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Dec 2019 · 136
Rosy Kay Dec 2019

The tall, soft grass
The new born daffodils
As they turned their delicate petals to the sun

We met where the river meets the mountain
Where the moss grows,
The wild flowers bloom
And the sun beams dance on the water

I remember

That long deep ache
Where a hand covers a beating heart
Where blood flows deep into those secret places
The river
Pulling and pushing all that pain
Crying for what once was

We will meet again
When the pain recedes
When our memories collide
Where the river meets the mountain
When the daffodils turn to face the sun once more
Jan 2018 · 243
Rosy Kay Jan 2018
In the secret corridors of your heart
I have stood in the shadows
Between the sterile tools
And the filth of old age
Whispering ghost stories
About love

In days full of grace
And nights merciless with sorrow
There is the grief of knowing
That Life is beautiful
And Death is inevitable
We are particles
Of dust
Of electric blue light

I have stood in the shadows
Waiting out the storm
Conflicting with the norm
My stride weakening
As the days tumbled from one to the next

There has to be respite sometime
In the years that pass us by
Accepting and expecting
Whimsical winter mornings
The genesis of spring’s new cycle
Fleeting summer days
And autumn leaves falling on the hardening ground

I have stood in the shadows
And seen the crumbling walls
The unhinging doors of your heart
We are particles
Of dust
Of electric blue light
Dec 2017 · 255
We All Live Under The Sun
Rosy Kay Dec 2017
"We all live under the sun"

Words rolling gently off her tongue
Her finger tips gliding over tightly wound string
Notes drip dropping like liquid
From her lips,
A melody plucking at your heart strings

Perhaps when the light
Reaches us

When the days are without end
And the nights are long forgotten
When you are everywhere and nowhere
And when the traffic slows
And the lights are dimmed
On once darkened streets
Made brighter by the sun

The note will hit a cord
When Love and sorrow untangle from each other’s embrace
And in the stillness and quiet of our bodies
When we come up for air
We will speak these words
As the sun drenches our breath

"We all live under the sun"
Jul 2016 · 321
Rosy Kay Jul 2016
Not poetry
Nor nonsense
Merely words

Speak of love

That’s all

Nothing wise
As plain as day
As straight as the wall
As black as night

The time of day
The dawning of morn
Or the falling of dusk
Won’t change the fact
These words
Of love

These are not the words
Falling from the tongue of Pablo Neruda
Dripping ***, lust and passion

No, not song
Nor poetry
Merely words
Of the everyday righteous
As anonymous
As wretched as I
Jun 2016 · 244
Close Your Eyes
Rosy Kay Jun 2016
It is the sun in your eyes
The light in the dark
It is the map on your skin
And the curve of your body

It is the agonizing pain of desire
It is feeling too much
And not feeling enough
It is the smashing of fists against the wall
And the wretched banality of existence

It is all of those things and more
That feeling flowing through your fingers
The longing grasping at your heart

It should be said
The broken, the battered
That ****** worn out heart
Made ugly from the thrashing of life
Will beat on

When all is said and done
It doesn’t matter what you’ve thought
Or how you’ve felt

In the end
Death will follow birth
Life will drift by

Just as the drums of autumn
Pound the leaves from her trees
The sun will set radiantly
The moon will rise gloriously

When you and I no longer matter
Not to the living
Not to the dead
The earth will devour us
And the sea may commit us to memory
Jun 2016 · 602
The Prophet
Rosy Kay Jun 2016
And what of your hopes
and all of those dreams?

“I wrote them on the bathroom wall”

We were new and drunk then
There was no ecstasy of light
Nor agony of night
Just the grey in between

I saw you again
A century ago
Down by the river
trying to wash all your sins away
your ******* formed high and round
seducing those poor, fractured souls

In the cutting sky
And the splitting clouds
The brutal death
And sweet rebirth
Life after death
After life

Open your new born eyes
What do you see?

You never meant to fall at Hadrian's Wall
the stones made gleaming
Worn through a million treacherous days and nights
10,000 bloodied soldiers fell for you
though such a death was harsh
the gateway through hell was wicked
You never meant to go so ruthlessly

Now what of your hopes
And all of those dreams?
Did you write them on the bathroom wall?
Words of a prophet
Lost in translation

You remind me now
A thousand years later
A few years older

When you were rooted deep
your branches reaching farther than the sky
Shading those Kings and their Queens
They didn’t know
How could they
I made my nest inside your chest
You didn't want more
Heaven it seemed was easy
As easy as a soft breeze on a warm summer’s night

I tried to hold you in your pain
but you cracked your core
and broke your limbs
When you fell
I released you to river Jordan
She took you quickly
And left me on the bank

I saw you in a dream not long after
Might have been a thousand years ago
you simply waved
No long goodbyes for us
They never were

