep track
We struck unusual feelings
And gave it all a righteous wack
Constant contextual action
In our historical outburst
Nausea's a common reaction
When stepping foot on something cursed
"And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't have been for you meddling neurons !"
There's no horizon
But the world seems to end everyday
The sun has risen
Yet shadows still dance the day away
Barely out of sight
Right now still seeing years ago
This cannot be right
This cannot be the way times flow

The walls keep pushing on the ground
Trying to float these feet away
Useless names, faces forever unfound
Memories with nothing to say

One stands paralyzed
Wondering yet again where is here
Never be surprised
The world keeps saying that the end is near
Constantly near
There's no escape from tomorrow
What doesn't **** you makes you blurrier
This road leads down to the bakery
Jet planes fly by these mountains
There's been a leak near the cemetery
We keep a padlock on these chains

Street lights go out after 3AM
Birds sing as the sun goes up
It's always new yet it's still the same
We pour coffee in our cup

Tall signs tell us we should be giving way
Neighbors call cats home to eat
People came home with some things to say
Cars go too fast down this street

The old playground has been overgrown
The town sad crank jumped from a bridge
It's winter time and most birds are gone
We have bad eggs in the fridge

Background bell noise from the old church
Lots of mushrooms in cow's grass
Current went out in a power surge
Someone out there dropped their glass
All this world is just distracting.
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