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 Jan 19
S Smoothie
Something stirring

A cautious hover
Over a breaking smile

gratitude spills
tumbling over the reverently held ether

life lives here,

moistened with
Blood, sweat, Tears and rain

Every fall a rise
Like the breath of providence

A dip left
A twist right

the rhythm of life inspires dance,
Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbiage


Your hands are never empty

There is no void,

There is only the appearance of nothing

Which by the mere thought is even something

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it?

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible!
Yes, yes you can!
 Dec 2022
S Smoothie
Sorry! Pocket dial!
It's been a crazy Christmas season!
Never a dull moment
and never without a drama.
Strength doesn't come by on its own,
it requires training i suppose.

Have a beautiful day today
where you can really smell the crisp air,
look at the garden and the trees
doing their best everyday come what may,

see the wonderous sky and notice
the potential for peace and joy
the way your father appreciated
the very important things in life
that we often miss...

We can learn so much and appreciate so much
when we are given the time to reflect on the past
and dream into our future.

The answer is yes.

It will be more than okay,
It will be better and you will be stronger, wiser and more loving than you dreamed,
The answer is yes
I hear you
Yes, the answer is yes
Sing a song in your heart,
sometimes you pick,
other times life wants its soundtrack.

What ever the case,
sing your troubles away,
sing your joys out loud
A song is a prayer
And a prayer is a conscious action to begin moving to a better place
In connection with the kosmos
Everything is with us all the time,
we cannot separate ourselves from any of it;
not what we see or don't even know about,

We  just move through it in different ways together. Even when we feel alone we are still all moving in it together,


sometimes its as simple as  remembering to reach out with a prayer
and breathe in the answer

Losing a parent is no small thing no matter how you feel about it. Hugs and prayers
 Jun 2021
S Smoothie
Not one but all,
No true hate was ever born
without love abandoned,
rejected, abused, or scorned
Love is every positive and negative
facet of emotion
Divine and literal

Its wealth disguised by its true name -


Without this blind fumbling fool
We are of no use, no consequence,
no matter.
Where there is no love,
there is no existence
Only inertia.

Your deepest hate
is your deepest love in reverse
these can never be separated;
except by degrees.
like a galactic elastic band;
as far as you go for one,
you will enviably be flung to the other.
That's how energy survives,
it changes form but never dies
and life is love in all its forms


You are its expression devine
Love is us
 Dec 2018
S Smoothie
The ground opened up and swalloed it whole
every bit of salvation poured out for every soul
and it was a day like the 25th that brought the hope
twas a tree that claimed a life and brought life
For you and me
hung on it beads of love
poured with decorations of red
each pattern a new joy
all because of the little boy
who trimmed the first tree
who colored the world happy
for you and me
the stars shone brighter
the rainbows stretched wider
and the joy of little children became the norm
for everywhere the story was told
suffer unto me little children
and I will bring you back glad tidings and joy
and a merriness for this day
and blessings always
for you and me
the best in all Of Christendom
even on the most silent night
the star of wonder still shines bright
for you and me

hugss xo
 Jan 2017
Anonymous Freak
The grass was overgrown,
And stubbornly fought
Against the clean sheet we layed
On it.
I made you paint,
And the floating haze in the air
Stung my eyes.

I knew something was wrong,
We all did.
We saw your emotions
Doing backflips
And pirouettes.
We saw your sleep
Running away from you,
We saw the music clouding up
Your thoughts
So they couldn't hurt you.

But none of us knew
How wrong it was.

I took two terra-cotta
Flower pots
In hand,
And declared it a lovely day.
You deemed it dismal.
I waltzed into the yard,
With bottles of bright paint,
And soft brushes.
I made you sit
In the oppressive sunshine,
With insects
Whizzing around our ears
To paint flower pots.

On a long dog walk at midnight,
You finally told me half of the truth.
That you were having problems.

