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ebony rosa white May 2016
he walks in awe, and would curse my interest in night
of clear silence and sighs
at promiscuous men's obsession with purity
within his aspect and his eyes
he looks down to my ******* and I ask him why
to which he replies and typically denies

he caresses those who adore lust and then calls them '******' when they are no less
had they been tighter.. but he likes lace?
his hands stroke my raven tress
as he says I am not like the rest
he whispers that he will handle me best
but if I was not pure I know I would be in another place

I stroke his cheek and admire his brow
yet why does this man objectify me as eloquent
so soft? don't reply to my letter. so calm? you haven't met me properly, have you?
deceived by my smile but I am not deceived by yours, o' 'gent'
if only more had visited below
but then again, my heart would still be innocent!
I know Byron's poem 'She Walks In Beauty' can suggest various meanings, but this is my poetic reaction towards how women were admired by promiscuous men because they were pure, but those who weren't were frowned upon.
ebony rosa white May 2016
skipping to the last chapter
your arms are my laughter  
your chest is the final breath before I leave
you breathe and I breathe

shirtless upon the top stair
I, at the bottom already gasping for air
lace falling onto the third, you being the first
to step into my world of thirst

eyes on eyes
sunset skies
skipping daylight as I awaken to your heavy breathing sighs
what a lovely way to die
ebony rosa white Apr 2016
your body is a temple
you are the master, my dear
intruders are forbidden
so why am I here?

I will make you smile
I will gain your trust
and when you hand over your key to me
I will fulfil my lust  

your body is a temple
it is my hotel tonight
you take pride in your rooms
I take pride in my sight

I will open your doors
you will give me good service
I will adore
your skin is my furnace

your body is a temple
or so, I agree
so that I can stay for free
and cause you misery
what a pity
ebony rosa white Apr 2016
tell me your fears
tell me the reasons for each of your tears

tell me your secrets
remove the mask that you wear with discreet snippets

show me your flaws, open your doors
I want to show you that I'll always adore

tell me the things that make you resent
humanity, tell me what came and what went, tell me what you received and what you sent

tell me love, tell it to me as a cure
if you can't, show me something pure, you've already drawn me into your allure

tell me at Christmas and tell me on Monday
open your arms and I promise to lay
open your heart and I promise to stay

tell me if this is really what you feel, tell me a secret and my lips will seal
only to open when they touch yours
give me clear pictures and tell me what's real
ebony rosa white Apr 2016
she has green eyes
which rarely open at night
I daren't blink twice
in case time is wasted not staring into her lies
she expresses joy leaving me in a daze

she has green eyes
with a grin like a flowered dynamite
I daren't stare for more than a second
I know her ways
but she looks so nice
I thought I was wise
but I lay here in this purple haze

— The End —