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 Nov 2022 Rosy Kay
You are too young for it all
Too young for this much pain
Too young for this much heartbreak
Too young to be chasing halos

The last time we spoke, you hugged me tight
And I felt it then, that hope still in you
That possibility, the light that hadn't gone out
You hugged me tight and I knew
There is still more for you to do

And so I'm begging you to open up your eyes,
Open them and keep them wide

You aren't tired so there's no need for you to sleep
It isn't time to throw in your towel
It isn't time for you to go
It isn't time for you to be chasing halos

When you were smaller I held you in my arms
So sweet, so small, so innocent
You would always smile like you looked up to me
And I knew I had to be good so that you would too
There is still time for you to be anything you dream

So I'm begging you, don't trade your youth for wings
I wrote this for my 13 year old cousin who's currently in a coma
 Feb 2021 Rosy Kay
Megan Sherman
To cry of Love like poets do

Is my aspiration, destiny

To sing of what's divine and true

Instinctual to me

My song shall weary world regale

Heaven's descant mine to wield

An augury the bards will hail

Its words to God appeal
Close your eyes
Count to ten
Take a breath
Find a pen
Write it out
Let it loose
Don't get lost
In these woods
For one day
You might get stuck
Way too far
In the muck
 Dec 2019 Rosy Kay
 Dec 2019 Rosy Kay
A poet is no more than a person
A mother
A daughter
A lover  
Someone needing release
Or someone needing to recover

It’s the art they create when that ball of ink or stick of led dances on the canvas they so perfectly prepared.
And when the end result and their purpose become perfectly paired.
 Jan 2018 Rosy Kay
Ryan Holden
Becoming this
Becoming that
I admire the heart
that wears the skin
of a woman
who knows
what she admires
Please don't change.
 Jan 2018 Rosy Kay
Ryan Holden
The imprint you leave on my bed
is marked for my comfort -
The intangible smell
on my unwashed sheets -
I would wear them like a coat
if it meant I carried your scent,
I would wash them if it meant
I will see you again -
But most of all
I want this imprint to be,
an everlasting dent.
 Dec 2017 Rosy Kay
 Dec 2017 Rosy Kay
i see her standing there -
and i'm wondering when she
will come inside.

it's below forty outside -
and the tears have frozen to her cheeks
and i can tell that she's becoming numb.

when will she come inside?
i wish she would -
so that i may wrap a blanket around her shoulders
and give her something hot to drink
and let the tears melt down her face.

i wish she would come inside.
but her and i both know better,
than to believe that we have any control -

these feelings, i should say.

she'll come back inside -
when the feelings pass
when it's safe again
when i'm me again
when the world is righted on its axis.
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