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 Oct 2019 Liz Carlson
 Oct 2019 Liz Carlson
It makes you cry and leaves you sad
But you like the salt and you love the mad
 Oct 2019 Liz Carlson
his light brown hair offered kindness
his wide eyes were a safe place

his mid summer tan gave warmth
and his smile created happiness
to bad it was all a waste of time
my biggest fear
is right here
so close
and very near
it did not just appear
nothing was clear
everyday so unclear
my fear
over time
my mind engineered
manifest itself through the years
continue living
do I dare
I have/had nothing to share
I am baffled
I am disgraced here
this fear
will never
has never
my fear
cannot heal
its very real
maybe the devils deal
never concealed
what do I feel
my fear
its real
 Jan 2018 Liz Carlson
Henry Mich
You, a monster, you're not really human.
People feel compassion-
Do you even know what that is?
Is it just another thing you think doesn't exist?
You walk, you talk, you laugh, you smile, but I know what's behind your eyes.
When you take from this world another part of me dies.
I hate you with every bone in my body, every part of my soul.
Life is not a toy to be taken and tossed-
My life, his life, her life,  gone.
Left a shell, a broken vessel abandoned for the carrion crows.
But now I see standing is this mirror hating the monster for what it did.
While knowing when my angel died,
The monster was laughing deep inside.
Hesitantly I pick up the knife
For the the angel’s sake I will take its life.
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