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daphne Feb 16
the smell of bitter grapes
unwarrented affections
i need to stop letting myself
drown in these things
daphne Jun 18
i have been standing here
naked and cold.
why won't you join me,
my love?
undress from your clothes.
i want to feel you
to know you;
all that you like,
all that you loathe.
come closer,
my dear,
spill out your fears.
tell them only to me.
i beg of you,
my love,
do anything but leave.
#trust #unrequited
daphne Jan 8
often times
she felt like a splotch
daubed carelessly
with splashes of paint
an accidental smear
in a canvas of his artistry
every intricate detail
resembling a complex puzzle
viewers strived to complete

the art connoisseur cannot help
but stagger back in disbelief
acrylics stained his fingertips
calling her beautiful mishaps
the most wonderous masterpiece
daphne Jan 13
i am so desperate for his affection
that if he held out a cup of poison
i would've accepted it with glee
convincing myself the burn it left
was his dose of warmth for me
daphne Feb 2
a hint of cardamom
a touch of saffron
a dash of rose water
beneath those lashes
you gaze up at me
rye tickling your iris
light grazes the hue
like a never setting sun
an iridescent spectacle
hearts throbbed to see
such perturbing beauty
what an arrogant tease
those coffee stained lips
will be the death of me
daphne Jan 6
tea is my solace
the dainty cup offers warmth
when your heart felt cold
daphne Aug 19
early navigators
traversed the ocean
by tracking the stars
across the night sky

and yet

i've never needed
extensive knowledge
on celestial bodies
to find my way to you
daphne Sep 21
how do you do that?

walk into a crowded room
shoulders strained back
with a grin so wide
your head held high

i can't help but fiddle
finding a place to hide
frankly, i'd rather die
than ever meet their eye

how do you speak
with such determination?
are you so sure of yourself?
what if they find you unpleasant?

when they approach me
my lungs can't help but falter
my sentences come out stuttered
something wrong i'll surely utter

and when we finally leave
both you and i sit back with a sigh
yours filling you with melancholy
mine, relief, because i just survived

you must've enjoyed the party
there's a loose ***** in your mind
but now i can finally unwind
so i'll be absolutely fine
daphne Jun 11
“days without you meant nothing to me.”

warm lips tickled
the crevices of her neck
his nut brown eyes

“and yet,”

kissing her cold, bitter lips
caressing her pale cheeks
he watched as the boredom set
in his lover's eyes

“i am nothing to you.”
daphne Jan 21
the great civilization has fallen
its remnants scattered all around
as walking corpses roam the living
it dawned on me after a millennium
just how ephemeral human beauty was
time would not stop if i died tomorrow
not even the universe will mourn for me
daphne Jan 3
your surroundings appear aesthetic
by virtue of your existence.

and i tend to ruin everything beautiful.
daphne Apr 6
you call me a coward
for confessing my heart
through a piece of paper
rather than with my lips
perhaps because
ink dries much faster
than these tears do
acetone can disguise the truth
at the tip of my ballpoint pen
and paper may be shredded
for these feelings to cease
daphne Jan 18
she was the queen who tainted her lips with the blood of her enemies before waging a war against mine.

i licked it off just to savour how truly ruthless she was.

clasping the red flag parading her midriff
like a stiffling outer corset sinners wore
justifying her heinous deeds.

but red had always been one of
my favourite colours.
daphne Jan 19
then one somnolent night
she danced in the misty light
her face coated with delight
an escape from her petty plight
reassuring herself it was alright

i rolled my eyes and let out a sigh
a twitching smile i could not hide
as the feeling landed with a smite
it was uncomplicated if i just denied
falling in love with her at first sight
daphne Feb 13
i chew on the shards
of my broken heart
wearing out my enamels
bleeding out my gums
devouring the pain
slitting down my throat
you tower over keenly
i craned my neck beaming
doubtful eyes swept over
discoloured lips
crimson stained teeth
but a smile is flattering
so please don't fret
you can trust me
i am fine i am okay
the pain no longer fazes me
daphne Jan 14
in a battlefield
when your mind wages war
against that woman and i
for your heart's commitment
i will surrender this futile fight
for i cannot again wager my worth
every time i question your loyalty
daphne Dec 2020
i almost believed

the taste of your faux honeyed words
dripping fron the corners
of your mouth
convincing myself
i was savouring nectar
as i stared into
your bright blue eyes
wet as tar
the hue so innocent
so persuasive
reminding me not to be so invasive

and when you leaned in
to whisper
"the only person i wish to marry is you"
i cant help but wonder
if you tell your other lover that too
daphne Feb 21
little balerina
glides gracefully with ease
the soles of her feet bleed
but her smile aimed to please

little balerina
each twirl immortalized her
prancing around me like magic
everything she does is a blur

little balerina
i can see her smile wavering
as she dances with such splendour
around a truth she's been denying

little ballerina
such a beautiful form of art
but it's time she accepted now
an end that broke her heart
inspired by an old picture of my grandmother in her tutu and a wide, toothless smile
daphne May 27
bereft of emotions
a dull thud in her chest
dearly missing someone
she hasn't even met
is that what they call
loneliness now?
daphne Aug 5
“i can't breathe, andy!”
she shrieked
as his fingers tickled
her sensitive underarms
laughter ringing

