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Jeremy Rascon Sep 24
My mom taught me to clean the beans
            seemingly hundreds all on the counter,
            a delicious rain
               as they fall.
Find the "Bad" ones
                              the rocks,
                              the ****,
I am power,
       I decide,
           just for awhile.
Cleaning beans meant
                   my mom would make
                                   my favorites
   stuffed sopapillas,
the timeless and classic bean and cheese burrito.
The beans take all **** day to cook...
                                      they taught me
Jeremy Rascon Mar 25
My bed is haunted by an image of you
Half your face covered in a blue light
Your dark eyes look into mine..
Too deeply
I curl into myself to hide,
My bed is haunted by the scent of you
And I love it just a little too much..
The fragrance dances
I inhale deeply
And try to fall asleep to memories,
My bed is a tomb and I the corpse
Littered with all things you
All things you, except .. you.
It serves me right
To lay here alone with only thoughts and never the good ones.
Jeremy Rascon Aug 2018
I destroyed a world...  
In one night
One that I helped build.
I invaded the surface and dug,
Hoping to find something precious,
To satisfy my greed & lust.
Without thinking..
Now it's cracked and scarred..
I destroyed a world that meant everything to me..
For nothing but an urge I thought I had.
I wronged an oasis that kept me from
Dying of dehydration,
In the droughts of my life...
If I believed in heaven & hell,
I would say my soul is being dragged downwards,
And that's why I feel so low..
But I know better.
Reality is far worse.
I watch from orbit as the world is mended,
Admiring it's strength and beauty...
I know. I can never return there.
So I drift through emptiness
Content,  finds me in the knowledge that the world will thrive...
Without me.
Jeremy Rascon Mar 2018
You are a storm.
Off in the distance..
I can see the dark brooding clouds
The energetic flashes of lightning
I can see the veil of rain..
But you are off in the distance..
I can't hear the crack of thunder or feel it's mighty rumble beneath my bare feet..
I can't smell the rain as it hits the hot earth..
I long for the monsoon in my dry land..
But the winds take you elsewhere
You are a storm.
A brutish force of nature
Beautiful in your chaos..
Your lightning may strike,
You can create fire.
Your rains may flood,
You can carve rivers.
But always..
Life thrives in the aftermath of your destruction.
You are an artist.
And I admire from the distance.
Jeremy Rascon Aug 2016
We like to be happy, but it's when we are lost,  miserable and enduring that ravenous unrelenting pain that we mature. Its in those, the most challenging moments of life, that create monsters and gods.
  Aug 2016 Jeremy Rascon
Tiberias Paulk
I drink the night like milk
a mothers warm embrace
I count the stars like silk
they enter through my face
I take in these layered tunes
by sound of brook on stone
an oath sworn by the moon
   the night is mine alone
Jeremy Rascon Aug 2016
The endless sorrows,
They sought
Found me here,
At what I call home .
When I cannot sleep,
When I cannot dream,
Everything seems wrong.
I glance around and view its truth
I don't belong here I whisper
Take me away I call out
Into the darkness
The windows are tinted from eons of collected dust and dirt,
The low brown light that seeps through sets the tone,
My vision is almost gone,
I wipe and wipe
But the glass is stained.
The entire house is in a similar state.
Echoes speak to me in the hallway
It's not the house that's alive
It's been dead for years
I am trapped in it's carcass
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