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  Dec 2014 Nathan Cross
I sometimes wonder if you realize
just how tumultuous the
in my head becomes day in
                           and day out.
I see the way you look at me,
as if you could gaze right through
the side of my skull,
and into my very thoughts,
as you wonder what's going on in there.
and it takes all efforts to keep
my exterior placid
But the calmness is the clue you need
to know that something is brewing within.
And I'm too tired to explain,
so I leave you there, and let you wonder.
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
I've kept my demons,
In close proximity.
Because, let's be honest,
They're never far away.
I do what I must,
To keep them at bay.
Their constant urge.
The world turns,
From vibrant to gray.

  Dec 2014 Nathan Cross
If you're Mario...
Can I be your Peach?
super mario bros. theme song :)
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
My hearts Work is never done,

These Feelings weigh a ton,

Emotions so strong,

I Taste them on my tongue.

Nathan Cross Dec 2014
The sorry umbrella slumps sadly toward the ground.
It's body as cold as the wet night air.
The malleable aluminum handle, bent out of shape,
By the wind that's tossed it round,
To and fro like the arms of teenage kids,
And unsure of how else to rest,
With the metallic moonlight singing its melodic lullaby.

I'm the umbrella.
Nathan Cross Dec 2014
It's all up on the line,
Love creates a divide,
Between the right and wrong.
I write in chalk so I can change my thoughts...

Nathan Cross Dec 2014
With Love as white as snow,
Pure like doves, I know.
Love is all around,
Not lost, Not found.
But within the emptiness,
Of loneliness I drown.
As the world turns, The pain burns,
The clock turns, And I learn.
That Love hides, Defies,
And breaks the mind.
Just in the best of ways.
Whiter than the,
black of snow.

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