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Oct 2015 · 3.4k
dull-eyed mortal Oct 2015
Up in the branches,
Ripples dance across the sky,
And drip through the leaves.
This haiku is part of my collection dripping mountains. This is an abract collection on nature
Oct 2014 · 4.0k
square root of infinity
dull-eyed mortal Oct 2014
She strikes me across my face
blood seeps into my eyes and mouth
i have come to a conclusion

I raise the knife to my chest
and smile
I am happy

death is not a bright light
nothing at the end of a tunnel
it is peace

waking up is violent
my shoulders heave as i
***** blood mixed with water

i stare into her black eyes
fear ebbs through me
i am doomed

it has been seven years
i have not aged
death is a cycle of terror

life is not precious
life is wasted on us
life is nothing

until the world ends
humanity cowers
thinking unto infinity

another few billion years
anothers few generations
too little, too pitiful

going back in time
as i held that blade anew
i know
this will carry on
until negative infinity
Oct 2014 · 841
dull-eyed mortal Oct 2014
How ordinary they seem
these dull-eyed cattle
not a spark
nor a glimmer
of intelligence
-is there more to life?
they wonder
the answer was right there
in front
of their small beady eyes
eyes that could not
see beyond the
mundane world
they chose to
to pollute
-is there something wrong?
they ask.
they think they are so
caring, smart,


But they're not.
They put on an air of menace
a facade of what
they are not
they think they can
fool anyone
but let me tell you
you are never
going to be
what you think of
your filthy selves

I am ashamed to be human.
Oct 2014 · 596
A Pane Of Glass
dull-eyed mortal Oct 2014
A teardrop splatters
on glass rubbed with red
splashed with blood
the remnants of
a life long gone.

Able to stare
able to glance
able to brush the surface
to watch breath fog the glass
but not welcome.

They turn their heads
but they do not see
sights they deem unworthy
you see them laugh
longing to laugh with them.

Claws rake that border
indenting that smooth sheet
a terrible screeching
an onomatopoia
of sorrow devoid of life.

You watch them smile
you watch them kiss
you watch them without you
how happy they seem.
What must be done. You painstakingly

turn away.
My first poem in the last few months. Enjoy!

— The End —