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Apr 2019 · 159
Medhina Khanal Apr 2019
I am little scattered all over places
That's why i can't find peace
I wish I could camouflage into spaces
and become it
I wish I could come out of my skin
and live
I wish I could hush these thoughts
and laugh
I wish I could be present
Instead of thousand places at once
I wish I could enjoy every moment
without having to think
something is not right
I wish I could just smile
Smile and live
Apr 2018 · 191
Take off
Medhina Khanal Apr 2018
Take off your clothes
Take off the expectations
take off the ego
Take off the laughter
it's okay
you don't always have to smile
Take off the tears
and things that made you cry
Take off the masquerade
You have nothing to hide
And devour into my soul
and let me be me
let's make love
like no one did before
let's explore the universe awaiting
And let's love, love
as you are
as i am
Jan 2018 · 297
lost souls
Medhina Khanal Jan 2018
Here's to the lost soul
The one who wants to go right but goes left
For no apparent reason

The one who dreams high and stumbles upon the depth

The one who is as tangled as the knotted

The one who wants to go out and
Stay at home, the same time

The one who wonders why they didn't chose the former or the later and vice versa
Upon choosing the former and the later
And regrets anyway

Here's to the one who have no idea what they are doing with life

The one who wants to do better
But does the same thing everyday

The one who feels
Entire world is running infront of their eyes
And they are bounded just like trees from their roots

Here's to the one who don't know who they are
why they are
What they are

Here's to the lost soul
Who often don't see the charisma of their own reflection
They are so lost
In their own thought
In their own world
Sep 2017 · 275
Medhina Khanal Sep 2017
I never understood life
I never did
Like a puddle
Like an entangled wire
It keeps me dragging behind
just when I feel thing  are all right
It clenches my neck
and punishes me to be alive

How strange it is
That we are the only species that pays for living
And we rush and run
Run and Rush
For nothing
For nothing

We run for job interviews
we run behind cars, bikes, houses
Basically everything!
We compete each other
We push them down
because only one wins
Rest are clown

We laugh at each other
We want the best
I feel so tired running halfway
I need some rest

That’s why I say
I never understood life
I never did
For all I see is chaos
I don’t know where this will lead
The more I try to run away
The more I am submerged in the quagmire
I am so done faking
I want to escape
Jul 2016 · 370
Medhina Khanal Jul 2016
Jul 2016 · 624
The other side
Medhina Khanal Jul 2016
“Oh come on!!!  We are married "" , he said
I had barely known him for a week
How was I supposed to feel anything?
How were we suppose to share same bed?

“Don’t show me your crocodile tears”, he said
White flowers, white sheet
They all turned red
When he forced himself
I was helpless
Now I was attached to his dignity
I had to maintain his pride
After all I was the one he has chosen
I was “ HIS BRIDE”

“you’re lucky to have me “, he said
As he dragged me close
And for thousand times I yelled
NO !! NO!!! NO!!!!!
A stone would have been melt
but there he stood with a creepy grin
enough to have me compelled
spare me!!! I shouted
I stumbled, I crawled
I cried
you, see
HOW lucky I must have felt

“You’re mine”, he said
like I was something he possessed
he should have married a doll
it would have given what he wanted
but I was Human you see
Flesh, blood and more emotion than he had expected
and those four walls has kept deepest secrets
He should have stabbed me with knife instead
the torture would have been less
But for everyday “you failed to be my wife”, he said.
the other side of so called "ARRANGE MARRIAGE "
May 2016 · 550
Will you ??
Medhina Khanal May 2016
Dancing to the background music
as I will sing song
Will you correct the lyrics?
When I am wrong???

Five will turn to fifty
Days will vanish in air
Will lead me to the path?
If I will get lost there

Together we will be
Whether the days are good or bad
Will you stay my side?
Whether happy or sad

Vision will get blur
Words will get slurry too
Baffled with the surrounding as I will stare
Will you say those three words????
Even when less I will hear

When we both are too fragile
And nothing will make sense
When all things have been often changed
When I will get too old to even remember name
Will you still love me????
When I will not be same
Mar 2016 · 420
Medhina Khanal Mar 2016
Release me  from all the burden
something lumps up in your chest and its hard to endure the pain. I just want to escape from all this...........
Mar 2016 · 902
Medhina Khanal Mar 2016

