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Lady Ju May 2015
She longs to fly
But her wings are broken
She cracks a smile but her joys been stolen...
She just wants to be free but freedom seems so far...
Her loads way too heavy from the weight of these scars...pain
Oh how she has experienced her share
Still mad at life cuz her daddy's not there...still mad at life cuz who **** cares...
The world?
Not at's your job to get up every time that you fall...
And this type of thinking comes with a pretty big wall....
so how does she free herself and let go of the past?
When she's drowning in tears from the things of the past?
A student of life she's still taking its class. She's mad. Her hearts been through it. Trying to find God and religion won't prove it. In our silence we find answers it's the battle within.
Until she battles within she'll never be free again.
Lady Ju Apr 2015
What if we started over?
Or are these mistakes valued more than a range rover?
There we go again
Trying to find the middle ground but wound up at the end
Fine, I’m diving in  
Or maybe it’s just too late
You told me to move on
But my heart insists to wait
Great. Now what am I to do?
When everything I’ve ever wanted I found in only you.
Lady Ju Apr 2015
If we don’t make it then I’ll lose trust in it all
Still thinking that you’re gonna text me or call
I don’t deserve it do I?
This is why I never wanted to get close and you knew why
Now I’m over here with a bottle straight zoning
You’re waiting on faith and I just keep on going
I think that’s where we fell off again
I’m pushing past mistakes
And you’re counting your sin
Never thought I was perfect
but we were perfect together
Now we’re flying two distances
With a new patch of feathers
So we’re reaching new heights
And both found a new place
But I'm wondering now did you save me a space?
Blah Blah Blah Just Zoning.
Lady Ju Jul 2014
What If Your Memory Erased
Every past mistake
Your heart wasn’t concerned
How the future would take place
The only thing you knew how to do
was live for today.
Then, would you finally enjoy the moment?

-Lady Ju
Lady Ju Jun 2014
Every thought of you
Puts my heart in a coma
I thought I graduated from love
No wonder why I haven't received my diploma
I'm still repeating your class.
Lady Ju Jun 2014
Hello Poetry,

Do you have a minute?
My mind keeps drowning in this pool that I've been diving in
It keeps on talking but my heart's just not listening
I hear a knock between my chest that doesn't seem to end
It mentioned love
And I don't want to let them in
Cuz last time, they ran off with my heart again
Anyways I thought that I would share this with you
Its the only way to get these words through
You seem to listen
And I appreciate that
I hate to admit but this love is more permanent than the skin on my back
I'm black
I know theres no changing that
And the time I wasted with them there's no changing back
But I miss them
Why is love sometimes the enemy
They say that I'm crazy
Because I'm the only one defending me
See,  everyday the same ritual
My only fear is that the feelings aren't mutual.
Lady Ju May 2014
You're the frame to my picture
Not painted by Picasso
But your value to me is more than worth it

Am I crazy for the love I have for you?
Or crazy to think I could live my life without you?

I'd clear the roads just for you to enjoy a smooth ride
Swim through the depths of the deep end
Just to be by your side

I'd tackle your giants down with you
Tag team me in
See I let you in
Tore down my walls
As tall as Berlin

So you're sewn in my heart
without a needle or pin
Just the bond that we hold
Is so strongly within

I can't comprehend
Although I know that I'm intelligent
But truth is, I don't have to be a genius
To know that you were Heaven Sent. - Lady Ju
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