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 Jun 2017 Delaney
 Jun 2017 Delaney
I was not born a


I was broken into


 Jun 2017 Delaney
 Jun 2017 Delaney
if i had three wishes
one of them
would be to take back
every single touch from you
that has laced my skin.
another one
would be to take back
every single word
that you whispered in my ear.
the final one
would be to forget
that i ever knew you,
and forget what you did to me.
but maybe i dont wish that
because, yes,
you ruined me,
but because of it
i wont let anyone else
do the same
 Jun 2016 Delaney
i opened myself up to you
tore down my walls
and exposed
my ***** soul

in return
you took advantage
of my vulnerability
and violated
my ***** body
 Jun 2016 Delaney
Isabella Watson
Is this love or admiration?
I just want to have you without contemplation.
Cause Kate asked me a question today that I've been asking myself for a very long time.
 Jan 2016 Delaney
Stephanie Lynn
did you ever see his face
as he took your innocence away
did you ever look into evil's eyes
did you play the devil's games
did you try to **** yourself
when it was all over
because the blood wouldn't wash from your thighs
did you scream into your pillow at night
so no one heard your cries
did you watch your world go up in fire that retracted your soul in smoke
did you mask the pain with the blade of change just so you could cope
did you feel like you just might not make it
did you wonder how much longer you could take it
did you wonder how people could say that you faked it
did you ever wonder why you

did it happen to you?
(C) Maxwell 2015

This poem was inspired by all abuse victims who become lost in a mist consumed of people who'd rather support their abusers than to heal the abused. I stand with you, because I am a victim too.
 Jan 2016 Delaney
My heart stops
& I have to check,
Just one more time.
I know it's not him,
But I'm terrified either way.
      I hate it,
When they look at me.
When 'he' looks at me,
Watching me...
      I know he does,
Because I'm on edge.
He threatens my family,
with nothing more than a stare.

& I want to run.
More poetry to cope with the "R" word.
(Possibility of more to add)
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