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  Apr 2015 Levi Andrew
I wish I could explain how much I love you
but those emotions can not be put into words
so I will never be able to let you know how much you mean to me
not even a sliver of what I feel you will understand

I'm sorry I hurt you in the past
It's the biggest mistake I ever made
you cared about me
and I threw it away
I threw you away
but I was the one who was a piece of trash
I regret that I didn't take in your love
I regret that I pushed you away

You are the only guy
who has loved me
and cared for me
and treated me like a lady
what else did I want from you?
I don't even remember.

I know that I am mean to you sometimes
sometimes I hope you will say something mean back
but you never do
you roll with the punches
and I'm sorry that I keep hitting
I just want a reaction
something, anything
but your face is a stone
and I don't know what you are thinking
I hope it's about me though

I wish I could let you know how much I care and I wish you would just care too.
Levi Andrew Apr 2015

The cool breeze kissed my soft skin
The light poured through my window
Trees standing in the distance
Flowers in the meadow

The green grass dances between my toes
Feel the warm arms that surround me
Hear the melodic guitar sing that beautiful tune

Um, random?
  Apr 2015 Levi Andrew
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Trying to figure out where we are and where we are going
With lyrics tucked under our tongues that say more than our voices ever will
Our sleepless nights that cause purple crescents to appear under our eyes
And the words we replay in our head of past days
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Looking at the world through maroon eyes
With empty bottles that we hold in our warm sweaty palms
And the sheet-ropes we make to climb out of the windows at 3 in the morning
With the uncertainty of tomorrow
Whether we will wake up inside of our beds smelling of lavender
Or in a field sprawled out among other teenage bodies reeking of beer
With the memories of Christmas lights that are over-expired
And of the kisses that won't mean a thing to anyone when the sun starts to wake us up with massive headaches
Because worthless kisses are now more valuable to us
Making up the ones our parents never gave
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Because our generation is made up of lost souls due to the words spat out by our foes
And the scars that line the inside and outside of our bodies
The scars that we hide behind smiles and stories that fill our heads
But be careful of standing too close
You might catch our disease
That comes with the temptation of stealing out to the flowers that grow around campfires
And the reminiscences of lust still stuck to the grass
Where the lingering of fingers that caress the parts of us that are hidden from society
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Our lives making up pages in a novel consisting of skinny jeans and over-sized sweatshirts
Of promises of better days that have yet to come
And the sun that we are still trying to see through broken sunglasses
The tan lines from the 7 am runs because the voices in our heads aren't going away
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Addicted to staring at computer screens and only turning away to measure our waists
And when there is a constant fire outside our door
We will stay inside always trying to create something new
A life of fantasy
A life to burn all of our memories of reality
Because we are misused
We call ourselves reckless
Not because we are not wise
But because our wisdom comes from tidal waves of people crashing upon us tell us we are not good enough
But the flowers in our hair are worth more then the diamonds that line her skirt
We call ourselves the reckless youth
When the adults tell us no
But we insist on saying yes
When we are not afraid of death
We are afraid of living
And at this pace we will be dead before we live
Maybe we are wasting our time
But time is a luxury we just cannot afford
So we will go out
Stripping our bodies of the loosely fitted clothes and dipping out naked frames under cold water
Forgetting what made us tired
What made us upset with the wilting pedals of all the things we did wrong
All the regrets we cannot take back
We call ourselves the reckless youth
Who watch the stars well past midnight
And look for the familiar sight of home within the walls of our imagination
Where reality slips into a blur of pink and orange clouds
We don't merely call ourselves the *reckless youth

Because we decided to escape society and reality rather than ourselves
We *are
the reckless youth
Because we chose to be wise
To be strong
To be unique
*To be infinite
haha long >.<
  Apr 2015 Levi Andrew
I hit the pavement so hard
That even my bones bruised
And now I look like an abused victim
With patterns of black and blue
Slowly turning green and yellow within time
But little do you know
That when you gripped my body for the first time
You also threw me to the ground
And my hands couldn't find the pavement before my body did
So I was suspended in the air for a moment
Trying to remember what it was like standing
Before I fell for you
  Apr 2015 Levi Andrew
It drags me under
Spits me up onto the sand
My lungs filled with seaweed and water
Making it impossible to breathe
But panic isn't an emotion
Its a friend
A familiar presence
Because the ocean has done this
Far to many times
For me to be surprised
  Apr 2015 Levi Andrew
I fell asleep fast
And began dreamin of you slowly
Remembering first your eyes
And then the touch of your fingers
Across my skin
Your words stared off muted
Only air and movements of your lips
They increasingly got louder though
A whisper at first
So soft and kind
But as they continued to grow
My heart began to race
And this morning I woke up
From the screaming that escaped your mouth
Causing my dream
My memory of you
Become a nightmare
Scaring me into sleepless nights
  Apr 2015 Levi Andrew
We are far too different

I live for the rush
The danger and adventure

You live with a plan
The stability and foundation

But yet we both yearn for the kisses
That only come at 2am
And the I love you's
That have all the depth to them
That there ever could

When we are together
The planets align
And the moon calls our name
I cannot think straight
With your hot lips pressed to mine

We are far too different

Yet we are perfectly put together
And I wouldn't trade you for the world
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