“i can't breathe, andy!”
she shrieked
as his fingers curled
around her throat
cries ringing
daphne Oct 16
you are always leaving me
yet waiting is what i do best
i collect every fragment of you
and let it fill the void inside
but remnants are never enough
is it wrong for me to desire?
to talk about our future together
as you lay under the rubbles
of your ruined past?
i am no virtuous saint
but i want to leave this hell
yet waiting is what i do best
daphne Feb 15
poor sara
reeked of incompetence
so she wore arrogance like a perfume
against their captious noses
the fragrant so potent
it hindered away her imperfetions
daphne Jan 17
the smell of money
pass the fusion of aged oak and amber
almost leaves off a scornful stench
pretentious by virtue of their existence
but, lately, i have been so lonely
that the smell of money
subtly reeks the odour of  𝘱𝘦𝘰𝘱𝘭𝘦
daphne Jan 6
she started to plant
this seed in her head
and waters it prudently
with the tears that she sheds
believing if a hummingbird
isn't attracted to her nectar
she should shrivel all her leaves up
for she is not a pretty flower
daphne Jan 16
a mermaid perching on a rock
in the vast but forlorn sea
salty tears trail down her pale face
her weep seasoning the blue water
and burn the gashes on her face

perhaps i should have not stared
and let my heart pulsate at her song
seducing me into her pool of sodium
pulling me under the ocean floor
alas, sending my lungs aflame

now i drown in her accumulated pain
as she carves matching scars on my face
still, i am charmed forever to believe
she was stealing my breath away
daphne Dec 2020
and when i told him
just how beautiful he was
tossing a pomegranate seed in the air
and catching it gracefully
between his rose-coloured lips
it seems the pomegranate juice
had temporarily stained his pale cheeks
daphne Jan 3
you build them up so high
using my back as a foundation
making me strain under the weight
of this unbearable pressure

isn't there mercy, mother?
even for your own daughter?

but then you'd remind me
nobody invests in failures
birthed from their own incompetence
daphne Dec 2020
i feel like a fool
proposing my heart to you

i was loving the moon

so exquisite
as she dangled above me
pinning my vulnerable self
beneath her

locking me down
with a sinful gaze
watching as i
slowly come undone

and when i thought
she had taken
what she came here for
she stayed
and listened to my nightly laments
offering solace to my silly angst

but by morning
she was gone
visiting other lonely, pathetic souls
offering them the same pleasure
she gifted me the night before
making them feel as special as i

and by dusk
she'd return again
as if she had never left at all
taking me for a fool
and maybe, just maybe
she might be right after all
daphne Jan 1
oh, silly gardener
when will you concede?
azaleas will simply never grow
from mere old papaya seeds

you blame it on the soil
you blame it on the weather
now it's drowning in excess water
can't you see how much it suffers?

i know you love azaleas
but please just stop and ponder
what you sowed were papaya seeds
and they are too a wonder

it's not how you tried to prune them
or because of your undevotion
but what you sowed were papaya seeds
growing beautifully in your garden
daphne Jan 23
death is quite the beauty, is she not?
in choked desolation, we yearn her
a lovely coquette to our misery
until she closes in to the innocent
and becomes an object of our scorn

so, we boycott her dreadful existence
cursing when she calls out our name
for life who we cherish so fondly
but for death we do not do the same
letting her drown in a reservoir of loathe

if death was ever personified
she would live her life a social pariah
as the world tries to nullify her worth
tainting her dignity with pure disdain
in such dolour, even she yearns herself
daphne Dec 2020
and when you said
someone like ashley
was your cup of tea
with a glistening look
like you longed for her embrace
with the brightest grin
etched broadly on your face
i wondered what it would've been like
to be brewed to your taste
daphne Aug 29
her eyes glint in the sunlight
a beautiful, profound blue
something warm lingers
a spark within me brew

when she stares up at me
my cold cheeks heat
as dark wisps of her hair
dances in the breeze

she was a bright starlight
racing down the night sky
in a bright, brilliant arc
making hearts all around sigh

i find myself chasing her
i really had no shame
because at times like these
i was a moth drawn to a flame

i question this feeling often
is this love at first sight?
or was it an obsessive attraction?
maybe i was just lonely tonight
daphne Jan 30
i can never afford to lose you
your heart a heavy price i must pay
what a pity i invested so much love
for a glimpse of your exquisite soul
that leave these poor eyes of mine
weeping diamonds from just a gaze

by you, i am forever in debt

— The End —