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Mack Jul 2018
Love leaves a mark,
Not just the small marks of love down my body,
But a mark within everything for which I am a part.
Whether she stays with me until I leave this place,
Or departs from me before I transcend,
I will always find parts of her in life’s every surrounding- every small trend.

When the rain sets in, I am reminded of her love in the Spring.
Nights spent talking over every little memory and every upcoming thing.
Fixing our hearts in our chests,
While letting luck and the unknown figure out the rest.
As the world warms around me, as the grass turns to green,
I am reminded of the desperation for her love, the only thing I’ve known to need.
I will always be reminded of the soft songs she shared,
Their melodies always find a way back into my head- and I’ll keep them there,
Because when I think of them I am reminded of her.
And once I think of her, I am reminded of the sound of her heartbeat as I lay on her chest,
While we hold each other again and remember what it’s like to invest,
In another soul so deeply and so willingly.
By the new growth of spring, I am reminded of the rebirth of a love I cannot forget.
If again I am in her absence,
I know I’ll be hollowed by a lack of passion.
For only this love has ever shown it to my heart.

For when the days grow longer and the nights get warmer, I’ll always be reminded of her love in the Summer.
When I see fireflies in the summer air,
I am reminded of soft kisses in the summer night and the smell of her hair.
I am reminded of the words we exchanged over cups of coffee,
The way we led ourselves to be happy.
When the sun sets,
I am reminded of the life she breathed into me under the covers of our beds.
I am reminded of the touch of her skin,
And of the feeling of being so in love with another, I cannot find the words on my tongue to even begin,
To explain to her the burn I have within,
To see her smile because of me,
To give her every chance I can to be happy.

And once the leaves turn to orange, I am reminded of her love in the Fall.
The first time she kissed me those years ago,
And the way we held each other close,
As the nights got shorter and the wind got colder.
I was still whispering her name and wishing for no other.
No matter where I may be,
Her name will come off my tongue and echo up and down within me.
Like the fog on the quiet autumn nights,
It rolls across me gently and I will not resist it, I will not fight.
If she looks the other way, I’ll still remember the touch of her fingers,
Locked perfectly between mine- A feeling that always crept warmth up my body and softly lingered.
I’ll always remember the way she’d make me smile,
On the nights where I otherwise may have found myself walking alone in my head for miles.
I will remember the “I love you’s” in dark parking lots and during walks under the colored trees.
I will always remember the way she cried into me,
Or the way I would look at her across the room.
She will always be a magical wonder to me.

When the world turns white, I am reminded of her love in the Winter.
As the world seems to die around me, my love for her does not.
As the air chills over, a fire in my heart for her with my every thought.
I think of the movie nights with bodies curled into one another,
Or the quiet songs I’d write in secret about her.
I am reminded of the days spent with each other in brutal weather,
And of her smile the first time we put up Christmas lights together.
I am reminded of first conversations over cups of hot chocolate,
And of the feeling of her hands in my pockets.

Love leaves a mark,
In every season and on every surface of my heart.
Everything I do reminds me of this love,
Every sound I hear and sense thereof.
I find parts of her in everything surrounding,
Every small thought and every lovely thing.
Whether she stays with me until the end of my song,
Or strays from me before I am gone,
I will find a piece of her in every moment.
For the only girl I'll really ever love.
Mack Apr 2018
Inaudible, inaudible,
Completely, unfortunately intolerable.
A disruption of said audio,
Has saddened us and all we know.

Pessimistic, pessimistic,
Completely, unfortunately pathetic.
Too bad for us,
We cannot resist it.

Inaudible, inaudible,
Disordered so very long ago.
Lugubrious, so spiritless,
We cannot be saved from this.
Mack Apr 2018
I think today,
I'll cash out on a box of cigarettes-
To burn my lungs away-
A little thing to make me forget.

It's too bad that you love me,
For I've gone astray,
Maybe you'll see me,
On some other sad day.
Mack Apr 2018
I am the sorry dog,
Chasing my own tail- a subject of quiet dialogue.

Like the fleas, I cannot shake away,
I cannot seem to shake her face.

I am her sorry dog with no passage of rite,
A tortured creature, though sad and polite.

Love is not for those who preach it,
But for those instead who burn and weep for it.

I am the sorry dog with no home to follow,
Just a broken heart within me,
Blackened and hollow.
Mack Jan 2018
If we knew everything there is to know,
There would be no freedom, there would be no home.
For if we knew everything there is to know,
There would be no highs and there would be no lows.
Existence is in mystery.

If we knew everything there is to know,
There would be nothing at all- no concept to show.
Life itself would freeze in its place,
Meaning losing meaning as if lost in space.
Existence is in fear of the unknown.

For if we knew everything there is to know,
There would be no discipline and there would be no difference,
From "right" and "wrong" would come no divergence.

The universe is better undisputed,
Left with love and wonder,
To be unrefuted.
Mack Jan 2018
At 11:11 she told me to make a wish,
So I wished for a little piece of heaven,
I wished for a chance in which,
I could hear all the stories that shine within her eyes,
And for the chance to move to the sky, beside a fresh sunrise.

And the on the second time she reminded me,
I wished just that she,
Would put my world in slow motion,
The way a dancer spins: with grace and beauty,
Filled with wonder, like the open ocean.

And as time passed again, I wished for a kiss.
To breathe in and feel the soft bliss,
Of what's becoming in the softest season.
So I cushion these words with starry wording,
And only hope that she will see my reason.
For my love.
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