My eyes are not the same
Remember when we loved?
Our passion raised
lips parched and bleeding
From the hunger and the wanting

I’ll wait for you on the other side

Never could live as long as you
But long enough it sure has been
And good enough it seems to me
My hopes and dreams are gone for now
Written Somewhere on a bathroom wall
Rosy Kay Dec 2014
There is nothing that I want
No one that I want
Nothing that I want to see

But I want......
To taste you
Roll of my tongue like honey

I want to breathe
you in
Narcissus would be jealous of your scent

I want to feel
You inside
My heart would not know any suffering
And Ecstasy would know my name

But no......
There is nothing that I want
Nov 2014 · 547
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I haven't been
Nor am I

I haven't done
Nor will I

Panic sets in
Locked inside my chest
Blood and guts intertwined
Like lovers buried together
Falling infinitley
Causing me to *****
Terrible truths
The Words of

Love and death
Passion and lust
No more

No, I am undone
What has become of me?
Nothing inside
But blood and guts
Inside my chest
Why do you ache so?

The brevity of time
Nov 2014 · 568
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I made my confession
Crimes I committed
In the holy nights
And the untamed days
A symphony of sins
Running against the wind
I traveled to the Wailing Wall
And wrote down my deeds
My head against the Wall
Release me of my faults
I prayed
But the melody was off
And redemption is not granted
For the wicked, wicked ways
I lived my life
Nov 2014 · 660
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I will love you when
The petals fall
And bloom once again

I will love you
Even when
My eyes wilt
And it is the winter of my time

I will love you even then
Nov 2014 · 422
Stone Heart
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I cried aloud and winced in pain

From where I felt my heart might be

As cold as stone as once it was

Now warmed from love it might emerge

Although devotion has cracked its core

The stone has turned a-glow at last

As night gives way to pensive thought

Now tenderness is coursing through

Beating plainly through and through

Ironic as it might appear

Now broken, battered

Torn in pain

I cried aloud and winced in pain

Love has turned a stone to heart
Nov 2014 · 350
Hallowed Night
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
In the empty hours
Through the hollowed night
Thick with loss of a different kind
Foreign ghosts speaking in tongues of old
Passing through silence that covers you
Bearing witness to quiet tears
When life is just beyond
And gentle hands too far to reach
You let go
For a moment

In the empty hours
Through the hollowed night
Thick with loss too much to bear
When time is silent
And Loneliness wraps her arms around you
Your troubled heart will break
A million pieces of you drifting
A constellation, perhaps?
Solace for the desolate
And in the midnight hour
It begins again
Nov 2014 · 1.7k
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
How magnificently you were born
Under brilliant Northern lights
Rising above the sea
With Black beaches
Electric blue waters
And Forever cascading waterfalls

Great Danes of long ago
With Ancient wisdom
Mightier than Gods of old
Brought to your shores
Powerless under your mighty volcanoes
Bowed their heads upon your site

How wondrous you are
Surrendering to your beauty
A secret they kept you
exquisitely they named you
Land of Ice
Nov 2014 · 371
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
I am love
I am hate
I am everything in between
I am the whisper in the wind
A fleeting thought
A desperate prayer
I was and I wasn’t
Upon your lips
I am a moment.

I am crimson blood flowing violent love
Between your pillars
I claim you
And death may come.
I am unafraid
I am you
Inside me.
Neither love
Nor hate
I am nothing in between
I am no longer
Not a figment
Nor a spirit
Not even a speck upon your universe
Nov 2014 · 380
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
With mud and guts up to our knees
Push on Push on! To No Man's Land we go
Our letters have been written with last goodbyes
We climb the wall
We fight our sorrow
We fight the fear
We fight for what we do not know
With memories of you locked in our hearts
One final kiss and a prayer on our lips
We fight with all our strength
Through our sorrow and our fear

Push on Push on! To No Man's Land we go
Through mud and guts
The blood of those we do not know
Gunned down
We fall to our knees
Skyward we look
At heaven we pray
For whom we fought we do not know

My mother, thoughts of you swirling through my mind
I cry for you in this, my last hour
Please do not weep for me
But please forgive me
For whom I killed I do not know
For whom I died I do not know
Nov 2014 · 727
Winter Song
Rosy Kay Nov 2014
When I turn to autumn leaves

And my bones, they turn to dust

You will walk upon me

Before The winter wind carries me

To be passed amongst the stars

Although the Milky Way wouldn't
have me

Cause I never wore my royal crown

Never suffered quite as much

Your sanity, it was tethered to me

When you sang that Winter Song

The constellations passed me by

But the winter wind did not refuse

She carried me back upon the starry night

Just to see you again

And when you sang that Winter Song

I felt it just the same

Before I turned to autumn leaves

Before my bones, they turned to dust

— The End —