Mar 2016 · 421
May be
Medhina Khanal Mar 2016
You look through me
not to me
and may be that overshadowed
may be you know me
or may be you actually not know me

I seem to be
what i really may not be
may be you gazed me
and i may not be the version of what you thought i may be
may be you never understood
you just stare
MAY BE !!! just may be
you simply don't care
Dec 2015 · 479
Medhina Khanal Dec 2015
Two days of hunger
one bread to feed
Four mouth opens
and all i hear is silence
speaking from heart beat

Stumbling in pain
she begs not to touch her esteem
compelled to live in hell
she has been traded for few fins
unable to endure the defeat
she wimps in grief
all I hear is silence
speaking from her heartbeat

Happy family of five they were
No vain, no plea
everything was lost in a blink of eye
when they saw missiles coming to their street
two are left homeless
shedding tears in fleet
all I hear is silence
speaking from their heartbeat

Shredded, rattled body lies in the ground
River of blood flows
Poverty, hunger and human are trade all around
Still no one bothers
Humanity has become so weak
WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SPEAK......................
Nov 2015 · 446
Medhina Khanal Nov 2015
At the end she was just a normal girl waiting for someone to make her believe forever exist :) :)
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
It's Not easy to forget
Medhina Khanal Oct 2015
Memories pops up in your head
from morning to dusk break
like you are bewitched by a magic spell
you feel like you have nothing left
every time you try to escape
you realize it's not easy to forget

Even it was for  year,  month or just a day
and now you are stuck by a thread
paralyzed, unable to move to right or to left
you are suffocating, you barely can breathe
you should have known matter of heart requires no document
trying to erase things
you are lost in a maze
and every time you open your eyes
something lumps up in your throat
and you realize it's not easy to forget
Sep 2015 · 443
how could you ??
Medhina Khanal Sep 2015
You grind my hips
You tasted my lips
You held me so hard
I could barely breathe
Hell like heaven  
Not magic nor spell you did
But I was enchanted
Then you asked me how I felt?

Grabbing me by your arms
Love, into my body you filled
Till I was bewitched
Till nothing was left
Wine you were,
You made me addict
You loved me so hard
That into my heart
Your name was sealed.
With your smile
All my scars you healed
And then you left
Like nothing happened.
just a thought
Sep 2015 · 720
Medhina Khanal Sep 2015
IF tears could heal pain
IF sympathy could stitch wound
IF prayers could bring back life
How different the definition of living would be then
if only we could bring back :(
Sep 2015 · 905
Medhina Khanal Sep 2015
Traces you left on my skin
I can measure them inch by inch
Words or it was a spill of ink
Time and again, I hear them ringing
So sweet was your voice
Just made me dreaming  
I look at you and a memory haunts me
You are not the same person that once used to love me
Was our love so fragile???
That anything can break it
Or was I to fool?
What was my fault?
I couldn’t make it
Melancholy keeps me drowning
Broken promises, dreams sundering
What you had really made out of me, i keep wondering

:( :(
Aug 2015 · 739
Medhina Khanal Aug 2015
I was orange but i turned blue
i got blend to your skin so much that
i lost myself when i found you.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Medhina Khanal Aug 2015
They say, they are with us
they say, they care
but in the middle of night
as you wake up
you are all alone  
                   Everyone have their own dilemma
                   Everyone have things they care
                   Everyone have their priorities
                  you might not always be chosen over other
                   in fact they might not even bother
                  Through the lonely days and lonely nights
                  you are all alone

to million of dreams
to trillion of journey
you have to walk all by yourself
through the hurdles and struggles
you are all alone

                            At the end of the day
                           we are a individual, a soul
                           No matter how much we deny
                           Life is a journey
                         And we are travelling all alone.
And sometime i have this feeling that nothing is going right . I try to change things but sometime you have no option than to accept what you have. You can't change things like you want but still this pain engulf me and i just can't figure out what is happening.
Jul 2015 · 721
Medhina Khanal Jul 2015
You are like my favorite book because every time I re-read I find something new .
Jul 2015 · 576
Medhina Khanal Jul 2015
You left me with no trace
When all I wanted was warm embrace
It seems like I have given you too much of space
Too much of indulgence made you disgrace
I closed my eyes and saw your face
Silent tears fell
And I knew I was still stuck in that place

