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mel Sep 2021
infinite possibilities lie within your frame
and even if people don't show it enough
i hope you know you are so much more
than what you have lost

so much more than those who
have walked the other way
~specific to the reason~
you shine brightest today

you see clearer now
because things once didn't go your way
the way you picture your life to be
isn't always what you need

surrender to what you now see
let your highest self take lead

this life’s a gift—so let it be
if you can focus on the love
and trust you’re guided from above
you’ll see that darkness wakes your light
and feel your magic come to life

the world is shifting in your eyes
your laughter gives the sun it’s shine
so as you align, don’t let yourself
get caught up in all the “why’s?”
for in you, all the answers hide
mel Jul 2021
when (i) became the sun
i felt the trees and rivers (run)
(along) the deepest parts of me
i sang (the) oceans roar to sleep

the (clouds) arrived to give me space
at times, the moon would take (my) place
and i would gladly let her (shine)
knowing it (never) could dim mine

no reas(on) to feel jealousy
for everything is (one) with me
i no longer (fear)ed dark at set
for my own (light) i can’t forget

my warmth (fills me) even in snow
and (when) it falls, my glimmer glows
the contrast~it’s just what (i) need
it is the (plant)er of the seeds
~to (the) f l o w e r i n g
(love inside) of me~

(i run along the clouds
my shine never on one fear
light fills me when
i plant the love

—sun  stories
thankful for 27 magical years
in this tripppy little life  ✨🦋
mel Mar 2021
healing is not linear
it is a balance
an ebb and flow

don’t you know
the work is never done?
sometimes you have to
come undone
to remember what it’s like
to feel complete on your own
to remember the worth
that settles in your bones

there is a whisper
inside your soul
aching with growth
it’s getting louder
can you hear it?

can you dance to the beat
of your fleeting intuition?

can you feel the strength
blooming within you?
coming to fruition
if you just listen...

can you feel the earth
moving at your feet
the mountains
of all the defeat
you’ve climbed upon

you are an echoing
of everything

feel the oneness that surrounds you
the goodness your heart pumps to

that rhythm in your spine
it’s all aligning
with your dreams

there’s cosmic reason
sewn into all your seams
there is nothing you cannot be

you are
e v e r y t h i n g

let it all go
b r e a t h e
there is so much beauty
hidden underneath
so much love still
left to see

and your greatest days
have yet to be...
mel Feb 2021
you were the kind of hope
that soothes an aching soul
just the sound of your name
makes my bones feel whole

maybe i never got the chance
to tell you

that the kindness you carry
so delicately on your shoulders
and the rooted rhythm of change
you’ve had to learn to dance to
has created waves of hope

maybe i didn’t tell you enough
that the love in your eyes
was exactly what
i didn’t know
i needed to

your l o v e
your goodness
a glass overfull

and it has over poured
into a soothing memory
a blanket of comfort
where i can find peace

so i snuggle into the loss
comforted by the knowing
that out there exists someone
as honest, as brave
as soul-shaking
as you

this alone has moved me
deeper into myself
a soothing to my soul
you’ve reflected
e v e r y t h i n g
i needed to see in me
and left me only with
tiny bruises
of what-ifs
the always wondering of
what we could have been

but these growing pains
are mine
i will kiss them
and sometimes
i will cry
i will fall asleep alone
to the rhythm of my own
to the peace of knowing
what comes
must sometimes go

the world keeps spinning
let it take what it must
to make room for
what will
b l o o m
with even more beauty
than any life experience
has yet to do

embrace all that has left you
stretch out in this new space
of self discovery
keep hope & be eager
for all that’s yet to
u n f o l d
until next time, mi amor <3
mel Sep 2020
there is endless magic
within the havoc
of the wounds
that dress
your knees

i hope you
kiss the scars
that they all leave

and that you believe
they pave the way
for you to reach
your wildest
dreams ♥
mel May 2020
there is a stream of bliss
where all your dreams exist
and it never ceases to flow
an excerpt :’)
mel Apr 2020
of all the love i fell into
the only honest one
was you
a catalyst for
all things true
you gave me
bright and new
and even with you
out of view
as long as there is
breath in you
your heart
will drum
the loudest to
the songs of me
i lost in you
an old poem i found :’)
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