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Jovanni Oct 2018
Don't ever misunderstand a smile for happy and content
she could be dying inside
wanting that somebody to hold her tight and tell her she loved
or crave those arms around her never letting go.

Lighting her body and soul on fire with that touch
that explosive spark filled with sultry flames
set her mind ablaze with the intimacy of a enduring caress.

That warm sunshine on her face that makes her glow
makes her want to embrace the light
and feel the heat onto her back
soaking in that amazing sunshine.
Jovanni Oct 2018
You were never a distraction from my everyday life, you were an eye opening welcomed smile to my mornings and a pick me up in the afternoons.

Each time we embraced and you caught my scent, you held me a tiny bit closer without looks from wandering eyes around us.

A slight brush of our skin as we past each other sent lightning throughout my body, a feeling of warmth from my fingers to my toes.

Forbidden glances for a split second as our eyes catches each other's as we shared the same thought.

The soft brush of your lips onto mine in those stolen moments was what made me smile as I laid my head to rest at night.
Jovanni Oct 2018
Unexplained rivals and verbal confrontations
first contact as opponents and second as curious strangers
exchanging smiles and bewitchingly smitten by the lock of our eyes.

Equally being matched as conversations proceed
Are you friend or foe?

Tell me, how shall I judge you? Or shall I not judge at all?

Many mistakes were made by judgements and lessons learned,
Life would be so simple if we forgive and forget,
Yet many don't do as we do
Jovanni Oct 2018
Sweetness shall never be as sweet
life with all its twists and turns shall never pry us apart

Twist of fate has us mending destiny
Two angels each with a difference
together as one pulsating heart

Angelic faces floating on a ceiling of clouds
never descending
to a lonely abyss

But as a real life can be
cruel and unusual
what goes up
shall have to descend
Jovanni Oct 2018
Past and present lovers all in one chamber united for a cause, Seconds seems endless and minutes like an eternity.
With each face an attachment of memory which intends to haunt my daydreams and nightmares.
Many a days pass by without a sign of those ghost and then this, my life seems to be lost in the glare of their eyes.
Each time I glance at them I see how the lust I felt is more like a forsaken blossom lost in the mist of a low lying fog, with its thickness it chokes at my throat never to rise and dissipate.

And eyes open to see the textured ceiling and scent of myrrh brings me back to safety of my soft comfortable bed.

— The End —