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Mar 2020 · 146
Little Azaleah Mar 2020
so scared of hurting,
she never pick a flower
before she's certain it blooms.

so scared of hurting,
she wears gloves to touch
before thorns could ***** her.

so scared of hurting,
she rips out hopeful weeds
before it could grow into dandelions.

_ e.i. _
Jul 2019 · 158
Compartmentalise --
Little Azaleah Jul 2019
I keep it high.
I keep a laugh.
I make a smile.
I compartmentalise.

11 days into July.
Life has took a turn.
A loss,
a sudden death.
I compartmentalise.

House filled in darkness,
echoing shouts of anger.
I'm trying to compartmentalise.

I keep it low.
I keep it buried.
I make a smile.
I compartmentalise.


{ e.i. }
Nov 2018 · 493
Little Azaleah Nov 2018
Here's to the sleepless nights
and tired eyes.
It'll be beautiful
when you wake to sunny skies.
Hold on,
on to the better days.

- e.i.
Nov 2018 · 240
Little Azaleah Nov 2018
with every word said
she became smaller & smaller.
"Who is there for you?"

of words that stab her heart
she now believes
& haunts her.
now she is as small as a bug.
"Who is there for me?"
as she herself couldn't be there for her.

[ e.i. ]
Sep 2018 · 212
« Day by Day »
Little Azaleah Sep 2018
one more day
one more day,
i say waking every day.

one more day
one more day,
we'll get through today.

one more day
one last day,
we'll be okay.

< e.i. >
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
< Love at one sight >
Little Azaleah Sep 2018
that fleeting feeling of fluttering butterflies
as they caught your attention
in that short moment of walking by,
in that short moment of seeing eyes
like the short moment of waves kissing land.
your thoughts momentarily filled with the "what ifs"
"what would it be like"
"how your life will be like"
Oh, what an innocent feeling that is.
those moments before knowing a person.

{ e.i }
Jun 2018 · 195
white lies
Little Azaleah Jun 2018
we both knew
the lies within words
"it's just not the right time"
"one day"
"i'll still love you"
we say it
in spite
as if too soften
the blow
the wound was
already bleeding.

; e.i.
don't lie to me.
May 2018 · 513
Little Azaleah May 2018
It's odd seeing,
that bright smile,
yet dull eyes.
mellifluous laugh,
but falters out of sight.

Must be how used to
'Cause if it ever burst,
they would feel;

No one could
why they felt like so.
Neither could

{ e.i }
Apr 2018 · 174
Little Azaleah Apr 2018
over the hedge,
over the gates,
over the tall looming trees,
the bright blue sky
where birds flew free
(i wish that was me.)

; e.i
Apr 2018 · 369
A Siren
Little Azaleah Apr 2018
"You were a siren,
A rare beauty uncompared
who beckoned the unsuspecting me -
of love, lust & happiness -
I was in a trance
Unknowingly in danger -
For I never noticed you were pulling me in,
My feet dipping in along the shore
And before I knew it,
I was drowning in the coldness -
Your blood red kisses bringing me life
that I would die without."

< e.i. >
Feb 2018 · 239
:untitled; (9/2/18)
Little Azaleah Feb 2018
like a seedling
shaded from the sun,
overfed with minerals,
stuck in the small *** -
the child couldn't grow out of their comfort,
as they were strictly cared for within the boundaries,
unable to reach out for their dreams.

the seedling couldn't grow beautiful like it was supposed to
despite longing to be like so,
thus they grew wither everyday
with every say of 'nay'.

how was it to grow their roots if its never allowed to move out of the small ***?

let the seedling grow,
for you never know how beautiful of a flower,
how great of a tree it would become into.

Jan 2018 · 396
Little Azaleah Jan 2018
the world used to be so clear & bright
yet now, it became so blurry & unclear
like standing in the middle of a fog,
like driving through heavy rain

Nov 2017 · 270
Little Azaleah Nov 2017
❝ We were of differing shades in the palette of colours.
You were blue
you were as calming and tranquil as water.
I was red
I was as dangerous and wrathful as fire.
You were white
innocence, pure and good.
I was black
mysterious, and full of depth.
But funny enough,
we match like the pieces of jigsaw puzzles. ❞

《 e.i 》
Nov 2017 · 226
Little Azaleah Nov 2017
Words have edges like knives,
The outcomes are unseen
to the human eyes
the bleeding of the heart is unmissable
if perceived with empathy.

