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Jenny Feb 2019
Tightly twisted inside out
Other offers are outside the house
Holding head in hands
heart beats fast
folding faintly forwards
forgive me
I can’t grasp
going groaning
to the tables telling them
all about angry antics
stuck saying and swaying
talking temptations tightly twisting
inside my head
heart hearing Holy Spirit
Soul searching and I can bare it
heaven opens here
feeling free at last .
Jenny Nov 2017
Lord tear me down
Oh, tear me down to the ground
Where I need you , I want you
Lord I just want to be found

Oh, Lord tear me down
Tear me down to the ground
Here on my knees help me please
Help a cold heart come

You’re re-building me up
Piece by piece
Tear me down

Oh , Lord tear me down
Tear me down to the ground
Lord please hold me
Holy Spirit please fill me up now

You’re re-building me up
Piece by piece
Come unwound

Tear me down, tear me down
Where I’ll be found.
Lord Jesus tear me down.
Jenny Dec 2014
To my dearest husband
only 3 years we've been married,
but now for you, for our marriage
against me
I will truly take a stand.

I always thought that a "help-meet" meant
to "help" the other person,
become what they "should"
or "could" become. To reach their highest potential.
I know now that lie was not heaven sent.
As it is believed by some.

I must tell you
that I have just recently discovered
how to be your wife
and not to be your mother.

I just started to see instead
what I should be doing
to be your help-meet and
your dearest friend.

I pray you will forgive me,
with this sincere apology.
I am so sorry
it was always you
I was reprimanding,
without even noticing
who I was becoming.

Now I promise to own my own responsibility.
I will no longer try to be your conscience
but to love and admire you forever,
however bad the weather.

I promise to do this for you

You see the truth is that
I believe...
you are so much better than me!
Jenny Dec 2014
A wiser woman taught me over coffee
to live above
whatever this world gives me.
The best thing is
that it is not invisible
it is something we can see!
"I don't know"... she whispered kindly
..."about you, but I am a visual learner."
So, then she held her hands flat downward
hovering close above the table.
Our coffee mugs rested full,
cold and by now, undrinkable.

"See"... she told me gently,
"this is what is happening to us down here..
do you know...
that moment where your feelings take over
and threaten to control you,
as it happens to all of us
and we can also do to others?"

Then she raised her hands up over her head
as high as she was capable
still facing downward
high above our table.

Now saying joyfully,
"Up here, this is where God sees all of our lives"...

At that I took a sip
and into cool liquid I took a dive.
I shiver, sigh and think
now i'll have to spend another five!

Then she continued...her hands still raised up high,
"this is where I try
to go to live
to see , what's you and me,  
when I can't see anything clearly
I go to see what God...
you know... how He sees all of us
and loves us all completely...
you just can't imagine the peace that this brings me."

Suddenly I stopped thinking about my cold cold coffee
because it began to taste
so so much sweeter to me...

For this truth, I could now see
was so right, even in the cool cup I was drinking.
For this wise woman who taught me
how to love everyone and everything....
even cold coffee...
she forever changed where I was living.
  Dec 2014 Jenny
Francie Lynch
Between autumn's offerings
And spring's wings,
Our winter lights are everything.
Crisp sky nights string tinsel streams,
And crystal air heils winter's dreams.

Poplar trees that snowed in summer
Are treasures held in winter's slumber.
Bare branches reach in silhouette
For crowning stars where none now sit.

Here dreams of flight and fancy thrill
Shimmering eyes on a gift-wrapped hill.
Shorelines once rubbed with reeds,
Are splashed by our moonlight beads.
Knolls wrapped in wreaths of herring bone,
Like sirens call us from our home.

Stars held in place by poplar fingers
Ring our ponds like carolling singers.
There nestled by framed winter scenes,
Our winter lights glitter red and green.

These lights that through our window stream,
Bring to mind warm Christmas dreams.
Jenny Dec 2014
tuned tale
tiny twigs twitching
to the
sweet, soothing sounds
swaying songbirds set seaward
reach rocks rolled
under undying undertones
washed, wayward welks woven with
waves whispering water's ways
to the tune
twitching twigs
and the
sweet, soothing sounds
tuned tale.
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