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 Jan 2019 Nemo W
Matthew Harlovic
I didn’t intend for the end to come near
then again didn’t I get us here?

The man in the mirror ain’t the man he appears
He vanishes after a couple of beers

Resentment is one of my qualities
so don’t ******* expect an apology

I’ll probably waste my time all day
wishing for you to call me

© Matthew Harlovic
 Aug 2018 Nemo W
Anonymous Freak
I moved my bed
To the other side of my room
To help my sleep,
To help me feel
Like that wasn’t where
I was violated.

You would think that in the months
That followed
After I truly understood
What he had done to me,
I would’ve run from the bed
It happened in.

But no.

I spent most of my time there.

I quit my job,
And slipped in and out of sleep
All day, every day.
I shut down.
I spent almost all of my time
In bed,
Letting my life
Pass me by,
Because I couldn’t stand
Participating anymore.

That corner of my room
Across from where I sleep
Still haunts me.

Thinking of what happened there,
About what happened there,
Makes me want to
Burn the sheets,
And peel off my skin,
Rip off the face he kissed,
And staple my legs closed.
So that no one,
No one,
Can ever do that to me again.

Thinking about what
He did to me
Makes me feel like I have to throw up,
And perhaps that would exile
The fear in my belly,
And banish the memories.

When I was a girl,
I tried very hard
To fill this room up
With love for myself,
I painting the walls
With kind words,
I tried to turn it into
A sanctuary.

He tore down the walls
Of my boundaries,
My privacy,
My safety,
And my dignity.
He stole it from me.

I spent over a year rebuilding
And taking it back,
I was doing fine.
I want you to understand,
I was doing fine.

I bought new sheets,
And new underwear,
I moved my bed,
I got new clothes,
I got new medication,
And a new job,
And someone who loves me.

I was doing ******* fine.

And now it’s all crashing down again.
It’s fresh
All over again.

It hurts all over again,
And hurt isn’t a strong enough word.

I want you to understand
How horrible this is for me,
But I know you won’t.
And she didn’t.

All of that, all of the reopening, all of the **** pain, and she couldn’t even listen.
 Aug 2017 Nemo W
It didn't..
 Aug 2017 Nemo W
It didn't hurt when you drove the dagger into my heart.

Only did it hurt when you left me to pull it out by myself.
 Dec 2016 Nemo W
Joshua Michael
Pen in hand ink hasn't flown yet.
Deep in thoughts, deep in my head.
Smoke rings flow out on a coarse set.  Ironic,It twists into a delicate infinity,
Then slowly fades away.
My mind is now empty,
My thoughts all astray.
Sometimes you just need a cigarette
 Dec 2016 Nemo W
Max Vale
The wind has a mind of its own,
It likes to play tricks and pranks.
The wind fears no foe,
As it travels the world alone.
~~Part 3 of our adventure with the wind~~
 Dec 2016 Nemo W
Max Vale
After Dark
 Dec 2016 Nemo W
Max Vale
The night is dark, cold and scary,
Only the moon gives light.
However the night is great for party,
And the sun will shine in the morning
 Dec 2016 Nemo W
Nicole Normile
I just want to sit in my room all night
I want to drink til I feel alright
and smoke til I’m completely fried

and I just want to cry

and if I stay here long enough
maybe it won’t be so tough
maybe I’ll get past this stuff

but for now I’ll lay alone
in my room by the phone
wishing that all lies be known
maybe that would change my tone

and I just want to cry

I just want to sit in my room all night
and hope it passes by
 Dec 2016 Nemo W
Ju Clear
Kinder Yule
The darkness is  nearly over
Days begin to be lighter
Celebrate into the night
Winter solstice into the light
Day breaks party on
Celebrate all that is good
Ideas flow
new stuff to grow
Soil to be loved
Plans are made
Celebrate earth
Less is more
I am armed with my kindness
Am having a kinder Yule
Hoping to spread it to you
Peace on earth and a kinder world
Kindness rules
Pagan soul
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