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 Sep 29 daphne
Maria Etre
For once
he asked the sun to set
to bring his own

For once,
He strummed her heartstrings
and turned her into a hymn

For once,
He dawned on her with
new colors, she couldn’t believe existed

For once,
She melted at the sight
Of a smile … a specific smile
Too beautiful for poets to describe

For once... this might turn
“a while”
 Sep 29 daphne
Bogdan Dragos
“Have you ever kissed a lover
so hard
you chipped a tooth?”
she asked
with a grin that
revealed more than one
chipped tooth

He shook his head. “No, and I
really don’t intend

Well, that’s what you get
for hitting
on a girl you meet
in the yard of the local asylum. But
she said she was a

“Anyway,” he said. “If this is what happened
to you… What happened
to him? I mean,
after the kiss.”

“Oh, there were many,
many kisses actually,” she said. “He’s
dead now.”

“What? He died?”

“Well, yeah, dogs don’t
live that much. Compared to humans,
I mean.”
 Sep 27 daphne
 Sep 27 daphne
Poor Annaliese, with no knowledge about life
You lived your life sheltered
Out of human strife
You bathe with diamonds and rose scents
With golden spoon on your tongue
And a lot of dishes to pick upon.

Lovely fabrics; red, yellow and blue
Glass slippers— Cinderelly you're true
Smile Annaliese, Show your warmth
Show ignorance, Let them know you're proud
Wave side to side, Gentle curtsy my dear
Show off your wealth, Know no fear
Silly Annaliese, When you laugh they shouldn't hear

You sheltered brat, arrogant and rude
You dance so well and fake good
Goodness gracious, what would happen if you stepped out of your castle
Will you be able to survive the riot? The rattle?
****, Annaliese, learn to live!
Stop being dependent on what your majesty gives
 Sep 27 daphne
Nala Alfira
you build me a castle
but you give me no room
to be myself
to feel myself

The sunset sky
Wore lovely colours
Pale blue with streaks of white
A trace of pink
Skipping violets and reds
Embracing the faint peach
A rainbow somewhere arched
The other side adorned
Pastels and soft golden yellow
Changing hues
To twinkling twilight blue
 Sep 27 daphne
good morning
 Sep 27 daphne
wind chimes in early morning breeze
the sizzle of shadows
from the blazing sun
kisses my skin
all sticky from sweat and heat
i twitch
the whites of my eyes are painted with tears
take a step
and jump
plunge myself into the blue
and bathe in the grey afternoon clouds
til i wait
for the sunset.
When the blood
of innocent people
was splattered on them
the innocent walls began to wail.
 Sep 24 daphne
 Sep 24 daphne
i wish i would've been alone yesterday
because i wouldn't have ran

i laughed
fight or flight, i guess

but i wasn't afraid to die
i would've let that kid catch me
just for some rest
 Sep 24 daphne
i broke my heart for you
and you don't even know my birthday
 Sep 23 daphne
Cynthia Jean
simple pleasures
spoons full of sugar
and sprinkles of salt
like kisses
from God.

Cynthia Jean
July 2021
what will tomorrow bring?
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