AS leaves withered, so did hope
This pain of losing you is more than I can cope
Heavy heart, boiling blood, tied rope
I always end up staring at the door
But you didn't open it anymore
I closed my eyes and saw your face
Silent tears fell
And I knew I was still stuck in that place

Memories flutter, so did pain
In the middle of night I woke up again
Cried frantically but strength I didn't gain
For you I was just a waste
Still I loved you more than a bird loves it's nest
Then I realized too much of sweet spoiled your taste
I closed my eyes and saw your face
Silent tears fell
And I knew I was still stuck in that place
Jun 2015 · 823
Medhina Khanal Jun 2015
For it was not my lips you kissed
you kissed my spirit
For it was not my body you touched
you touched my soul
Slowly by slowly
as you ***** to the edges, to the curves
Till every inch of me
every once of blood became hot
with such compassion, with such benevolence
The quintessence of perfect love !!!!!!

In the dim light moon and stars witnessed our love
Emotion melted by tenderness of heart
overwhelming sensation, the passion, the heat
with elated happiness I accepted my defeat
As the dawn broke with my brightened cheek
remissness of every minute, every second
And how i wish this night would never end..........................
#just #a #thought
Jun 2015 · 662
Medhina Khanal Jun 2015
You make me feel so good
You make me feel so right
You make me feel like everything will be alright
You make me feel happy :) :)
You make me feel bad too
But when i think, i realize
I am so lucky to have you
Just because
you make me feel like some one loves me too !!!!!
#feelings #realization #love
Jun 2015 · 443
Her story
Medhina Khanal Jun 2015
Today also he came home late
It was her birthday but he didn't bother to remember the date
He banged the door and cursed her instead

He lurked towards her and grabbed her waist
She smelled whiskey under his breathe
When she tried to escape from the *******
He pushed her hard
In the floor she laid with ruptured skin
She knew this would happen because it was his routine

She yelled and went straight to kitchen
Then the argument started
While all she got was beating
Her eyes swelled, and her body had marks everywhere

Two kids to raise, reputation and fame
She had no choice but was obliged to live
With the torture and regret

As night passed they went to bed
The next day he woke up
Apologize and promising not to do it again
She pretended like nothing happened
She lived her life full of fears
Like this days passed, then month's, then years
i wrote this poem keeping in mind about the domestic violence which is still prevalent in many society . All i want is women to be more strong and to fight back for their rights.
May 2015 · 610
Last Time
Medhina Khanal May 2015
I should have hugged you a little tighter
I should have smiled a little brighter
I should have told you not to go
For that was the last time
I didn't know

I should have told you all blandishing words
I should have shown you what you're worth
Because all that ****** in my heart as swords
Guilt I have as many things remained unspoken
When you were within stone's throw
For that was the last time
I didn't know

I should have kissed you on your chicks
I should have stopped you  
But I didn't did
What future holds I had no clue
I should have shown all the feelings I have for you
For that was the last time
I didn't know

But now blood is all I can see in ground
Wrenched, snagged parts all around
Identify the body as they said
I was astounded
How I wish, I should have been in your place
Then only my heart would rest in peace
To all the love I failed to show
For that was the last time
I didn't know
May 2015 · 2.0k
Medhina Khanal May 2015
The smashed ribs, the swollen legs
The state of heart every time the ground shakes
The endless tears, the unflattering fears
The subdued feelings, the impotent states
and I realize how helpless I am
As everything vanished within seconds

The cracked hopes, the buried dreams
The unbearable truths, the painful screams
The broken fantasies, the shattered desires
The situation where no one admires
Tried to stop, I tired to evade
Then I realize how helpless I am
as everything vanished within seconds
Feb 2015 · 479
Medhina Khanal Feb 2015
in the rain we shall dance
in the moon we shall stay
love is what we both shall give
expecting nothing more, nothing less
as future will guide us through its way
our love will grow even more deeper with each passing day
together we shall grow old
as tightly hand we will hold
watch how our children play
nothing will be left for us to hide
no mischief, no misguides
like a shadow we both will follow
feelings so deep, so pure, so wallow
like nobody ever did we shall share
our affection, our bond, grief, pain and how much we care
each other shoulder is where we shall lie
"forever" said he
"forever" said I

— The End —