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Sorrow filled heart
permeates throughout
a broken soul.  

The body reflects
inwardly out
all the pain felt.

Solace sought
but not found
furthering their agony.  

Too sad to live
too broken to move
they lie there

barely getting by
yet somehow
finds the strength
to carry on.
This too will pass
this heart break and pain
i can see this.

Unfortunately the knowledge is there
of when it will be again
and i break.
3... 2... 1...
Life is fear.
It is our jobs to get over that fear.
As we raise our heads high like our spirits
And start taking steps,
You will get there.
Everyone is given a chance to get there,
Don't ignore it.
You don't have to master the step.
You just have to be apart of it.
I'll hold your hands through apart of it,
But you can't be afraid to walk alone sometimes.
There will be obsticles, you can get over them.
Nothing in this world, is going to tell you that you cannot live to be happy.
If anything is telling you that you are afraid to let go, it's lieing.
Prove your thoughts wrong, because one day you will get mind blown with happiness.
All those thoughts will leave you and you become you again.
All we have to do is take this step.
I'm stepping, are you coming with me?
We will find out, 1... 2... 3...
The end of spring--
the poet is brooding
    about editors.
 May 2015 The Quiet Poet
Sometimes                                           I            ­                      feel like an oreo
Always caught in                       the middle                    of two great forces
I'm haunted by                            decisions                  that I regret so much
But I know that                          the choices                    I could have made
Would still make                              me                                     feel the same
I am
Fascinated with space
Not so much constellations and stars, fate
But the depth and breadth, weight
Falling into place
Cold night: the wild duck,
sick, falls from the sky
    and sleeps awhile.
Mothers day is fine
I don't mind it
not one bit
except when TV tells me
to buy up gifts n' ****

I really love my mother
I love her every day
so if I spend some money
will it be better
love to play?

If I buy her pretty flowers
or a fancy Ipod case
will she think that I so love her
more than words
could ever say?

How 'bout I draw a picture
just like the good ol' days
or make her something special
like an ashtray
made of clay

My kids I know they love me
they show me all the time
they don't need to
buy me presents
I know that they are mine.
Think freely, forget commercialism, enjoy your family with time not $$$$$$
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