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At last
She stripped her fears away
and clothed herself with courage
No one could ever undress

There she goes
dressed in confidence
Head's up high, she knows
better and bold
At last
You weren't born to be your family's dream come true,
to wear what people choose for you,
to feel guilty for never being good enough.
You know that perfect cousin you were taught to admire?
They're just as troubled as you are,
perhaps they mess up just as much
but they cover up their tracks.
I can confirm, I've seen the lies,
I've seen the remorse in their eyes,
that is, while they still have any.
So, don't take life as it is,
change a little, for a change,
do what you gotta do, life is too strange
to have only one way to succeed.
Does the solitary candle desire to melt and die?
Is it silvered kite fate to glide on the wind?
How can a blind seek the uncertain light?
What if these wishes are the test of an unfair life.
Maybe it wasn't about the candle's love,
But the warm gaze of baleful flame grew all unkind.
Maybe a blind can't find the light,
can't differentiate between black and white.
Like pandora's box mystery, the light will give him a fright.
Maybe there is no answer that is right.
My mother once said,'no one is empty of love'
Then why every soul is thirsty,
Why is every heart full of questions?
Other people look so efficient,
they look so collected,
I wish I could see that in my reflection.
Anybody else seems so lucky,
their lives look so much better,
I wish I was in someone else's skin
but I suspect the portrayal isn't accurate.
 Aug 29 Jehkaran Singh
There's nothing more dangerous than being alone with your own thoughts.
 Jun 30 Jehkaran Singh
I hate watching how much freedom he gets to have
more than how little choices she is given by everyone.
 May 29 Jehkaran Singh
i do not believe in god
but i do believe in poetry
and for me
maybe poetry is prayer
and the universe
is an unwavering ear
in the shape of a god
For girls,
Always be that beautiful butterfly ,which is hard to catch..

For boys,
And always be that bad boy, with a good heart...
And here we are
the end.

Five years running
and nothing to show

except the slowed
platonic love

and tired

and an absence
of what once was

Except you don't know
do you

know that I'm
leaving us

know that I'm

into wondering
if I'm behind in

experiencing people

I feel I'm at a loss
with you

because we met each other
too soon

and now I'm just pointed bones

and you are the sun

and I'm greedy
for still wanting a piece of you

But I am burnt

The End.
I didn't think I'd write this kind of poem about you.
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