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Here when the world stopped turning
in Winter's embrace for every light lipped kiss it would take
you stayed to win me over
but it's not about the taste of coffee
when you're choosing whether to be devout
or not

I wish I'd known that
I've got this
religion building up inside
I need to let go of the outside
though I know not which
voice is mine to find
I've gotta drive home
without a vehicle to ride
I've got to drive home

Where was it you sang?
I felt your low resonance
I felt you in the blood pumped
through my lungs
at one time
your breathiness
absorbed in my dreams
watching me sleep
Today, I'm gone

Today I am completely ******* gone--
I got this
Brushed down a thousand times for how many times I lost count
in a drifting early Fall wind I've been thinking thoughts of death
how many times more than this will the looping happen again?
I guess I'll find out, well

I guess
If I knew, I'd be dead
Filled with only love grown cold
In the deep, full expansive nothingness
Lost floating in the center of the lake of all regrets
or no regrets,
I guess

Lonely thoughts break and fade in where faded faces dissipate
in the last trace of windy Springtime memory in the blue endless night
revisited, must be forever, ever all too familiar, uncanny
sunlight far away from here

I may be better off in rain,
I guess

I guess
Don't walk away
with the noise of voices calling
Don't walk away
give a little of the love for which you pray

She told me I was dancing too close
I told her I was dancing so close
to try and feel the glow and the vibration
He told me I was dancing too close
I told him I was dancing so close
to try and share the glow and the vibration
Your holy vibration

I will throw all these notes printed on paper at the sky
let it fold in the wind into green airplanes if for only one

Small moment to feel you just dancing, just dancing
If for only to feel you just dancing, dancing
The ***** of descent braces none for the fall, the tumbling Westward to nothing at all but sand and ocean.
Where water touches so slightly the soul, as embracing depths carve out for the old sense of safety.

Violent and broken passage to the end, I call for the courage to begin again between the heartbeats.

Palpitations. Asphyxiation. Displacement in time as I throttle.
Condemnation. Conviction. Redemption lives upon two shoulders only when one

Comes together.
Erase the memory
I never was ever really falling for you
Replace the inner pain
I never was I or living honest or true
But these days I find I find I find, find find

You were looking out for hurt
Dream so big for what it's worth
Even with the tide gone, telling lies
No direction was right
Living days away, praying without a base
No oubliette to hide
Inside left when the dam burst
I'm addicted to the song soft quell of your voice when you're gone
Even after stopping breathless chasing the trail of echoes as it is lost
I wish you'd just, just give it one chance for love
I want the robust reach and span of your hands from above
But feeling up at night I grasp still air
Turning to one side and then the other
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