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oh no Mar 2015
i swear i never wanted you
i'm a wreck, a wreck
(i'm sick of being anything else)
promise me you love me
(not love, not love) just
cyanide proximity
your word is all i've ever wanted
love is different than want, i think
so let me be, promise me
you're a part, a part, you're
something i forgot so
find a friend in me
cause at the end of the day (i'm just sick,
sick and tired)
we were just a time
I was just a person
and you were just a person (who was kind to me)
omnes in melius
oh no Mar 2015
out to sea, out to sea
in my mouth, in me this is
from the heartlands I'm forsaken, the earth
the heart of (e t e r n i t y)
out to sea, out to sea
from the ripples from the waves unleash me
I am (f r e e)
(f r e e)
(f r e e)
from the shoreline I am lost but I can hear water
out to sea, out to (s e a)
my god these mountains were the last of their kind
when I fall below the water will you
(f o l l o w)
(m e)
and my love, my love, my midnight heart will (r o c k a w a y)
from your window I am lost but I can hear water
(b r e a t h i n g)
(f r e e)
my life is a w r e c k rn
  Mar 2015 oh no
you look at me like i'm on fire. youve always been petulant
i was supposed to be the reasonable one,(or
at least, alive)
and you laugh and say *"i guess things dont always turn out the way they're supposed to."
oh no Mar 2015
-slow hearts, grey skies-
in my dreams my heart is hallowed ground
dirt fills my veins and I am weighed down
home bound
I was never part of anything like this red earth
ocean eyes
in open fields in rain clouds
god's hands fall from -slow hearts- grey skies
I never wanted what was good for me
all empty stomach, water heart
I'm not angry anymore so
-g g g g godspeed-
in rivers, rivers, in the back woods bethlehem
my hands are buried and we're slow hearts
-grey skies-
in my mouth gods hands
pull prayers from empty lungs
I know I never wanted faithful, I never wanted good
empty empty water heart I'm slow steps
grey eyes
-I'm opened up and holy I am bare before the sky-
if there's nothing left for me here then
-g g g g godspeed-
someday here before daylight there are slow hearts
grey skies
somewhere in the badlands I am burned, all wasted time
maybe I'll come home someday
-but my g g g g god I never wanted goodness anyway-
sagittarians are supposed to thrive in chaos
oh no Feb 2015
you said as long as the sun shall rise so
someday things will be different
you were greater good you were something special
in the night (dead) silent I still see you
there was cold in our bones when I took your hand I
loved you, loved you like the first and only
you said we'd conquer the world someday so
someone bar the doors
in uproar in upheaval we were pale
falling (dead) on hearts and hands
for the last time I still love you
there was heat on my face that you never felt so
sometime I let go
maybe if you took my hand we would crash like the waters on moses
but we haven't touched since sundown now so
someday they'll deliver us
I swear to god I'm happy now
but if the sky comes down
I'll find you
I loved you, loved you
like the first and
so you were open and I was lost but
you'd have made me the happiest
girl in the world
oh no Jan 2015
you took the fight right out of me
we were meant for each other, or something
like (helen and achilles, like) achilles and his heel
in the wake of you (bright eyes, bright eyes)
I'm cut off at the knees
remember what you stole from me? (remember
what we loved?)
we were lights in the dark, or something
like glow worms, (like the stars, the stars)
we were beautiful, or something (good)
in the wake of you, my love,
my love
I can feel your heart in mine
you grew the moon right out of me
when I forget you, call me up
we were star-crossed, lost, or something
I've always loved you (always will)
you bit me to my core
when I forget you, bring me back
I am (nothing without you)
better off
better off I can still feel you here
we were bombshells (prophets, gods)
we were (good) hearts, ******, or something
you tapped the (star)light out of me
I (will love you) always knew
fire signs
oh no Jan 2015
somewhere there is water left
when you smile i smile with you
|with the sun and the moon and the stars,
my love|

we are healers, you and me
so love has knocked my teeth out
so |what about your sea, my sky?|
i'm an aperture
|so what about your earth, your eyes|
somewhere there is water left
so |somewhere there is rain|
for once i'm not waxing poetic on your skin
*|but my god, i could hold you forever|
water signs
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