• e.i •
Be careful with what you say.
Sep 2017 · 434
Little Azaleah Sep 2017
laughter sounded through the day,
smiles so bright it blinds
but as the night looms close
-- the clock closing in to 12:ooam --
the night is filled with silence
& loneliness creeps
into her heart & soul

Happy 19th birthday.
Let's not give up, there's too much to lose now. We'll be fine -- atleast we should try. Be happy. Be strong. Don't give up. Please don't.
Aug 2017 · 444
Save him
Little Azaleah Aug 2017
Darkness lurks in every corner,
He is trapped.
On his knees,
He covered his face,
Trembling like a leaf
-- as he prayed for God --
To save him from the demons
That tortures him.

{ e.i }
Little Azaleah Aug 2017
She's not that little girl anymore.
The world
Had killed
her happiness,
her soul,
her innocence.
The body is just an empty shell,
just there for the rest of the journey.

{ e.i }
She went through a decade of her life wondering if her smile is genuine or not.
Aug 2017 · 232
You are art in quick motion
Little Azaleah Aug 2017
Your life is fast-paced,
Like the speed of light.
Never able to catch up.

The beauty in you retains
Like a oil painting framed on the wall
Forever caught in the moment.

{ e.i }
Little Azaleah Aug 2017
Don't expect me
to succeed without failing,
to walk without falling,
to swim without drowning,
to run without tripping.
I can't do it perfectly.
Don't expect me to.

{ e.i }
I'm a human with an average IQ, with average abilities.
I will only continue to disappoint until I am able to stand on my own.
Aug 2017 · 495
Little Azaleah Aug 2017
I see you have walked away in short notice,
Nice to know how much I worth to you.
Just another easy target,
Another girl in the list,
Another heart to play with.
I shouldn't have let you in
in the first place,
I should have known we are just a detour off the main road.

{ e.i }
Aug 2017 · 303
You're no saint
Little Azaleah Aug 2017
Don't expect people to be perfect
like a doll without a flaw.
Why are you expecting such things
when you're not
one without dirt as well.

《 e.i 》
Jul 2017 · 237
you don't know
Little Azaleah Jul 2017
You don't know the demons he's fighting,
You don't know,
You don't know.
You don't know the pain she's feeling,
You don't know,
You don't know.
You don't know inside they're dying,
You don't know,
You don't know.

{ e.i }
Save them before it's too late.
Jul 2017 · 907
Little Azaleah Jul 2017
Save yourself,
before it's too late,
before you'll be pulled down
by the current of the ocean
where the darkest of the dark reside,
where light can barely reach you
in the down under.

《 e.i 》
Swim to shore.
Jun 2017 · 395
Little Azaleah Jun 2017
Devils whisper in his ears,
Of death threats and hatred.
Now, there he laid,
With a slow beeping of his heart,
With his soul gripping to live,
And his mind weakening.

《 e.i 》
Dedicated to my happy pill, please be okay.
Jun 2017 · 756
Bare naked
Little Azaleah Jun 2017
He stood bare naked
under this unwanted attention.
He was vulnerable,
Left to be fed to the wolves.
He smiled through it all
Whilst carrying a heavy heart
And sunken eyes.

《 e.i 》
How he must be breaking inside.
Jun 2017 · 283
Little Azaleah Jun 2017
Wore his hat so low,
You can't see his eyes
As one would know
The eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

《 e.i 》
May 2017 · 355
Little Azaleah May 2017
The lights shine on me,
I can't seem to hide.
This is too much for me,
I can't seem to breathe.

God, save me,
Please don't go.

The walls are closing in,
There's no space for me.
This is too much for me,
I can't seem to breathe.

《 e.i 》
May 2017 · 248
Little Azaleah May 2017
You were like a mistake I wrote in permanent ink,
I tried blocking you out with white-outs.
No matter the amount I use,
The trace of you is still there.

{ e.i }
Apr 2017 · 573
At that moment
Little Azaleah Apr 2017
I had screamed till my voice turn hoarse,
My heart almost leaping from my chest,
The thought of death crossing my mind,
The memories of my life flashed by,
At that moment,
Nothing felt lighter than then,
As I never felt so free.

《 e.i 》
Jan 2017 · 397
A memory
Little Azaleah Jan 2017
A figment of her memories
His voice was once thorn,
Now a slur in her thoughts.
He was once so clear,
Now a blur in her heart.

{ e.i }
Nov 2016 · 249
Little Azaleah Nov 2016
You shielded me from
The rain that poured onto me
Like acid
But he stood by next to me
In the rain
As he knows the pain
I went through.

Sep 2016 · 529
Little Azaleah Sep 2016
Darling, never grow up.
Stay as you are,
never let the darkness of life change you.
Be strong,
no matter the weight on your shoulders.

Sep 2016 · 2.4k
Withered Flower
Little Azaleah Sep 2016
Without you,
I am but a flower
without light nor water -
Withering away
And die.

