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Jehkaran Singh Jul 2022
Is death the end
Or is there any other upend
facing past to complete the silence
filling love to make amends

was there some peace left
in all the war, crimes and aeonian theft

Is death the end
or is it a portend
to misery, hatred and malevolence
turning stone as a way to transcend

is there some peace left
or is the present bereft

Is death the end
or is it a temporal mend
one that numbs turbulence
into apathetic fragments

will there be some peace left
in our memories that are still left, yet
Jehkaran Singh Apr 2022
At first i thought i was abandoned
left out by the music, the rhythm of poetry
profoundly robbed and left stranded
by the pain of malady
but at second thought
it was i who left & emptied the sea’s draught
on third i asked myself what inspired me to change
was poetry and music beyond my auditory range
or was it ignorance who was the catalyst of this exchange
i asked myself long enough
until i could barely hear
the sound of the rough, eulogies
I had written for when my death was near
Jehkaran Singh Dec 2021
in our heads, communism arises
like woven threads it suffices
does a cloth which is woven
survive the adversity of vices ?
envision utopia
compassion without humility
truth without wisdom
peace without sacrifice
but are such notions viable in guises
is catastrophe a melody or a malady
do we now laugh at the melancholic portraits
are we still in the influence of Socrates
have we not yet learned from the past century
are we really aiming to end up in a penitentiary
in these question threads may we abandon ideology
and reframe our ontology, bit by bit
thread by thread
Jehkaran Singh Sep 2021
Right after waking up had a reverie
it was showing the last sign of hope like a cavalry
Winding some emotions, they aren’t present in dreams anymore
or they are just not as fit as before
I guess it wasn’t just me who changed all these years
Jehkaran Singh Sep 2021
They look back at the time
when comprehension was about texts
curses were their holy rhyme
for every single context
Love was an overheard lullaby
every night they slept as if they were high
even grudges were brief
over things which mattered
seeing this memory
their revival system shatters
it is this dimmed history
around which their brain litters
every-time, they look back at the time
Jehkaran Singh Aug 2021
Stuck in a delirium
man searches for meaning
applying collyrium
to his unnoticeable leaning
Jehkaran Singh Aug 2021
After a long pause
he sat down to play a symphony
a composition of his flaws
in a rhythmic cacophony
After a long pause
i hid my presence
shimmering light on awes
of humanic reverence
After a long pause
she came out of her despair
pushing away the cross
of her ceremonial affair
Symbolical meaning-
1.- After a long pause he sat down to play a composition, one that contains all of his flaws in a rhythmic disturbing mixture of sounds (symbolising that life is a disturbance of sounds we all have to look for symphony).
2.-After a long pause i hid myself like the moon does, shimmering light on all the humans who look for meaning in the nature.

3.-The verse can be interpreted as a women who has come out of her despair and pushes away the burden of her marriage (the ceremonial affair)
-The verse can be interpreted as the humans who had previously fallen prey to the worldly nature of religion and it’s wrong implications, and now they’ve finally had a revelation pushing away the burden and coming out of the despair
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