The grass was still lively
And springy,
It was after the drought.
You dribbled paint
In pretty patterns,
And I tried to convince myself
This was good for you.

It was the small early hours
Of the morning,
Lit with fairy lights,
And your humidifier
Puffing in the corner,
That you told me the whole truth.

You had given yourself until September.

Printed an expiration date
On your forehead.
And I wish I could say
In that moment I knew what to do.

It's been a while now,
I'd like to think
I don't have to worry anymore,
But I do.
So in case I should,
I love you.

I love you,
And I promise to never make you
Sit in the sun
And paint again.
 Nov 2016
S Smoothie
In love with the ghost  of yesterday
dreamlike memories bathed in warmth and delight
covert missions of rendezvous
pinprick tensions suspended over danger
adrenalin highs of loves' riskè adventures
A closeness with the propensity to lose ourselves in each other
Always only one moment away from complete immersion in rapture
enveloped by you,
you invaded my senses in such an effortless way
You felt so natural, almost worn into me  
yet, you pulled away, distracted by some other passing fancy
and I waited till I had to move
you were never here, in the moment I'm stuck in, for more than a flutter,
and against my better senses
I still believe you to be all you were and more
but you were only ever nearly all in
and my heart refuses to listen

my soul, it goes by another story
spanning the tenements of time immortal
it takes no heed of blubbering flesh
it is merely a host for the tortures of love;
and I,
its conscious expression
 Sep 2016
Nishu Mathur
We can all do with a hug some days -
Some kind words

And the presence of someone who believes in you
Who will never let you down
Who doesn't make you feel insignificant and small
Who appreciates and doesn't condemn
Who won't pull you low
But helps you get up
Who can flip a frown to a smile
Add a little glow
And turn tears to a tickle
Someone who can bring a spring in the step
And a twinkle in the eye
We can all do with love -
When the chips go down
Or even when the wheels are up

We can all do with a hug somedays
So here's one for you.
 Jun 2016
S Smoothie
Nerves suspended on pins.
****** sizzling and crackling up my spine
Along my neck and dancing across shoulders,
Soft peaks strain against cruel frabric hardening to attention;
Warm sweet bulbs of delight flood with aching
sweet trickles of warmth seep out laying a bed of welcome
Thighs echo inviting sentiments laxing open
Hips slide up sensously,
The request resoundingly clear.
Passion's fever lit,
Fed and readied by the slow burn,

And you havent even touched me yet.
 May 2016
S Smoothie

The heat of your soft breath,
leaves a warmth that makes my skin pine for you
Every hair standing on air charged with desire
Finger tips lace curves and edges
I'm desperately afraid to lose touch
Magnatised hips follow Arching up to meet your designs
Eyes locked suspended in time
Youre on my frequency
reading every thought,
Confessions tumble helplessly
Every wish,
Every hope
Every intricate design ive held for us
nothing but surrender
Every wall vapourised


Souls exposed mingling through eachother
Light danced us through aeons of memories
I tore up every star to find you
Kissing the footprints I followed as markers
You saw it all
Every desperation
Every hopless call
Endless pits of lamentation
A Tortured seperation
A pain to rival all pain
And still it wasnt enough
To forgive me.


You stood one moment longer than the last time  
i almost felt you let me in
I clung desperately to the cliffs of hope
As you picked away my fingers
And blew me a kiss before the fall.


A shattering thud was the door of your heart
Closing upon my breaking.
 May 2016
Melissa S
I really need only two things
to turn me on
Nature is one
and your mouth is two

Nature provides the perfect backdrop
The moon and stars are the perfect lighting
The crickets and cicadas provide the perfect music
The lightning bugs dance around for us
A soft breeze cools our hot bodies off

Your mouth
I just stare at it
Watching your words
Drip down and fall
all over my body
As your tongue licks them all off
Soft and sensual and **** as hell

Actually I lied earlier
I do not even need nature
I only need you
Nature is just an added bonus
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