Aug 2016 · 408
Little Azaleah Aug 2016
I always
tried my
best to embody
you want
me to be
you don't
seem to see.

The words you say hurts me more than anything.
Aug 2016 · 262
My Ten Word Story [49]
Little Azaleah Aug 2016
smiling widely
internally screaming

Aug 2016 · 3.5k
They laugh
Little Azaleah Aug 2016
They laughed.
They laugh at my insecurities,
They laugh at my embarassing moments,
They laugh at my face,
They laugh at me.
They laugh, they laugh, they laugh
They don't seem to care or realize
the whirling emotions within me.
They don't seem to care at all.
They just laugh,
And I don't think it's funny at all.

{ E.I }
Jun 2016 · 297
Little Azaleah Jun 2016
As I lay on the bed

Half asleep,

Eyes closed;

The sunlight sipping through the translucent curtains,

feeling warm and calm;

unconciously I reach out for your hand

To know that you were there by my side;

To see if you treasure these quiet moments of a summer's day as I do;

But all I found was nothing,

The hand I long to hold wasn't there,

Hasn't been for a long time,

Causing the pain I feel in my chest.

The breaking of the heart.

Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Little Azaleah Apr 2016
Oh, my dear love.
Don't break the secured heart.
They are strong,
But even they, will tear apart.

Mar 2016 · 4.7k
Little Azaleah Mar 2016
I can see why,
you chose her.
She's much more prettier than me.
She's much more funnier than me.
She's much more smarter than me.
She's much more cuter than me.
She's much more skinnier than me.
She's just much more than me.
I guess I'll never be more to you.

Mar 2016 · 10.5k
Best Fake Smile
Little Azaleah Mar 2016
Though she may be smiling,
do not be misled.
Alone she could be crying,
with words left unsaid.

Mar 2016 · 322
Little Azaleah Mar 2016
It's okay.
I shed a few tears,
but it'll be okay.
At least you know.

- E.I
Feb 2016 · 197
Little Azaleah Feb 2016
" "If you really love her, why do you still look at me the way you do?"
"I don't know."
"Do you ever wish things didn't go the way they did and we could've started over again?"
". . ."
"Me too."

Feb 2016 · 668
It's okay.
Little Azaleah Feb 2016
You don't know how I feel but that's okay.
I wasn't planning on telling you anyway 'cause right now, there's too much on our plate already.
This feeling I'm feeling now will dismiss slowly, and it'll be okay again.

{ E.I }
Feb 2016 · 498
My Ten Word Story [48]
Little Azaleah Feb 2016
I seek comfort in reading ever since
You left me.

Feb 2016 · 399
My Ten Word Story [47]
Little Azaleah Feb 2016
She wanted
To cry,
Such pain.
But alas,
She smiled.

Feb 2016 · 358
Coffee Shop.
Little Azaleah Feb 2016
We met today at the coffee shop.
We talked, we laughed, even if it was awkward.
You told me how you still have feelings for me,
the same way I do for you.
You told me of our bittersweet past;
with the sun setting behind me, the wind breezing pass us and the sound of the waves crashing,
it was magical.
You told me that I was beautiful,
despite me only wearing a sweater and sweatpants.
It killed me how you look at me
with those twinkling eyes and the smile I love so much,
like I was the world, like I was the one you hold dear.
But you're not mine.
Not anymore,
you have another in your arms.
It was wrong, but
I wish things were different.

I wish we had another chance.
Feb 2016 · 5.1k
Dear, Never Give Up
Little Azaleah Feb 2016
When they drag you down,
don't let them be the end of you.
Pull away,
brush yourself off,
and keep on moving forward.
Don't stop.
You've gone so far to give up now,
so keep your head up high and believe that
you'll achieve greater.

- {E.I}
dedicated to my favorite actor, S.S.
Jan 2016 · 531
My Ten Word Story [46]
Little Azaleah Jan 2016
He was
just another
woeful chapter
of my
unfinished story.

{ E.I }
Dec 2015 · 407
Second Chances
Little Azaleah Dec 2015
I always thought I would never love again,
that I wouldn't love another the same way I love him.
until you caught my attention.
I don't know what it was about you,
that made me fall in love with you.
Whenever you smile,
the butterflies in my stomach comes to life.
It's like my world of monochrome finally
had colors.
With your laugh, your voice,
and the quirkiness I adore.
This feeling was different from what I felt before,
but it was a good different.
It's like I've found the thing that I didn't know I've been missing.

{ E.I }
Dec 2015 · 689
My Ten Word Story [45]
Little Azaleah Dec 2015
" You are the muse to my endless bittersweet stories, love. "

{ E.I }
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