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Medhina Khanal Apr 2019
I am little scattered all over places
That's why i can't find peace
I wish I could camouflage into spaces
and become it
I wish I could come out of my skin
and live
I wish I could hush these thoughts
and laugh
I wish I could be present
Instead of thousand places at once
I wish I could enjoy every moment
without having to think
something is not right
I wish I could just smile
Smile and live
Medhina Khanal Apr 2018
Take off your clothes
Take off the expectations
take off the ego
Take off the laughter
it's okay
you don't always have to smile
Take off the tears
and things that made you cry
Take off the masquerade
You have nothing to hide
And devour into my soul
and let me be me
let's make love
like no one did before
let's explore the universe awaiting
And let's love, love
as you are
as i am
Medhina Khanal Jan 2018
Here's to the lost soul
The one who wants to go right but goes left
For no apparent reason

The one who dreams high and stumbles upon the depth

The one who is as tangled as the knotted

The one who wants to go out and
Stay at home, the same time

The one who wonders why they didn't chose the former or the later and vice versa
Upon choosing the former and the later
And regrets anyway

Here's to the one who have no idea what they are doing with life

The one who wants to do better
But does the same thing everyday

The one who feels
Entire world is running infront of their eyes
And they are bounded just like trees from their roots

Here's to the one who don't know who they are
why they are
What they are

Here's to the lost soul
Who often don't see the charisma of their own reflection
They are so lost
In their own thought
In their own world
Medhina Khanal Sep 2017
I never understood life
I never did
Like a puddle
Like an entangled wire
It keeps me dragging behind
just when I feel thing  are all right
It clenches my neck
and punishes me to be alive

How strange it is
That we are the only species that pays for living
And we rush and run
Run and Rush
For nothing
For nothing

We run for job interviews
we run behind cars, bikes, houses
Basically everything!
We compete each other
We push them down
because only one wins
Rest are clown

We laugh at each other
We want the best
I feel so tired running halfway
I need some rest

That’s why I say
I never understood life
I never did
For all I see is chaos
I don’t know where this will lead
The more I try to run away
The more I am submerged in the quagmire
I am so done faking
I want to escape
Medhina Khanal Jul 2016
puffed up eyelids
chapped dry lips
and sombre face
drooping shoulders
and sagged countenance
but honest truth be told
though you weep like a willow
nobody knows why you weep
your tears are shreds of red
your arms hang by your sides
like a flag furled and abandoned
you are a perpetual mourner
adrift on the rough seas that life brews
and though you weep in torrents
in truth nobody knows why you weep
I am fascinated by the metaphor of the weeping willow tree
Medhina Khanal Jul 2016
“Oh come on!!!  We are married "" , he said
I had barely known him for a week
How was I supposed to feel anything?
How were we suppose to share same bed?

“Don’t show me your crocodile tears”, he said
White flowers, white sheet
They all turned red
When he forced himself
I was helpless
Now I was attached to his dignity
I had to maintain his pride
After all I was the one he has chosen
I was “ HIS BRIDE”

“you’re lucky to have me “, he said
As he dragged me close
And for thousand times I yelled
NO !! NO!!! NO!!!!!
A stone would have been melt
but there he stood with a creepy grin
enough to have me compelled
spare me!!! I shouted
I stumbled, I crawled
I cried
you, see
HOW lucky I must have felt

“You’re mine”, he said
like I was something he possessed
he should have married a doll
it would have given what he wanted
but I was Human you see
Flesh, blood and more emotion than he had expected
and those four walls has kept deepest secrets
He should have stabbed me with knife instead
the torture would have been less
But for everyday “you failed to be my wife”, he said.
the other side of so called "ARRANGE MARRIAGE "
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