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Little Azaleah May 2018
It's odd seeing,
that bright smile,
yet dull eyes.
mellifluous laugh,
but falters out of sight.

Must be how used to
'Cause if it ever burst,
they would feel;

No one could
why they felt like so.
Neither could

{ e.i }
Little Azaleah Apr 2018
over the hedge,
over the gates,
over the tall looming trees,
the bright blue sky
where birds flew free
(i wish that was me.)

; e.i
Little Azaleah Apr 2018
"You were a siren,
A rare beauty uncompared
who beckoned the unsuspecting me -
of love, lust & happiness -
I was in a trance
Unknowingly in danger -
For I never noticed you were pulling me in,
My feet dipping in along the shore
And before I knew it,
I was drowning in the coldness -
Your blood red kisses bringing me life
that I would die without."

< e.i. >
Little Azaleah Feb 2018
like a seedling
shaded from the sun,
overfed with minerals,
stuck in the small *** -
the child couldn't grow out of their comfort,
as they were strictly cared for within the boundaries,
unable to reach out for their dreams.

the seedling couldn't grow beautiful like it was supposed to
despite longing to be like so,
thus they grew wither everyday
with every say of 'nay'.

how was it to grow their roots if its never allowed to move out of the small ***?

let the seedling grow,
for you never know how beautiful of a flower,
how great of a tree it would become into.

Little Azaleah Jan 2018
the world used to be so clear & bright
yet now, it became so blurry & unclear
like standing in the middle of a fog,
like driving through heavy rain

Little Azaleah Nov 2017
❝ We were of differing shades in the palette of colours.
You were blue
you were as calming and tranquil as water.
I was red
I was as dangerous and wrathful as fire.
You were white
innocence, pure and good.
I was black
mysterious, and full of depth.
But funny enough,
we match like the pieces of jigsaw puzzles. ❞

《 e.i 》
Little Azaleah Nov 2017
Words have edges like knives,
The outcomes are unseen
to the human eyes
the bleeding of the heart is unmissable
if perceived with empathy.

• e.i •
Be careful with what you say.
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