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talia rose Jun 2014
every line of your body
each detail in your smile
dim awareness when our lips collide
all these emotions pile

if loving you would **** me
keep this in your head
I wouldn't even think twice
consider me dead
  Jun 2014 talia rose
Liz Delgado
I've spent restless nights writing poems to and about you with heavy eyelids; poems you'll never read, poems I'll never have the guts to let you read, poems you'll never even know about.
I've described every single part, perk, quality of you with the most beautiful words I can find in the dictionary because you don't deserve simple, ordinary words.
Even your flaws are beautiful.
And still, I cannot string any of the million words in any language together to describe you or my love for you perfectly.
And I write about you like you sank your paintbrush in a cup of universe and created hundreds of galaxies; like you placed the stars in the sky, neatly arranged them into beautiful constellations.
Here is yet another poem for and about you, written with eyelids as  heavy as the ocean at 3:36 in the morning, after deciding there was no way I could sleep as my mind was still awake and thinking about you- as always.
I hope you went to sleep thinking about me.
  Jun 2014 talia rose
As the smoke lingers off of her tongue,
you can see the smirk so evident on her face.
She traces the outline of her lips with her tongue
and gently inhales the cigarette smoke.
You can see the tiny glint of a ***** bottle on her nightstand
and the ashtray that is overwhelmed with burnt out cigarettes.
She is staring at the ceiling
and you have no idea what in the world she is thinking so hard about.
All you know is that you want to know.
And you want to know the way
her lips curve around the tempting neck of the ***** bottle,
or the way her tongue moves as she blows off smoke
from that cataclysmic cigarette she’s holding.
Alcohol and cigarettes,
that’s what everyone thinks ruins your life.
But those two things
are what saves hers.
  Jun 2014 talia rose
R Daniel
Those angel eyes, they tell it well.
They speak of how we met in hell.
Your luscious lips, and those **** eyes.
A glimpse of heaven shining through the skies.
My favorite laugh is yours and mine.
After red wine, your cheeks are lovely and divine.
The summer breeze, the pale blue sky.
The day you told me that you loved me,
I almost died.
The golden day, my dearest memory.
When you held my hand and we floated through that field.
We said I do. Our hearts combined.
As the moon shined...
On your angel eyes,
I see them well.
I promise to love you until...
The end.
Inspired by Lana del Rey's new album Ultraviolence
  Jun 2014 talia rose
Fuji Bear
The Pressure
pressing down on me
the weight of all the world,
& all it's words.
the weight of the words left unspoken,
left behind by the needed.
The conscious unconsciousness,
restrains our imagination.
restrains our actions.
The need for order,
restrains our inner chaos.
We limit ourselves,
because we feel pressure to do so.
14 pounds per square inch,
of pressure from every direction.
Holding us together,
while keeping us down.
Even though I am posting this after "words left unspoken" this was the poem that inspired it I just didn't post it untill now.
  Jun 2014 talia rose
Megan Cowzer
And I kissed him for all I was worth,
which wasn't much,
but I kissed him all the same
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